Awesome and the 6 Most Comfortable Climbing Harness for a Secure Climb

most comfortable climbing harness
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A comfortable climbing harness is an item which you should have for rock climbing. You also need the most comfortable climbing harness for those activities that demand to utilize ropes to make sure safety or to provide convenient access to something. If climbing is your passion, then a climbing harness is an incredible investment for you.

  1. Black Diamond Chaos Harness
  2. EDERLID- Jay II Climbing Harness
  3. PETZL-SITTA Climbing Harness
  4. Black Diamond Momentum Harness
  5. Arc’teryx FL-365 Harness Men’s

Before you read the full review of each of the most comfortable climbing harness, take a look at the following information which will help you in making your decision.

A Buyer’s Guide for the Most Comfortable Climbing Harness

As with the data available about the various climbing harnesses in the marketplace today, you may be inspired to search for the best comfortable climbing harness for you. For that, you need to get knowledge about the size, weight, gear loops, budget, safety and other features.

In that sense, you need to make sure to take the following information into consideration before you make your choice:

Most Comfortable Climbing Harness

Size and Fit

Getting a harness that fits you exactly is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider while purchasing the climbing harness. When you are going to choose a climbing harness, make sure that its right size is enough for you the most comfortable fit. Keep remembering that even if you select a tackle with the most padding, you cannot think about it to provide extreme comfort if it’s not appropriate for your body.

So, size and fit must come hand in hand in choosing the most comfortable climbing harness for yours.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that the harness should not be too small that you cannot move. The leg loops should not be too much close.

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You need to check how heavy a climbing harness is before buying it. Generally, the climbing harness with more weight has more padding, additional gear loops, and other extra features. Padding within waist belt provides you with more comfort when you wear them, specifically during the summer. Overall, you need to make sure that all these things do not add additional weight to the entire harness.

Gear Loops

The Gear Loops has a vital role in carrying the essential climbing equipment. Having your gear around your waist divides the weight of bulky climbing tools around the complete belt of the harness.

Besides, two gear loops are best for gym climbing, top-roping, and sports climbing. Moreover, four gear loops are best for trad, ice climbing, and multi-pitch. Most of the climbing harness possesses four gear loops.

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Haul loops

The haul loop is a loop of webbing located on the back of the waist belt. The best haul loops are a well-sewn and provide full power. You can attach things with haul loop that you do not require while climbing but need to take up with you. The haul loop as a haul line provides the second rope on longer routes. You can also carry a water bottle, a small pocket knife or any other gears that do not need fats access for a short climb.


Yet another essential factor to consider while chooses the most comfortable climbing harness. In case you forget to double-back the buckles you can get injured too. So, when you are using double-back buckles ensure to pass the webbing back through the buckle to lock off.

Clipper Slots

Clipper slot is an extra slot available in your harness where you can fix ice screws. If you are aiming to do ice climbing, then you need to buy a harness with clipper slots.

FAQs About the most Comfortable Climbing Harness


Which thing makes the best climbing harness?

A well-fitting harness must fit snugly above your hipbones, and its rise also should be comfortable. A fit harness cannot be pulled down over your hipbones. Meanwhile, fixed or adjustable, the leg loops must be snug but not tight.

How much time after you should change your climbing harness?

Even if your climbing harness is nicely stored and used and it also does not have any damage, you must retire it if it is old more than seven years.

In case you are a professional like a mountain guide, or you climb full time, you need to change your harness after one year.


Review of the Most Comfortable Climbing Harness

Black Diamond Chaos Harness


Black Diamond Chaos Harness is best for those who are into high-output, multi-pitch free climbing and trad cragging. This harness has impressive features such as abrasion resistance, premium padding and also weight distribution—many Thanks to crystal polymer replacing traditional webbing. Black Diamond’s harness can be functioned faster and with just one hand due to the pre-threaded speed adjust buckle.

Furthermore, it has four gear loops to hold cams, slings, and on-rout accessories, and two front ones are oversized for optimized racking.

However, many lightweight harnesses turn out to be uncomfortable or start to wear at the tie points, the black diamond is immune to those problems. It remains comfortable even after its broken in.

You should go for this black diamond chaos harness because it remains comfortable and demands minimal adjustment even after long climbing sessions. It’s totally made of foam, and its weight is 18.7 Oz. It also has adjustable legs.



  • It has kinetic core construction
  • Has elastic rear riser
  • Real haul loops
  • Comfortable
  • Comforts for care
  • It has four pressure-moulded gear loops
  • Weight distribution
  • It also contains forged speed adjust buckle
  • Features superior safety


  • Gear loops are a bit smaller

EDERLID- Jay II Climbing Harness


EDERLID-Jay II Climbing Harness is perfect harness having all the essential features. This harness is made with optimal support and comfort in mind by equipping the harness with overlapping 3D mesh padding at the upper border.

