These Authoritative 7 Best Bluefish Lures Will Help You Have Fantastic Catches

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Bluefish are tricky to catch, but with the best bluefish lures, we can not be bothered. These strong fighters require upgraded tackle that is resistant against their attacks, for this fast-paced lure; flash and vibration will work best. There are a number of effective Best bluefish lures, which we will discuss here.



Catching Blue Fish can be exciting at any time. You can catch Bluefish by using artificial lures and trolling. It can strike at anything, and because of that, fishers use wire leaders to protect themselves from the sharp teeth of Bluefish. There are several Fishing methods like trolling or casting jiggling, live and dead bait fishing from boats. Live baits work best, but plugs, lures, or feathers can also be used. It is also essential to know the behavior of Bluefish so you can determine how and when to catch them.



Many species decide to appear on their own time. It may be early morning, dusk, during low light conditions or on an overcast day. But Bluefish can be available at any time, although catching them during a day even in summers can be the best time.



Bluefish are fighters or attackers. They can attack at any lure or bait. Bucktails, spoons, and metal lures work best for them. You have to be prepared with your equipment. You must have wire leaders with high durability because their sharp teeth are capable of cutting 80lb Fluorocarbon leaders. A seven-foot rod and standard size reel will work fine.



Their favourite food is baitfish. Anglers use many types of artificial baits, but live baits are best to catch them. Menhaden and eels are the first choices of Bluefish. Another option is you can also use cut baits. Cut baits are the best attraction for Bluefish because of the oil of the lures and “scent hunt” prey. Try chunks within the shape of small baits; otherwise, you can go for whole dead baits like minnows.



There are many efficient lures we should use to catch Bluefish. They bite anything that is flashing in front of their face; however, you need to correctly choose your lure. Otherwise, the sharp teeth of them will bite off your lure very quickly.



The lure material should be made of metal, or if it is plastic, then it should be hard enough that it would not be torn up easily. Soft plastic material lure tears up easily, and you cannot use them in your next catch. BuckTails, wobblers, crankbait, and spoons are the best choices to catch Bluefish because these types of lures are specially designed for them. These lures fly out like a bullet; the Bucktail is most popular to catch any kind of fish species, especially Bluefish because this lure is has excellent durability.



We should not use painted or plastic stuff lures. Soft plastic stuff lure can work well because they look real and move nicely through water, but they tear up quickly, and you cannot use them on your next fishing trip. Durability must be checked before buying any lure and especially if your target is the trickiest fish, so you have to choose lures according to your fishing situation.


FAQs about the best bluefish lures:

What are the qualities of the best lure?

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Material

What is the most common lure used for Bluefish?

  • Metal material and hard plastic lure work best for Bluefish

How many times can lures be used in saltwater only?

  • It depends on the quality of lure some lures are made for exceptional durability, and some can be destroyed after one use.

Q. What Lures do bluefish like?

Bluefishes mostly attracted towards eels and many types of cut baits. It would be best if you use lures like an eel or a small fish that will give the impression like the original one. The beautifully printed lure would attract the bluefish most. Choosing a good quality lure is a tricky thing; we hope detailed review would help you to choose the perfect one.

Q. What do bluefish bite on?

Bluefish can easily bite on any baitfish. That can be dead or alive as well as that can be fake too. The perfect printed fake fish can be used as a lure and catch a bluefish easily. Mostly bunker, mackerel, silversides and eel fishes are used as baits, and bluefish attacks them quickly and gets trapped by the angler.

Q. Does bluefish taste good?

Generally, it depends on the chef how he used to cook the fish. If he cooks it using extra ingredients, it would be tastier as well healthy as the fish is protein-rich specie and used as a weight gainer.

The bluefish is also very tasty and healthy, but it can be tastier if appropriately cooked and served with different sauces. It can be more fishy than other species, but the acidic marinates are an excellent choice to decrease the fishiness.

Q. How do you target bluefish?

Bluefishes can easily be spotted because they live in the upper water. The perfect lure can detect them by attracting them towards the trap of angler. The lure must be 3D printed and attractive enough to seek the attention of the bluefish. The flashing lure is also an excellent choice to target bluefish.

Q. What is the best time to catch bluefish?

You can easily catch bluefish during the day time, mostly during the summer. However, the perfect time catch the bluefish is early morning and at sunset. According to our research the best bait for the bluefish is mackerel in spring and bunker whenever you can easily get it.

