10 Best Hiking Backpack for Back Pains

backpack for back pain

Are you suffering from back or shoulder pain? It feels dreadful to go for a day out with this type of medical condition. On adventure trips, you have to carry extra weight on your shoulders and back. But with back pain, it is almost terrifying to think about walking with a weight on shoulders. Don’t worry, now you can go out for hiking, camping, and adventure traveling without thinking about your back pain.

In the market, you can get different varieties of backpacks for back pains. These backpacks make it easy to carry your books, laptop, and other important accessories on your trip. Here, I have made your hunting easier with the 10 best backpacks for back pain. But before digging in details, let’s have a look at things that you should look in a backpack.

Things to Consider Before Buying in a backpack for back pain

As you know, there are always some certain features and characteristics that you should look in a product. So, what are the important points that you should keep in mind before purchasing a backpack? You have to be extra careful because you are looking to purchase for a product that doesn’t burden your shoulder and helps in carrying your gear with the back pain. Here, I have mentioned certain things that you should keep in mind before buying a backpack.

Backpack for Starters

Look for a Bag with Good Suspension system

Are you going on your first hiking or camping trip? If yes, then it is better to look for a backpack that comes up with a good suspension system. This feature will help you to redirect the weight from your shoulders to hips.

Use padded shoulder straps.

The best backpack for back pain comes up with padded shoulder straps. Make sure that shoulder straps are made up of durable and breathable material such as nylon.  High-quality material will help you to avoid sweat and heat.

Check the weight

A backpack helps you to carry all your necessary gear with you.  A backpack helps you carry heavy pieces on your back, such as a sleeping bag, shelter, and other necessary gears. So, always go for a backpack that is lightweight. In this way, you can reduce the overall weight that you will carry.

Look inside structure

You are looking for a backpack that is much lighter and easy-to-carry. So, it is important to go with one that is less bulky and built with good material. The inner structure of the backpack plays an important role. Always go with one that comes up with a fairly large inner compartment. So, you can carry all your essential items with you.

Other features to note

Except for all this, there are also other features that you should keep in mind. Such as

  • Size range
  • Waist belt
  • Backpack design
  • The layout of the pockets

Best Backpacks for Back Pain

1. Hydration Insolated Backpack from RUPUMPACK StoreOpens in a new tab.

This RUPMUMPACK backpack is lightweight and easy-to-carry on your shoulders. With a metal zipper closure, this backpack comes up with a 2.5L hydration bladder. The insulation layout of this daypack only weighs 1.4pounds. The hydration bladder is made up of EVA material that is BPA free. It has a 3.4 inches large opening for ice that makes cleaning easy. This insolated backpack has a unique compartment design. It has 2 large side pockets at sides to carry 6 inches of smartphones and other accessories.

The hydration layer of this backpack is made up of high-quality aluminum foil. This daypack can keep the liquid cool up to 4 hours. This product can also be used as a hydration pack for both indoor and outdoor. This backpack is built with high-density abrasion and water-resistant nylon material. Moreover, this RUPUMPACK backpack comes with a 1-year guarantee.


  • Thus backpack has a bladder to adjust the hoes of the bladder.
  • This backpack comes up with hidden safety teeth zipper
  • The shoulder straps have safety reflectors to keep the backpack in one place
  • This daypack is super durable and doesn’t increase the burden on your back
  • You can easily adjust the waist belt according to your size
  • It has a small compartment to store different things such as an umbrella, hat, or seat towel


  • This backpack is a little expensive as compared to others

2. 45L Hiking Backpack from Outdoor MasterOpens in a new tab.

This Outdoor Master is a 45L spacious multi-purpose backpack. This might be the best backpack for you with many pockets and features. This backpack has a dedicated waterproof compartment for rain cover. The main compartment is large enough to hold a 15.6 inches laptop. This Outdoor Master backpack is manufactured with a lightweight and durable material. This backpack offers a snug fit with its padded shoulder straps. The reliable ventilation system of this backpack ensures that you don’t face heat and sweat.

