These Reliable and The 10 Best Fishing Scales are at Bargain

Best Fishing Scales
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Whether you are on a fishing trip or participating in a fishing competition, a fishing scale is an essential gear to keep in your backpack.
A fishing scale helps you measure your catch. You can brag about it without anyone doubting you as you will have a scale reading to show them. You can choose any of the scales and have a good fishing experience 
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Usually, the fishing scale is used by fishmongers and commercial fishers for weight calculation. During tournaments and other conservational areas where there is a restriction on catching fish above a specific size, a fishing scale will save you from any penalties and inconvenience. In this article, we are taking a look at the best fishing scales available in the market.

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Why use a fishing scale?

  • For competitions, you need a weight reading to compare your catch with the competitors’ catch.
  • Commercial fishers need weight reading before selling their fishes.
  • It is essential for recreational anglers that they don’t catch fish exceeding the reduced size, so a fish scale is needed for assurance.
  • Conversationalist needs a weighing scale to weigh chemicals before using them to treat pons and maintain the water pH. The fish weight also helps provide information about the fish population size, environmental conditions, and diet.

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Let’s start by taking a look at the important aspects that you need to consider when looking for the best fishing scales. Later we have reviewed the 7 best fishing scales available in the market that you can purchase.
Best Fishing Scales

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Fishing Scales

Although there is plenty of fishing scales available in the market with many different features. Yet, when buying a fishing scale, you should consider the following factors to get the best fishing scale to fulfill your needs:

Scale type

The most important factor in buying the most suitable scale is to decide what kind of fishing scales you need.
There two basic types of fishing scales: digital or mechanical.
Digital scales are easy to read and understand as compared to mechanical scales. Digital scales can also keep a record of your previous readings. In a tournament or a competitive session with your friends, it is beneficial to get a digital scale that will keep a record or all your catches. You can quickly weigh and keep on fishing.
The digital scales are more accurate than the mechanical scales in which you have to apply approximation to rule out measurement errors.
Although batteries power digital fishing scales while mechanical scales can run without any power, mechanical scales are preferable for longer sessions.
The type of scale is also decided based on how much water exposure the scales will experience. For a waterproof option, mechanical scales are good as digital scales are not waterproof. Some of their components may stop working after a time due to moisture absorption.

Gripper or hook

Considering your scale’s purpose, you must decide whether you need a scale with a gripper or a hook.
Hooks are multifunctional and can be used to weigh other objects while gripper is limited for fishes only. Also, hooks are easy to use and get an accurate weight, while grippers are challenging to operate. Hooks damage the fish, so in case of catch and release fishing, you have to use grippers while general hooks are preferred.

Frequency of use

Another vital factor in choosing the fishing scale is how frequently you are going to use that scale. Suppose you plan to use it regularly or more often than you must buy a more durable scale with additional features. The scale must have enough strength to withstand the rigorous use and weigh without error for a long time. You can buy a less quality and multipurpose scale with more features and can benefit you more for occasional use.

Weight limit

While you buy a fishing scale, you must consider the weight range of fish you will catch. If you plan to find medium-sized fish, you can buy a regular scale with a weight range of up to 50 kgs. In case you are searching for a big catch, you can buy a bigger scale to weigh that.

Water resistance

Your fishing scale must be water-resistant as you have a lot of water exposure during fishing. A scale with less water resistance will cause you inconvenience. You have to get it repaired or buy a new one more often.


Another feature to consider is either your scale can float in water or not. Your scale may fall in the water, and you don’t want to dive in to catch it. Nowadays, most companies are manufacturing scales with the ability to float. So it is better to get yourself a fishing scale with a floating ability.
Best Fishing Scales


Ease of use

The weight of a fishing scale is an extra load you have to carry, so buy a fishing scale that is not too heavy or big to carry. For occasional anglers, a compact and less heavy scale will be more practical. Commercial ones get a bigger and heavy scale with bigger weighing capacity is beneficial as they need to weigh large amounts of fish.

Power options and ease of use

For digital scales, it is crucial that how they are powered. If the batteries can run for a longer time, then it is preferable for trips. Also, readability and digital options are easy for people with no technical knowledge. The scale has proper readability.

