5 Best Fishing Rods

In the past few years, fishing equipment has gained immense popularity among the young generation. For various types of fish species, there are different types of equipment. Are you a trainee angler? Do you want to learn about the best, affordable, and high-quality fishing rods?
Here, I have gathered not only the 5 best fishing rods for beginners but all the essential information about them. Let’s dig in detail and learn about this vital fishing gear.

How to choose the best fishing rods?

It is hard for many trainee anglers to beat the abuses and fight of fish in the water. You don’t need an expensive boat and expensive fishing gear to start your fishing session. You only need simple fishing rod setups, and all the fishing opportunities will be on your fingertips.
Are you going to buy a new fishing rod? Before buying fishing gear, it is necessary to learn all the essential details about it. Here, I want to discuss some secretive tips that help you to find the best fishing rod for beginners.

Tips to Find Best Fishing Rods

If you want to choose the best spinning rod for saltwater, then follow these seven tips.

Tip#1 Checkout Guides

An angler doesn’t want to start his fishing experience with the guides that are not straight. During fishing, water fighters put pressure on the guides. If the guides are out of alignment, they will not endure pressure and eventually break into two pieces.

Tip#2 Reel Seat is sealed with the Guide

Before purchasing a suitable fishing rod, make sure your first Guide is lined-up with the reel seat. If the reel is not lined up with the Guide, it will put extra pressure on the rod. After adjusting your reel, make sure it is pointing right towards the Guide.

Tip#4 Confirm Reel’s Locations

In defective spinning rods, the reel is often sitting-off from the center. Before purchasing a fishing gear, make sure the reel seat is centered.

Tip#5 Inspect for Cracks

inspect your fishing gear before buying and make sure the inserts and guides don’t have any hidden cracks and gaps.
Hidden gaps have a negative effect on the working power of guides. They will allow the water to get inside the rod and cause rusting.

Tip#6 Straightness

No one wants to end their fight with water fighters in the wrong position. So it is necessary to buy a straight rod. Don’t go with the one that is stored in the bent position.

Tip#7 Check Material

Material is the essential thing that you should check before purchasing any product. Most of the fishing rods are crafted with fiberglass and carbon graphite. But, graphite fishing rods are best to use because they can endure more pressure.
Many anglers recommend graphite fishing rods because they have high values of rigidity and durability.
(Tips: smaller guides are more effective and easy-to-use as compared to larger ones. The smaller guides will not only choke the line quicker but also lead to the fine and more accurate casting of lures.)

Attributes to Look in any Fishing Rod

There are multiple attributes that you should look into a fishing spinning rod before buying. Let’s have a look at some prominent features.


Durability is the most crucial attribute that you should look before buying any fishing gear. As a trainee, you will find fishing difficult because fishing species cause immense pressure on your rod. So always go with the one that holds up over time.

Quality of Cork Grip

High-quality of the cork grip is another vital point feature. It is the part on which your hands stay most. So, carefully examine the quality of the cork grip. Always go with the one that can stay comfortable on your hands even after long sessions of fishing.


Different types of fishing rods have a different arrangement of guides. For starting your fishing session in freshwater or in the saltwater, you have to dig deep and learn about all the details of guides. But some of the freshwater and saltwater spinning rods carry the same designs of guides.


It is crucial to make sure that the cation of your spinning rod is suitable for your fishing style. When anglers use live baits and lures, they try to go with lighter fishing rods. So, they can feel even the slightest movement. Moreover, if you want to use fish plugs, then stiffer fishing rods might be best to use.

Ability to Absorb Shocks

Shock absorption is the key attribute that you should look at in any fishing rod. A fishing rod with excellent shock-absorbing quality makes sure you don’t come out of the water without your target.

High-quality Reel

A fishing outfit is incomplete without a suitable fishing reel. Trained anglers spend equal money on their fishing reels like they spend to buy a fishing rod.

How to choose the length of the fishing rod?

