Get a Fulfilled Fishing Cooler with These 5 Best Crappie Baits

Best Crappie Baits

Crappie is a highly desirable sport fish that is a blast to catch on light tackle and a decent fish for dinner. It is essential to choose the best Crappie baits for crappie fishing because Crappie can be tricky to catch and quite a tedious task when you don’t have the best crappie baits to catch them.

  1. Trout Magnet E-Z Trout Float
  2. Berkley Powerbait Crappie Nibbles Dough Bait Glow
  3. Eagle Claw Crappie Jig
  4. Berkley Power Bait Freshwater Fishing Bait
  5. Strike King Mr. Crappie Thunder Soft Bait

Before you read the full review of each of the products, take a look at the following information which will help you in making your decision.


Below is a list of our favourite fishing gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

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Crappie Fishing

In spring, when Crappie is spawning within the shallows, anyone can cast a minnow and catch a large number of crappies. You might think that fishing is all about putting out a bait on your fishing hook, and that’s it. But that’s not the case here.

Crappies can be tricky to catch and very frustrating once you don’t get the right bait. So ensure you go along with full preparation to find them. You should have the complete knowledge of the fish you want to capture. Crappies are usually hidden in day time but only come out at dawn or dusk to feed. So, to catch crappies, keep all the essential information in your mind that we are about to give you.

How To Choose The Best Crappie Baits

Crappie will eat almost any quiet grub bait you throw at them, but someone who has fished for Crappie knows that different crappie baits will work better for several reasons. Here are some things to stay in mind while you’re filling your tackle box.

You won’t believe a color bait can make a giant difference to catch Crappie, although there’s no perfect science to inform you about how colors can attract Crappie; but, a guideline will facilitate you.

● If the water is clear, then keep the bait color natural to blend with the atmosphere.

● On bright, sunny days, the fish are available in a massive quantity within the water. These days, you’ll be able to pick just about whatever color you would like, but bright colors should be your go-to. Think chartreuse, yellow, electric pink, and anything similar to these colors.

● For darker water, you’ll need bright colors again: anything which will reflect the maximum amount of light and attract fish.

● If you’re viewing cloudy or overcast skies, go a bit darker for your grubs.

Crappie Loves Jigs, Grubs, And Spinners

If switching colors is not helping you, try to change the bait altogether. There are many choices in the bait, and you can go for any bait to catch Crappie. Try employing a crappie jig. The Bass Pro Shops Marabou Jig can be one in each of the oldest, most popular crappie baits. Jigs are fantastic for Crappie and are an excellent alternative to using live minnows. These baits have a life-like presentation within the water like live minnows and are among the favorite crappie foods. The best thing about crappie baits is that they are affordable, you can add all kinds of baits to your crappie catching collection.

Best Time For Crappie Fishing

In spring, when crappies produce eggs in large numbers within the waters is the best time because they spawn over shallows. Everyone can use the most effective baits, lures to catch them.

Reviews Of Five Best Crappie Baits

1. Trout Magnet E-Z Trout Float

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Key Features

● The slot in the float allows for straightforward casting.

● Convenient adjustment

● works best for all crappies

● Detect the littlest hits and nibbles.

Trout magnet floats are available in 4 to 36 packs. This float may be a small foam bobber that works excellent to suspend small jigs and baits while crappie fishing.

These highly visible floats are light but add enough weight to make casting easier. You can use these on ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. They’re small, light, and fly well when cast. They don’t tangle up or twist on the line as some bigger floats do.

The slot on the float allows you to easily hook it on and off the rod, and convenient adjustment helps quick actions in seconds. The little size doesn’t hinder the natural movement of the rod and lures.

The colors are nice for different lighting conditions. They’re small and light and fly well when cast.


● Each float contains a slot that permits you to simply install or remove it in minimum time.

● Small bottle-shaped floats will change the way you fish for crappies.

● Trout magnet will not hinder the process of a jig or lure.


● They don’t work on the Nanofil line since it’s so smooth and fine.

● Small bottled shapes are hard to see by fish.

● It cannot hold up a lot of weight.

● Only suitable for light baits. 

2. Berkley Powerbait Crappie Nibbles Dough Bait Glow

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Key Features

● Non-floating formula 

● Fish love PowerBait. 

● PoweBait can stay in water for a longer period without dissolving in water.

● Attracts much more fish quickly

Crappie nibbles are available in glowing chartreuse, glowing pink, glowing white, and glowing yellow. These colors work throughout any time of the day and are also nice for low-light conditions. Crappie is most active throughout dawn, dusk, and nighttime; therefore, glow baits are typically the right choice. Crappie nibbles are also available in non-glow colors of chartreuse, pink, white, yellow, and a wide range of colors with sparkling glitter.