Review of the Best Fishing Scales

Here we have a review of 7 best fishing scales in the market. You can use this info to decide on getting the fishing scale matching your fishing requirements:

1. Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales

The Entspot Fish lip gripper scale is natural to use a scale. The scale is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which makes it more durable and long-lasting.  
The scale has a non-slip EVA handle with an adjustable strap for the wrist. this ensures extra security and making it easy to hold and control the fish without any damage to the scale.
The scale can measure up to 15kgs and is very compact to carry for quick use. The scale is multipurpose and can be used to measure other items apart from fishes too.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel jaw and tube
  • Durable scale manufactured with high-quality material
  • Multipurpose scales can be used to weigh other objects.
  • Adjustable wrist strap with non-slip EVA handles for better grip.
  • Can be conveniently used using one hand
  • Quick-release lever with an extra-wide opening
  • The scale is not easily readable.
  • The scale is not durable enough for prolonged use in saltwater.

2. MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale

This a handy fishing scale suitable for causal fishers and occasional anglers. The scale has multiple uses and can be used to measure other objects too. The scale has a hanging hook scale with a tare data lock function. The device’s accuracy is excellent, and with its LCD, you can read reading in daylight or dark both.
The scale includes two AA batteries and has an auto-off option after 2 minutes so that the cells don’t get drained. The load capacity of the fishing scale is about 50 kgs and has an overload indication.
The scale’s hook is constructed with stainless steel making it durable. It is rust, tarnish, and corrosion-resistant.
  • The scale has a tare data lock function.
  • LCD for readings and overload indication
  • Multipurpose use scale
  • Can measure weights up to 50kgs
  • Multi-unit display (kg, lb. jin, oz)
  • Retractable tape measure
  • The scale reading maybe sometimes inaccurate
  • The scale is not waterproof
  • The scale can be easily damaged.

3. ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
This fantastic fish scale is known for its high accuracy and user-friendly design. The LCD display has a backlit light feature to measure your catch in night time easily. The scale has a gentle lip grabber, which ensures that no harm is done to your catch.
The scale has a 45 kg weight measurement capacity and 39 inches tape measure to measure your catch size. The scale has removable lip grabber and can be used with the stainless-steel hook, durable, and has a tare function. The scale batteries can last up to 500 hours, and scale has an auto shut feature to make the batteries last longer. This makes it the best fit for prolonged use.
  • Bright LCD display with backlit light feature
  • Compact design can be easily held in hand.
  • Battery power lasting up to 500 hours
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • Stainless steel hook
  • The scale doesn’t include the batteries.
  • It is not water-resistant.

4. Yogayet Portable Fishing and Luggage Hanging Hook

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
If you want a portable scale with no need to place batteries, it is one of the best manual scales to buy. The scale can be easily read in kgs and pounds and can measure up to 22kgs. The scale has a 38inch measuring tape and chrome plated hook.
The scale is water-resistant and very compact in design, being lightweight and easy to carry. The scale can be used for measuring other loads and has a zero-balance adjustment to recalibrate it. The handle of scale is foldable, and it can e easily stored even in your fishing jacket pocket.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • No need for batteries
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable hook with chrome plating
  • Easy to read scale
  • The scale accuracy is low.
  • Calibration is lost after a few readings.

5. Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
If you are looking for a fishing scale for a tournament, then this scale is for you. It is a hardcore fishing scale with eight-piece culling systems to sort and store all your catches’ weights. The scale can keep your record even if the batteries run out of power.
  • Backup memory
  • Can be used with a hook or composite clamp
  • High accuracy
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Difficult to operate
  • Not water resistant
  • Not durable for longer spans

6. Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale

This fishing scale is one of the best scales to buy with extreme accuracy, and up to 3 ft measuring tape, you are sure to get exact readings of your catch. The scale is very lightweight and portable to carry anywhere you want to. The stainless steel hook is highly durable, and you can measure any load or catch with it.
The weight capacity of the scale is up to 50 kg, and with a backlit LCD display, you can easily read the measurements and get in other units. The scale includes automatic off and data lock features.
  • Compact and lightweight, more comfortable to carry
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Clear and easy to read display
  • Tare functionality of hook
  • Includes batteries with the scale
  • The scale is not waterproof.
  • Screen locks out quickly.
  • The hook is small and can’t be used for bigger fishes.