Review of 7 best bluefish lures


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  • Heavy spinning
  • 2 ounces
  • Made to last
  • Produces wild action without line twist
  • Attracts large and small saltwater species

Acme Kastmaster Lure with BuckTail Hook is the best lure for surf, jetty, casting for bass and bluefish. It never fails to catch fish because the bucktail gives the right amount of action. This lure produces wild action without line twist, thanks to its aerodynamic design. It works great in both fresh and saltwater.


  • It won’t break easily
  • Ideal for stripers
  • Good for lighter tackle
  • sharp hook



  • Split rings may rust
  • Hook is mediocre
  • Bucktail may fell off easily




  • Instant spinning within the water
  • Treble hook at the bottom
  • Convex-concave blades
  • Razor-sharp hooks

Martin is a big-name brand, they all are well known to catch tons of fish. You can catch all kinds of fish on these lures. You can use this as a spin cast and bait cast. They are lightweight and available in different sizes. Fish want to go after the easiest meal and this is going to be one to catch them.


  • Many options of colors
  • Spin nice in the water
  • Teardrop weighs
  • Less expensive


  • The hook is not made for saltwater
  • Does not have swivel
  • Rusts easily




  • bluefish can be caught easily
  • Works great in saltwater
  • Appears smaller to the fish

Mepps aglia dressed treble fishing lure is most popular among fishermen because no lure works for the same variety of species like this one. The best thing about Mepps aglia is they can catch any freshwater and saltwater species. This is the best lure you can keep in your tackle box if you want to catch small and largemouth fish species.


  • Can catch large fish easily
  • Perfect for bluefish and small stream fishes
  • works well in fresh and saltwater


  • made of low-quality material
  • Not durable




  • High-quality Plastic
  • Bright colors
  • falls horizontally within the water

Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit available in bright multiple colors and high-quality plastic that won’t tear easily that is why it works well for bluefish. It falls horizontal within the water which makes this bluefish magnet different from other jigs. The pink color grub could work well if you wanted to catch bluefish. This magnet catches almost every fish or you can choose your color of grub according to the fishing situation.


  • Pocket Size
  • Affordable
  • Good for both small and largemouth bass


  • Cannot work well in a lake
  • The hook might break sometime

Rose Kuli Fishing Lures

Key Features

  • 3D Attractive Design
  • The multi-Jointed Body makes it act like real fish
  • Sound waves are emitted to attract fishes
  • Three pieces lure
  • Professional Quality

If you were going on fishing and purchased a fishing rod, the last and most important thing is that you have a quality lure or not. The lure must be of acceptable quality and must be attractive enough to catch any fish in the water. Rose kuli fishing lures are among the best quality and durable fishing lures and have a decent price tag.

The design of the lure is 3D and attractive. Fishes are mostly attracted by small fishes so, and the lure is in fish form and multi-colored. The fish is in cutting form, and the texture seems to be like original fish. The Body is covered with powder that makes it look like original fish. The bass vibration ball is used that emits bass sound waves to attract the targeted fishes.

The lure is in the 3 Piece packing, which is just like a gift to a fisherman. When the tri lure is swimming in the water, bluefish are attracted and trapped by the fisherman. So the rose kuli fishing lure is one of the best bluefish lure. This lure is more durable and compatible, so don’t lose any chance to go and get your rose kuli fishing lure.


  • 3D Fish Design
  • Sound Waves Emitting
  • Attractive and Durable


  • Small fishes cannot be cached sometimes because of tri lures
  • Less dive capacity


Rapala Rattlin Fishing Lure

Key Features

  • Realistic Shade of Lure
  • Can swim deeply as much as we want
  • The outstanding sound tuned chamber is installed.

You must have an attractive and durable lure attached to your fishing rod. It is the only trick to attract and catch more fishes and to save your time. Choosing a perfect lure is tricky, but if you are guided with complete information, it is no more difficult. The best choice is the Rapala Rattlin Fishing Lure because it is attractive and well designed.

The Rapala Rattlin Fishing Lure is well designed and made to attract more fishes. Its Body and color are the main reason that makes fishes attracted towards it. The color shines in the water, and fishes try to eat them and get caught by the fisherman. The Body is of a Holographic blue shade that is the reason for the attention of every fish because it looks very different.

The weight of the lure is average and can sink in the water quickly and more deeply as compared with other lures. The design is well-balanced, and the fish (Lure) swim in water like a regular fish. The special tuned chamber is installed that emits wave and locate fishes easily underwater.

Two hooks are connected with the fish (Lure), so two fishes can be caught at a time. This lure mostly attracts bluefish; that is why it is a pretty good bluefish lure.