After learning all-important attributes and tips about fishing rods, it is time to learn how to determine the length of the pole.
The length of the rod has a significant influence on your casting abilities. The length of the pole is measured from the handle of the rod to the end of the tip of the fishing rod.
In simple words, fishing rods with small pole lengths will cast lures at short distances. The large pole fishing rods will cast lures at great distances. Each type of fishing rod has different purposes.
For example, in different situations, short-length fishing rods are best to use when combat is required. Moreover, shirt length fishing rods are beneficial for beginners. They will bend less during the fight with fish compared to long length poles.

5 Best Fishing Rods for Beginners

As a trainee angler, it is necessary to review the best products that suit you. Here, I have ended up selecting the 5 best fishing rods for beginners. With flexible price range and quality, I will recommend these fishing rods for all the beginners.
Let’s have a look at the fishing equipment that will help you to pursue your fishing hobby.

1. 2-Piece Combo D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Rod from Daiwa

Best Fishing Rods - 2-Piece Combo D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Rod from Daiwa 

Key Features

· Design with advance Digigear technology
· Extra-smooth ball bearing drive
· Constructed with heavy-duty graphite material and have high strength and sensitivity values
· It is Equipped with Aluminum oxide guides
· This Daiwa D-Wave fishing rod has Eva foam grips for comfortable handling


This combination of the Daiwa D-Wave saltwater spinning rod is perfect for starting fishing in seawater. This 3Bi spinning rod is best for targeting different seawater fish species such as baby tarpons, snoop, redfish, and strippers.
This 2-piece of the combo of the fishing rod also works for some freshwater applications. With sturdy graphite material, this fishing rod is a bit heavy.
It might be the best fit for casting big lures, throwing spinners for targeting salmons. This is the right combination of fishing pole for throwing or musky plugins for targeting massive fishes.
With aluminum oxide guides, this Daiwa D-Wave fishing rod features rotor construction and ABS (Aluminum Ballistic System) aluminum pool.
With great strength and sensitivity, the stainless steel hooded reel seat of this fishing rod is corrosion and resistant free. Now, you can manage different saltwater conditions because this product comes up with a Gyro rotor and Buster II liner roller.


· This product comes up in a combination of 2 pieces and suitable for beginners.
· The robust graphite body of this gear endures pressure and bear wear and tear of saltwater.
· With a Gyro spin rotor, a trainee can balance this fishing rod in the water.
· ABS aluminum pool drives excellent results.
· With EVA double foam grips, you can enjoy a comfortable fishing session.
· Advance Digigear technology will drive your desire results
· This fishing rod is suitable for catching trout, salmon, redfish, bay tarpons, etc.
· High effective, durable and available in the affordable price range


· Due to heavyweight, some trainees are not able to handle this fishing rod.
· It is challenging to understand its advance featuring.

2. Ugly Stick GX2 Combo _ Fishing Rod & Fishing Reel from Shakespeare

 Best Fishing Rods - Ugly Stick GX2 Combo _ Fishing Rod & Fishing Reel from Shakespeare

Key Features

· Ugly Stick spinning rod and suitable for kids and trainees
· It has an advanced anti-reverse bearing one-way clutch instant
· With 3 ball bearings, it has compression bail spring
· 5′ lightweight GX2 1-piece fishing combo
· Soft-touch handle knob with Eva grip foam for comfortable handling
· High build quality
· One-way clutch instant with 4 ball bearings


As compared to many other expensive fishing rods, this Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 combo is stunning. With high durability and sturdiness, this fishing rod can last long for 10 years. With an aluminum pool and plastic balancing rotor, this variant has a very smooth fishing reel.
No matter if you are purchasing this fishing rod for your kid or yourself, this variant is easy-to-handle. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.
At the reel’s upper section, a logo is a heat printed on the handle’s Eva foam. The grip is comfortable and doesn’t irritate during long fishing hours. From 4’8 inches to 7inches, this fishing rod comes in several length options. 5 inches GX2 fishing rod is best for kids (especially those under the age of 10-14).
With an inserted cover, the guides of this fishing rod are made up of stainless steel material. The guides will make sure the abrasion is down, and the line does not break during casting.