Very attractive for crappies and pretty well for catching them. It comes off fairly quickly if used on a single barb hook as normally would use for crappies.

Perfectly sized for crappie hooks and small lures.


● These are fantastic to use with jigs.

● It catches more perch than anything else.

● These nibbles are very attractive for crappies.

● Easy to use and install.


● They turn pink under the UV light and hold no glow afterward.

● They dissolve quickly, so they work for less time.

● They are lightweight, so, small fish can nibble them off the hook before a bigger fish have a chance to get them.

3. Eagle Claw Crappie Jig

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Key Features

● suitable for both freshwater and saltwater

● Come with clear and easy to use eyelets.

● Easily grab the attention of all kinds of species.

Jigging is particularly useful within the spring once crappies tend to congregate in giant schools, enabling you to send a jig into the center for a virtually warranted bite. A number of the most effective crappie jig is the Eagle Claw Crappie Jig. Considered 1/16 or 1/32 ounce, it will be fished in an exceeding range of various ways, from vertical jigging to twitch beneath afloat. The jig includes a metalhead, shaft, a thread body, and a feather tail for delicate in-water action that makes the proper quantity of vibration trigger fish’s interest.

The top is additionally painted with a different dot that mimics baitfish. Option for lighter colors like chartreuse or pink/white is available the most effective results on sunny days. On the other hand, fishing in clear water with darker colors like black or yellow. With six jigs per packet, you’ve got backups if you’ve got to chop one loose.

This jig originated in Russia, and it is said that Vladimir Putin actually owns a company where they are manufactured. Crappie rigs come fully assembled, all you need to do is attach a weight and the hooks, and you are ready to go crappie fishing.


● This jig performs quite well in the rain, particularly at dusk in summer. 

● seems real

● Catching great trout because it has good color options.


● Doesn’t work in saltwater.

● Don’t provide a good value of money because it gets chipped easily.

● can’t catch big and heavy fish

4. Berkley Power Bait Freshwater Fishing Bait

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● Strong scent and flavors

● Easily catch trout and crappies

● PowerBait Power Wigglers don’t have to be refrigerated because they have a long shelf life.

With over 25 years of research and development, today’s PowerBait is even stronger than when the merchandise started. There is a reason Berkley power bait gets tentative fish to hold on longer for better hookup percentage over 18x. Which gives you time and confidence to feel more bites than the other fishing baits. It also looks incredibly realistic and impregnated with Berkley’s iconic PowerBait scent and flavor formula.

These PowerBait Nymphs are great for catching perch and Crappie. This bait works on low or high-pressure lakes rivers and just flat out catches fish. Put a small hook towards the middle of the worm, put a split-shot, hang it under a bobber, and be ready to go.


● These are great for shore & jetty fishing

● Works for multi-species, especially Crappie.

● Best flavor and scent to attract crappies.


● The tube material gets shredded easily.

● The hooks are pretty weak.

● The quality of the plastic is not good.

5. Strike King Mr. Crappie Thunder Soft Bait

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● Natural habitat colors

● Trigger big slab crappies into a feeding frenzy.

● Beefy, solid body and tube-like skirt

● Tough enough to pull through heavy cover

● Big and bulky profile

● Provide a lot of movements

A collaboration between tackle company Strike King and professional trained worker sap Marshall (Better referred to as mister. Crappie) the Strike King Mister. Crappie Thunder Bait is designed explicitly for targeting these tasty fish. It is often used with a vertical return rig or connected to a jig head for casting, troll, or bouncing on rock bottom. Made with a high-quality polymer, the lure measures one 3/4 inches long. It encompasses a solid ripple body that pulls crappies by resembling a tasty grub.

The soft plastic lure design to trigger big slab crappie. The best bait to attract and catch Crappie specially design to control systems and make sure every lure is to your satisfaction

Developed unitedly with Wally Marshall, better called Mr. Crappie, the bait is big and ponderous, so Crappie can spot it easily.


● This works great on crappies as well as on perch and panfish.

● the bait is big and bulky so that Crappie can spot it easily

● It has a solid plastic body that’s capable of being pulled through heavy cover.


● Does not work for heavy fish.

● Sink at the bottom of the ocean because of the weight

● Can’t secure fish –they can get free by wriggling.


You can’t properly fish without bait and lures, whether you are professional or not, baits are the most necessary equipment for fishing. Choosing the right bait for fishing is important because fishing is a tricky business.

In our opinion, Berkley scientists have spent over twenty-five years perfecting their baits. The irresistible scent and flavor, the exclusive PowerBait formula. BERKLEY POWER BAIT FRESHWATER FISHING BAIT is the most effective crappie bait, which attracts crappies faster. It looks incredibly realistic and is the most affordable among all other baits. 

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