  • Unique and Attractive Design
  • Can swim deep in water
  • Top-Notch Quality


  • Little Bit Heavy
  • Size is immense


RUCL Topwater Frog Lures

Key Features

  • 3D and dotted designed frog attracts more fishes
  • Lightweight frog lure
  • Made up of rubber and swims like a real frog
  • Hooks are sharp and of stainless steel

A fisherman uses different tricks and techniques to catch more fishes in less time. It depends on the psyche of the fisherman; that how he manages to catch more fishes. Some fisher uses fish lure some uses different insects as a lure and get a fish caught quickly. RUCL frog lure is another trick to get more fishes attracted and caught. It is the most different lure, and more fishes can be caught easily.

The lure is made like an original frog, and to make more attractive, the frog is printed in a beautiful color and coming with 3d polished shade. The frog is made of rubber and looks like an original frog. Fishes like to eat frog so, that’s why they come near to attack the frog but unfortunately get ambushed by the angler.

The hooks are placed on the belly of the frog and get stuck in the fish mouth quickly.  The frog lure is coming in different realistic colors. Big fishes can be caught easily like bluefish. The bluefish loves to eat frogs; that is why it is the best lure for bluefish fishing and catch them easily and quickly. The hooks are located on the belly and are not visible, so the fish concentrate on the frog and caught quickly.


  • Frog Design Attracts More Fishes
  • Invisible Hooks
  • Perfect Angle Sitting
  • Lightweight


  • The frog lure cannot swim in Deepwater
  • Unsatisfactory ring quality


TRUSCEND Bass Fishing Lures

Key Features

  • Rechargeable Flashing LED Lights
  • The Body is durable
  • Three hooks are fitted below it
  • Leak-proof technology is used

Over time the technology is being enhanced. Day by day, new inventions are being made, and new ideas take place. The best thing for a fisher is the enhanced and latest technology lure. TRUSCEND bass fishing lure is one of the latest invented lure and more enhanced with new technologies. The lure has built-in lights and wave technology that makes more fishes attracted towards it.

The TRUSCEND bass fishing lure is in the shape of real fish and attracts other fishes because of two things. Firstly the lure has flashing 3D lights that take the attention of the fishes and get them attracted towards the bright lure. It is a fantastic technique because flashing lights are not expected underwater, so every specie gets attracted.

The quality of the lure is pretty good and durable. The lights and the sound waves that are emitted from it are also of good quality. The lure is with flashing charging and good quality battery timings. The packing contains a charging lead to charge the lure. The fish lure gives you complete original face and seems like an original flashing fish. The lure has three hooks fitted below it so, three fishes can be caught at a time.


  • Top-Notch Quality Light
  • Can be used in Shallow Water
  • Ultra-Lightweight


  • Unsatisfactory Charging Cable Quality
  • Vibrating Issues


TRUSCEND Robotic Fishing Lure

Key Features

  • Brilliant Flashing Lights Are Installed
  • 3D Paint is used to attract every specie
  • Imported Quality Material is used Durable Battery
  • Two powerful hooks are installed


Fishes are mostly attracted towards bright or flashing things because lightening things are not found underwater whenever fishes see them they get attracted towards it and ambushed by the fisher easily. The TRUSCEND Robotic Fishing Lure is one of the best fishing lures because it is more enhanced and has the best quality material used in it at budget-friendly price.

The fantastic quality lights are installed in it that is more attractive and seeks the attention of the fish. Realistic 3D painted designed on the lure that makes it yummier for the hungry fish, and the quality is made strong enough to catch large fishes easily. Top-Notch quality materials are used in it that makes it more durable ad long-lasting.

The battery of the lure is powerful; after charging 2.5 hours, it can continuously be used for 12 hours. Two hooks are fitted under it that are quite strong to resist the weight of large fishes easily. In short, the mechanical lure is of outstanding quality.


  • Attractive and 3D Body
  • Durable Casing
  • Long-life Battery


  • The ring is not so good
  • Seems to be heavy


Bluefish is not an easy catch which a fisherman knows, that is why every fisherman searches for the best lures for their tackle box to have good fishing experience.

Panther Martin is a clear winner among all these lures. Martin gives us a guarantee by using it we can surely catch fish and this comes out a true claim of martin’s brand. It is because these lures have great spinning action in the water. This lure can be your go-to lure because of the variety of colors and sizes. These can also be used as a bait caster and spin caster. They worked great to catch any kind of species whether it is bluefish or any other fish. Could be used in saltwater and freshwater as well. When it comes to price it is the most affordable and worth buying lure.

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