Fishing Coolers That Will Keep Your Catch Fresh Everytime

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Preserving your catch in a long haul fishing expedition is necessary, or your whole effort goes wasted. For preservation, anglers used to apply salt or use UV light to keep the fishes fresh. However, the new trend is using the fishing coolers instead of using salt and UV light for preservation, and they are getting obsolete these days. The best fishing coolers are here to help you our preserving your precious catches.
Fishing Coolers protect your catch from germs and bacteria, but they also do it even without changing their taste. In the market, different types of coolers are available. If you are taking kids alongOpens in a new tab., then it may be even a better idea to save your catches in a safe fishing cooler.
Considering your fishing session period, amount, and area of your fishing trip. You can get your hands on the best suitable coolers for storing your catch.
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Here we are taking a look at the best fishing coolers.
Let’s start with getting to know what is important when considering buying a fishing cooler.

Buyers Guide for the Best Fishing Coolers

While you are buying a fishing cooler, don’t make a rash decision. Carefully review these important considerations so that the cooler you buy serves your needs.

Type of cooler

Typically coolers fall into two types, namely insulated chest coolers and insulated fish cooler bags.
Insulated Chest Coolers
These are rectangular shape traditional coolers that are generally used to store all kinds of stuff, i.e., food and beverages. These are not specially designed for fishing purposes. Storing both food and fish in these is not a great idea as it can lead your food smelly. Some coolers occupy a lot of space, but the shape is such that it can be used as a sitting spot.
Insulated Fish Cooler Bag
These bags are better known for their shape and its adaptability. They are convenient and easy to carry. However, due to its shape, they cannot stand on their own. It is difficult to use it for food and beverages, though it serves the purpose of storing fish better.

Storage Capacity

It’s one of the two primary features anglers and layman look for while purchasing fishing coolers. Usually, people neither analyze their fishing expedition duration nor consider cooler size and portability. It creates a significant amount of mess as it often ends up compromising limited space on their boats.


It can be said it is the fundamental purpose of using fishing coolers rather than other preservation methods like salt spray and UV light. Usually, a good fishing cooler can keep fish cooler of more than almost a day, and some cooler insulation may last for a few days. But again, decide it per your fishing session duration.

Drain plug

It is an optional additive feature which is not present in every cooler. Often in a relatively small cooler does not possess this feature. Drainage in cooler can be provided by elevating one end and providing drainage hole on others. Providing drainage without this method is better against wear and tear.


As already discussed above, this feature is related to the storage capacity of cooler. It’s a combination of both types of cooler and storage capacity. Choosing the right combination can avoid these problems. If you don’t need much storage, it is better to carry a regular sized cooler that is easy to carry.


Best fishing coolers

We have shortlisted five of the best fishing coolers in the market to invest wisely in buying the most efficient one:

1. Kill Bag Sizes from 18 x 36 to 30 x 90 Insulated Fishing BagsOpens in a new tab.

Reliable Fishing Products - 20" X 48" Insulate Fish Cooler Bag, Large...
  • KEEP YOUR CATCH FRESH- Our insulated fish bags are UV and mildew resistant
  • EASY TO CLEAN- Washable, Mildew, and UV resistant

It’s a gigantic size durable bag. It is constructed from marine graded vinyl that provides UV protection, mildew resistant, and water-resistant material. This bag is quite handy as its free-standing ability provides the problem usually fish cooler bag possesses. Due to this ability, it can be used for food and beverages too. The bag has excellent storage capacity and a big opening that provides convenience while stacking fish on extended trips.
  • It can stand on its own, which makes it handy.
  • Huge storage capacity can be used for long fishing sessions.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The insulation is not good and may not be suitable to use for longer than day trips.

2. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable CoolerOpens in a new tab.

Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler, 100 Quart
  • Large portable cooler ideal for boating and fishing trips
  • 100-quart capacity holds up to 130 cans

Coleman Coolers are well known for its durability and high resistance against wear and tear. It has two cup holders on its lid. This cooler is of Xtreme series, which possess Xtreme 3 technology to keep ice intact for three days. This product uses Thermo zone insulation, which reduces carbon footprints and also has UV protection.
  • Keeps ice retains up to 3 days.
  • It can be used as a seat as it can bear 250 lbs.
  • Compact and durable.
  • The drainage system is leak-resistant.
  • It is not rainproof.

3. AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler with High-Density InsulationOpens in a new tab.

AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation,...
  • Soft-sided cooler with a tough, waterproof vinyl exterior
  • Guaranteed to hold ice for 24 hours in 120 degree weather; 36-can capacity

The Ao coolers are a soft-sided cooler with sturdy outer material of denial 1000 vinyl, the same material used in making of water beds and ground pools. It is an ideal choice for boating, fishing, parties, and sporting events. The product comes in three different colors and is UV protective, so its color never fades away. The brand provides a guaranty of ice retention for 24 hours in 120 degrees. The unit is constructed with leakproof liners. It has a detachable shoulder strap and a side pocket to dry things.
  • It is made from leakproof material.
  • Tough against impacts, wear, and tears.
  • The cooler provides guaranteed retention of ice for 24 hours.
  • Not waterproof and weather resistant.

4. Coleman Performance Portable Cooler, 48 QuartOpens in a new tab.

Coleman Performance Portable Cooler, 48 Quart, Green - 3000000021
  • Heavy-duty cooler offers a spacious 48-quart capacity in a compact,...
  • Tall enough to accommodate multiple 2-liter bottles upright

This product is Coleman’s simple, designed yet heavy-duty cooler. It has a considerable storage capacity of 48 quarts, and its height can accommodate 2 liters bottles upright. Insulation provides ice retention periods of up to three days and comes with two side handles, easy to carry portable cooler. The product is a brilliantly designed drainage system that does not require you to tilt the cooler and leak-resistant. It comes in amazing greenish tan color best suited for activities like fishing and hunting.
  • Rough and tough.
  • The drainage system is excellent.
  • Two handles provide you with lifting options.
  • The product is Rustproof.
  • It has 72 can capacity.
  • The product does not have wheels
  • The product does not have any added features such as Cupholder.

5. Coleman Marine Cooler,100 QuartOpens in a new tab.

Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler, White, 120 Quart
  • Large portable cooler ideal for boating and fishing trips
  • 120-quart capacity holds up to 204 cans

The brand usually comes up with gems, and this huge capacity marine cooler is one of those. It is a marine cooler of a humongous capacity of 100 quarts; it can accommodate 130 cans. It is a product from their reputed Xtreme series and comes with Xtreme 5 technology. It can retain for ice five days at 90-degree temperature. The drainage system to remove the excess water will not disappoint you either as it does not require the tipping over cooler. Stainless steel and UV protection make it resistant to wear and tear from sunlight. The product also provides a tray and cutting board of food preparation.
• Durable and leak-resistant material.
• Four cup holders,
• Tray and cutting board for food preparation.
• All-terrain wheels provide mobility.
• It has two sides and one top handle, easy to carry.
• The lid is not durable and has issues in closing and opening function.


Fishing coolers are vital for a fishing trip to preserve your catch. The right choice of the fishing cooler will allow you to enjoy the exact taste of fresh fish. It offers you a significant amount of convenience in time and space. Almost all of the above coolers are best in their aspect.
However, in my opinion, the most suitable and efficient fishing cooler is “AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft CoolerOpens in a new tab.“. It is the best option for trips that do not last more than a day. The manufacturer provides you with a 24-hour ice retention guaranty, you don’t need to worry about the freshness of your catch.
The cooler is lightweight and can be easily carried through the shoulder strap. The material used for the construction of the cooler is eco-friendly and durable. It has moderate storage capacity and is ideal for activities like boating, fishing, and hunting.

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