This backpack has several large and small pockets. The unique ergonomic design makes sure your back won’t get hurt by carrying all weight. This 45L rainproof backpack has enough space to hold on your all hiking essentials.


  • This backpack is great for hiking, camping, and traveling.
  • This backpack has several external attachments for holding on accessories.
  • It has an external pod to hold your trekking pole, water bottle, and other hydration reservoirs.
  • This backpack is available in 2 different colors


  • The waist belt is not easily adjustable

3. 1100 Oasis Hydration Backpack from TETON SportsOpens in a new tab.

This TETON Sport backpack is lightweight and goes easy on your shoulders, neck, and back. This isolated backpack has a 2L hydration bladder. This hydration pack can fulfill all your hydration needs during your hiking trip. This hydration bladder is made up of kink-free, non-slip, and durable material. The hydration tube has a push-lock valve system for easy opening.

This customizable backpack has easily adjustable to all sizes. This TETON Sports backpack his built with Notch form mesh and stabilizer covering. It means you can easily carry this backpack on your shoulders all day long. This product has a Bungee system for holding gears for climbing and cycling.


  • The large compartment protect clothes, laptop, and other essential gears
  • The hydration bladder has 2 inches opening valve for easy cleaning
  • This backpack is compatible with both men and women
  • This backpack is available in 4 different colors


  • This backpack is only suitable for 1 0r 2 days trip

4. 55 Farpoint Men’s Travel Backpack from Osprey StoreOpens in a new tab.

Osprey is one of the popular and duffle style backpacks. This 55Farpoint backpack comes up with a metal zipper and protective lock. You can easily access the large compartment of this travel bag with U-shaped metal zip. This is the detachable daypack that is suitable for 2 or 3 days trip. This backpack comes up with a large compartment, large enough for your laptop and clothes. This duffle backpack has a scratch-free stash pocket for holding your phones and camera.


  • This duffle backpack has a durable inner structure
  • It has a unique ergonomic design
  • It is highly versatile
  • This hiking backpack is suitable for both men and women
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • The shoulder strap is padded and balances weight on your back and hip


  • This backpack is expensive as compared to other
  • This backpack doesn’t have a waist belt for holding it in one place.

5. Big Shot Backpack from The North Face

This Big Shot backpack is built with high-quality and high-density nylon material. This backpack is designed with the help of a Chiropractor. This “The North Face” backpack has custom injection-molded shoulder straps. These are boasts with the help of an advanced FlexVent Suspension system.  The padded mesh backchannel is attached to a spine channel. This feature gives maximum support to your spine and helps you to carry weight easily.

The internal layout of this backpack is large enough. One main compartment can easily hold your 17inches laptop and tablet. This backpack has a sternum clap that is also incorporated with a safety whistle. This Big Shot backpack comes up with a removable waist belt. So, you can easily adjust it according to your size.


  • This backpack comes up with loads of practical features.
  • This backpack has a fleece-lined media compartment.
  • This Big shot backpack has D-door front pockets.
  • It has a hydration bladder.
  • This backpack has enough space to carry water bottles.


  • The laptop compartment has taken a lot of space.

6. ICON Laptop Backpack from IncaseOpens in a new tab.

This Incase laptop backpack is very well-organized and spacious. This daypack backpack comes up with 2 fairly large compartments for holding your laptop and clothes. The design of this ICON backpack has many purposeful pockets that hold on your essential gears. This Incase backpack has a customized and comfortable design. It is engineered with the airflow channel and molded back compression panel. This feature goes ease on your neck and back. The padded shoulder strap comes up with multiple adjustment points. So, you can adjust the backpack according to your needs.

The sternum strap adds more comfort and effectively balances the weight on your back. This backpack is constructed with high-density and heavy-duty 84D ballistic nylon. Moreover, it has a hip side power pocket. It helps you to quickly access PowerPoint and radio.