7. Weston Spring & Hook Scale

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
This scale comes with a non-slip grip and versatility to set as drags for fishing reels. This makes this a preferred choice for modern anglers searching for an excellent manual scale. The weight capacity of the scale varies from 20 to 150 pounds.
The scale is constructed with anodized aluminum with a hook made from stainless steel, making it durable and rustproof.
  • Simple to use
  • Multipurpose use to set drags for reels.
  • Non-slip grip
  • Needs to be calibrated frequently
  • Scale is weak
  • Large in size can’t be easily carried.

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale is a water-resistant, Lip Grip with electronic digital scale. It is a powerful and durable fish scale. It is made up of rugged high-grade stainless steel construction for matchless durability against fresh and saltwater environments. It can bear up to 60 lb/27 kg loading capacity. Adjustable wrist-strip prevents your gripper from being lost overboard.

Piscifun is dedicated to offering high quality, affordable fishing gear backed by outstanding post-purchase customer service with one year warranty. The 360° rotatable handle makes weighing your catch more convenient. This Piscifun fish gripper is completely sealed, every gripper has gone through 1-minute immersion test to keep it functioning well in all weather condition even when it drops into water.

It also features a built-in LCD light to aid gripper placement at night or in low light, the large easy-to-read display is big enough to see in pictures as well. It also has a memory mode to save and display up to 10 weight readings, push button selection of pounds/ounces or kilograms and power saving auto-shut off with low battery indicator. Scale and LCD are powered by (2) AAA batteries.


  • Movable Display
  • Rugged high-grade stainless steel construction
  • Memory Function & Dual Mode
  • Water-resistant design
  • High loading capacity
  • 360° Rotatable handle
  • Adjustable wrist-strip


  • Not waterproof. Water can seep inside the screen.
  • Some customers reported the scale showed incorrect readings
  • Fast battery drainage

Rapala Tube Scale 25lb

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Rapala Tube Scale has Stainless steel hook with a soft grip stainless steel handle. These Mechanical scales from Rapala are affordable and durable with anodized aluminum housing and marker slide. The product itself weighs 8 ounces and can hold up to 25 lb.

It has pounds and kilogram marker slides as well for accurate measurement. and springs and handles come with aluminum tubes.


  • Accurate measurements.
  • Light-weight.
  • Easy to use and carry.


  • Not suitable for very catches

Ultimate54 Portable Digital Hanging Hook Fishing and Luggage Scale

Ultimate54 Portable Digital Hanging Hook Fishing and Luggage Scale is multifunction with tare and large LED Display & Back-light. It has about 110 lb/50 kg holding Capacity. Free Luggage Strap Batteries are also included. Its measuring scale is precise and reliable, weighing in oz/lb/kg and even jin (Chinese measurement unit), as little as 1 lb. or as high as 110 lbs (50 kg).

It is a light-weight, compact, easy to carry fishing and luggage scale. Complete with auto-off, auto-zero, tare button, and data lock. It is resistant to vibrations and features a bright LED display with back-light, over-load and low battery indicator. High precision strain Gauge Sensor system for the most accurate readings. Graduation: 10 g/0.02 lb. Powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included in the package. Free luggage strap also included for traveling. Backed by 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back and full 2-year warranty period.


  • Light-weight
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Multi-purpose (fishing and luggage scale)
  • Comes with a handy strap in order to hang items


  • Handle is very short.
  • Not water-proof
  • Can get over-heated according to some reviewers.
  • Auto shut-off feature is too quick and is not liked by some customers.


All of the above products are the finest and best fishing scales available in the market. You can easily decide now which one suits you most for buying. With each having different features and specialty are best for different purposes. Still, in my experience, the best fishing scale overall is Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale. It is lightweight and compact and has high accuracy and has high weight capacity with being durable.

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