Furthermore, it has a moveable waist padding which offers for the gear loops and tie-in point to be aligned and centred. The tie in point also has an abrasion protector for additional durability.

Moreover, legs loops are adjustable and offer for elastic mesh inserts for the most relaxed fit and flexibility. Besides, gear loops are essential for gym harness, this item contains four fixed gear loops.

EDERLID-Jay II Climbing Harness also contains two attachment options for attaching winter climbing accessories such as; ice screw clips and chalk bag loop for convenience. This EDERLID-Jay II Climbing Harness is the best rock climbing harness for everyone beginners to experts.


  • It has 3D mesh padding for the purpose of optimal support and comfort
  • The harness also has four gear loops
  • Attachment options for ice screw clips
  • Perfect for large waist sizes
  • Extra durable
  • Abrasion resistance at the tie in point


  • A little bit heavy
  • Bulky

PETZL-SITTA Climbing Harness


We have the PETZL-SITTA Climbing Harness while every ounce counts in the high alpine or intense lead situations. This climbing harness weighs in at just 9.5oz, making it perfect for keeping bulky weight to a minimum. You might have fear or questions about this harness’s overall strength, as it has such a low pressure. Don’t get worried, its wireframe technology brings excellent power that divides weight throughout the whole harness body.

Besides, harness’s weight distribution enhance Sitta’s overall comfort, making but comfortable to spend a day on the wall without that classic tight hip syndrome.

Furthermore, this harness is pretty much lightweight for intense climbs. It has durable construction and excellent weight distribution for comfort.

Moreover, its half of the gear loops have spectators for gear organization. This harness also has four fixed leg loops. Overall this most comfortable climbing harness has all the features which a good climbing harness should have!!


  • Very Lightweight for an intense climb
  • It has a durable construction
  • Weight distribution
  • Has full comfort, strength and weight
  • Has four fixed gear loops


  • There are no so many cons for this product

Black Diamond Momentum Harness


Black Diamond Momentum harness is an incredible product that can be used for the multiple numbers of purposes. This harness has all the essential features which allow you to climb up and down the rocks safely.

Meanwhile, suppose you are a beginner in the climbing activity. In that case, you will definitely love this harness as this means that you won’t search for fancier qualities often provided by the costlier brands. Besides, this harness is a fantastic contender in the market.

This harness also has come at a pretty low price, it performs brilliantly for the budget-conscious all-around climber. Additionally, its gear loops, despite being small, are easy to unclip and clip from.

This harness also contains sufficient padding, enough to make you feel comfortable when using it in climbing.

Yet another fantastic feature of this black diamond momentum harness are bullhorn-shaped waist belt made out of dual-core technology, a pre-threaded waist belt buckle. You can comfortably adjust and adjustable rear elastic riser.


  • Has loops that are all vital if you desire to hang things off
  • Provides enough support and padding, making it easier to manage
  • It also has a solid clasp or buckle once you attach them
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Brilliant adjustability


  • Its gear loops are a little bit smaller
  • It is not as versatile and comfortable as other products

Arc’teryx FL-365 Harness Men’s


This Arc’teryx FL-365 makes your gear like a breeze. By having this harness, you can comfortably fit all the equipment you require on its full gear loops, and the haul loop on this product effectively works as a fifth gear loop. Besides, the low profile of this harness allows you to pack it down quickly.

Moreover, this Arc’teryx brand is famous for providing Industry-standard products, and this harness doesn’t disappoint. This harness is pretty much lightweight and unobtrusive while giving adequate space to track your gear. It also contains four ice clipper slots.

This harness also has excellent weight distribution. Its weight is 12.9oz. It also possesses leg loops to fit A type of sizes.

Furthermore, it has thin padding on the waistbelt and leg loops that make your body to provide extra comfort when you are on the wall.

The material of this harness is made with durable, high-quality materials. This sort of craftsmanship does come at a premium.


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Has a low profile
  • Packable
  • Has wide gear loops
  • Four ice clipper slots
  • Best industry product
  • Comfortable


  • A little bit expensive


Besides, you are an adventurer or climbing is your passion. You need a most comfortable climbing harness gear that gives safety. So, the best harness will help you to keep safe, secure, healthy and natural does not matter what kind of situation you are into.

Moreover, getting a perfect climbing harness will make your climbing adventure enjoyable.  Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter what features and optimization you select, the companies that make your climbing harness go through extensive testing to ensure you are safe. Appreciation of their hard work researching and developing effective ways to make a harness. So we can all enjoy climbing without any type of gear failure.

Additionally, the winner in our list of the climbing harness is Black Diamond Chaos Harness. This harness is comfortable, durable, safe and secure for you. It also has other amazing features.

This fantastic black diamond has kinetic core construction and elastic rear riser. It also features weight distribution and superior safety. So you should go for this black diamond.

Overall, you need to consider the quality, comfort, and reliability of the most comfortable climbing harness.

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