  • The internal; compartment can easily hold up to 17inches laptop
  • The main compartment of this backpack is fully padded with mesh
  • The fax-fur lining of the inner compartment protects your laptop
  • This backpack is suitable for 3 to 4 days hiking and camping trips


  • This backpack is expensive as compared to other
  • This backpack doesn’t come up with a waist belt

7. Odyssey Backpack from JanSportOpens in a new tab.

This JanSport backpack is manufactured in the US and built with 100% pure fibers. This Odyssey backpack is easily washable with hands. So, you don’t have to compromise on the cleaning. This backpack comes up with a metal zipper closure that protects all your gears. This JanSport backpack is equipped with a padded shoulder strap and compression strap. The mesh padded strap has several pressure points, and it is easily adjustable. The deep black color and design of the backpack stand lifetime.


  • The inner compartment can hold on to your 16 inches laptop
  • This JanSport backpack comes up with 1-year free customer service guarantee
  • 2 different colors of this backpack reflect your style
  • It has a removable padded waist belt


  • The laptop compartment does not have a protective lining

8. Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack from HIKPROOpens in a new tab.

This 20L HIKPRO backpack is extremely lightweight and foldable. This travel hiking daypack has a minimalistic design. The even distribution of compartments and pockets reduced excess weight from shoulders. This travel backpack keeps your things organized with 3 large compartments. It has an inner metal zipper pocket that is perfect for your credit cards and other vulnerable things.

This backpack is built with high-quality water-resistant nylon material. The waterproof surface of this backpack keeps your things dry and safe. This backpack has wide mesh padded and breathable shoulder straps. Moreover, this backpack has a double-layer of fabric at the bottom. It ensures that all your things keep in one place.


  • The large main compartment can carry your 16 inches laptop
  • The small outer pocket is best to access your charger, guidebook, and camera
  • This backpack comes up with 5 years warranty
  • It has S-shape ergonomic straps that are easily adjustable
  • This backpack has 2 side mesh pockets for holding an umbrella, water bottles, etc.


  • This backpack is expensive as compared to other
  • This daypack does not have a waist belt

9. Business Slim Commute Backpack from KOPACKOpens in a new tab.

This backpack has a unique design that hides the laptop compartment in the back. The laptop compartment is only accessible when you take your backpack off. The side pocket has space enough to hold your power bank. This backpack comes up with a convenient USB port. It does not get rotted during cleaning because you can easily replace your USB cable. This backpack has S-shaped shoulder strap and padded back design.

The back of this product is manufactured with elastic and breathable fabric. This backpack is attached with a ring-type adjustable hasp. So, you can easily adjust the length of the shoulder strap according to your size. This is a super-organization backpack that comes up with 10+ storage slots.


  • The laptop compartment has a D-shaped ring lock that protects your laptop
  • This backpack comes up with a comfortable back support system
  • The inner compartment can firmly hold on to your 15 inches laptop
  • The main compartment has a 4tooth anti-zipper lock


  • This backpack is heavy and expensive
  • This backpack does not come up with a waist strap

10. FBA-K585 Anti-Theft Laptop Travel Backpack from KOPACKOpens in a new tab.

This is an anti-theft and shockproof travel backpack. This KOPACK backpack has a stylish design, and it comes up with no zipper. For accessing the compartments, you have to rotate your backpack at 90-180 degrees. This backpack gives you 10 slots for storing all your important things. This travel backpack has a TSA security inspection back that protects your laptop.

The padded shoulder straps and mesh back padding gives extra support to your back. This hiking daypack is built with water-proof and anti-scratch material.


  • This daypack has enough slots to hold on to your 17 inches laptop
  • It has a laptop luggage strap that easily slides on the luggage tube
  • This hiking backpack has 2 luminous lining that glows in the dark


  • This backpack is expensive as compared to other
  • It does not have any waist belt for easy adjusting


Above I have mentioned the 10 best backpacks for back pains. But Hydration Insolated Backpack from RUPUMPACK Store is my favorite and topmost pick. This backpack is extremely durable, lightweight, and easy-to-carry. The ergonomic design of this backpack prevents shoulder, neck, and back pain. So, you can enjoy your hiking and adventuring trip without any trouble. This backpack has several slots and large main compartments. So, you can carry all your essential things with safety.

In the last, do your complete research before buying any backpack. Invest your money in something that brings comfort for you and last long for years.

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