· Perfect fishing gear to teach fishing to the kids
· The inserted cover of this fishing rod is made up of a different material
· The stainless steel guides can absorb maximum abrasion
· High in durability, firmness, and sturdiness
· Available in the highly affordable price range
· The larger fishing rod is a powerful tool and perfect for saltwater fish species.
· With Eva double layer foam, the handle is comfortable for long sessions
· Plastic roto makes it easy for beginners and kids to balance the fishing rod inside the water.
· The logo of the company is heat printed on the foam of the handle.


· Bit heavy fishing rod for kids
· Long fishing rods are not suitable for trainees
· Expensive as compared to other similar fishing rods

3. Fishing Rod & Reel Combo with Telescopic Fishing Pole & Ergonomic Handle form IEBIYO

Best Fishing Rods - Fishing Rod & Reel Combo with Telescopic Fishing Pole & Ergonomic Handle form IEBIYO 

Key Features

  • 2-piece combination of this fishing rod has a plastic cap
  • The package includes fishing rod, fishing reel, and a storage bag
  • With 3.78 collapse length, it has a total of 6 adjustable sections
  • Stainless steel guide rings are attached at the end of the pole
  • 0.9 inches real diameter with 37gram weight capacity
  • Closing lines of this rod is visible with an open trunking spinning reel
  • Already comes up with Easy-to-handle fishing lines.


This high-quality combination of fishing rod and reel form IEBIYO comes with plastic caps. With stainless steel guide, rings attach ta the tip of the rod, the stunning design of this variant is fully opened with an extra side pocket.
This might be the best fishing equipment for trainees, backpackers, fishing enthusiasts, and even for kids. The fishing reel with it, already has a adjusted fishing line.
The single-layer fishing bag is made up of high-quality 600D Oxford materials. With high durability and portability value, this bag is waterproof. It is suitable for storing fishing reel, fishing rod, lures, baiting, fishing lines, and fishing hooks.
Made up of high-class fiberglass material, this fishing kit from IEBIYO also includes ABS plastic and silicone. With a collapsible design, this fishing kit is easy to store.
This full fishing set comes with fishing lines, and it is suitable not only for trainee anglers but also for kids. The sturdy metal ergonomic handle has a soft-rubber knob grip that will ease your pain during fishing.


· Made up with high-standard fiberglass + soft silicone and ABS plastic
· A single layer, waterproof 600D oxford material, the plastic bag is included in the package.
· An extra side pocket is made up for storing different components of this fishing kit
· Suitable for beginner fishers and kids
· The plastic cap will protect the stainless steel guide rings from rusting
· It has a stunning design that is easy-to-handle and carries
· Lightweight with a push-open button, outlet hole, and shake reel cover
· Strong metal handle with soft grip is easy comfortable and ease the pain


· This variant is expensive as compared to other products
· This fishing kit has many functions, and sometimes kids are not able to handle it.

4. Emergency Fly Fishing Combo from KastKing

 Best Fishing Rods - Emergency Fly Fishing Combo from KastKing

Key Features

· Made up with high-performance 4-piece graphite
· A single-layer and waterproof carrying case
· Fly reel of this combo comes up with the fly line
· It has 12-hand-timed files with all-important fishing tools
· With an easy casting, this modulus fishing kit has medium-fast actions
· Suitable for anglers that love to travel
· A taper fly floating leader is already attached to the fly fish line.


Considered as an innovative fishing kit. This fly’s emergency fishing rod from KastKing is constructed with sturdy graphite material. With medium-fast actions, this fishing combo has easy casting that divides into 4 easy-to-travel sections.
The large arbor fly reels of this fishing kit come with an extra-smooth disc drag. With the weight forward floating line, the fishing reels are constructed with lightweight aluminum and pre-spool with backing.
The fishing rod and reel is anodised with a high-standard luxurious black finishing. The weight of the fishing reel matches with lightweight fishing lines for perfect balancing.
This KastKing emergency fishing kit includes all critical stuff that you need to start your fishing sessions. You can use it for high-performance 4-piece rods, fly line, and fly leader and aluminum reel.
While this product is perfect for beginners. Yet many experienced fishers also appreciate the assembling and handling power of this product. Moreover, all the hand-tied flies are included in this emergency fishing kit combo, such as nymphs, dry flies, and streamers.


· This fishing kit includes all-important fishing components in one package.
· Metallic handles are lightweight cover with Eva foam for secure handling
· Carbon graphite tough body will endure the pressure of both saltwater and freshwater
· Best for anglers that love to travel
· The fishing reel comes with many suitable fishing lines and stainless steel guidelines.
· The fishing rod of this emergency fishing kit has 14 different lengths and actions.
· A handy storage bag is part of the package for easy-storage of 4-pieces.
· The fishing rod is anodized with high-quality and luxurious black finishing


· This fishing kit is expensive and hardly fit into your tight budget.
· The high functionality of this fishing kit is not for kids.

5. Fly Fishing Kit Combos from Piscifun

Key Features

· The package includes stainless steel line cutter with 9-pieces of fish flies
· Traditional style fly is constructed with die-cast premium aluminum alloy.
· Oversize stainless steel stripping guides
· It has premium-grade black blanks cork handles and color-coded alignment dots
· Immediate drag arrangement
· It has a mid-arbor design that reduces line memory
· This ¾ dozen fishing kit combo reduces line-memory
· Stainless steel clippers are easy-to-handle
· The kit includes 1 fly box with lanyard


This Piscifun fly fish kit combo is offering you a 4-piece 9-foot 5/6 wt rod with a mid-flex design. The fishing rod, if this variant features slow-action that allows you to adjust your learning curve on the casting fly rod. This fishing kit combo has anodized-aluminum reel seat with oversized stainless steel stripping guides.
This variant features color-coded alignment dots with high-quality cork handles, that will ease your pain during fishing sessions. The black-matte finishing and die-cast premium aluminum fly reel allows you to start your battle against fighter trout.
The great size of this fishing kit combo is excellent for beginners and will enable them to avoid fatigue and increase casting accuracy.
With the smooth click-drag, you can make accurate and immediate drag engagement. The 5/6 weight fly reel of this product is manufactured with premium die-cast aluminum.
The advanced mid-arbor design not only reduces the line memory but also comes up with quick-line backup. This fishing kit combo is nicely packed in a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-carry lanyard fly box.


· It has multiple stainless steel clippers that are lightweight and robust
· The pre-spool fly line includes the backing line
· Now make immediate and accurate drag arrangement with click-drag
· The box of this fishing kit combo includes 3 different flying patterns
· It has color-coded alignment dots
· Not only suitable for beginners but also recommend for pro-anglers
· It has oversized stripping guide rings
· The whole body of this fishing kit is constructed with hard and tough carbon graphite
· This fishing kit also includes a zinger retractor with premium-grade cork handles.


· This variant is not suitable for kids due to several functionality methods.
· This fishing kit combo is expensive.

The Verdict!!!

In the above section, I have mentioned the vital information about the 5 best fishing rods that are suitable for beginners. According to fishing experience and research, I have selected one best fishing rod for you.
2-Piece Combo D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Rod from Daiwa is the best fishing rod for beginners from this list. I have picked this variant because it is the all-rounder. With an affordable price, easy functionality, high-quality graphite material, lightweight and durable, D-Wave Saltwater spinning rod from Daiwa comes with all components required for fishing.
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I hope this brief article on best fishing rods for beginners will help you to select the suitable and high-quality fishing gear for your hobby. Before purchasing, read the details of products on this list, and don’t forget to do complete research on your end.

I have been an outdoor activities enthusiast from teenage. I have been going out with my parents on different outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. After moving to a town surrounded by three well known fishing spots, I started fishing and started using all kinds of tricks and equipment to make the most out of each adventure I pursued. Over the years I have been camping outdoor, hiking and following my passion of enjoying life at full.Few years ago, I started writing about my thoughts, experiments and ideas about outdoor, fishing, hiking and more. This blog is a compilation of that plus tips, ideas and products that can make life more meaningful, enjoyable and a pleasant.

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