Simple and Comforting : 7 Best Soap for Camping for Staying Fresh and Tidy

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Camping trips for enjoying the great outdoors has never been easy. You always need all the essential gear along with you to make your camping worthwhile. Camping soaps are among the most crucial parts of your gear, as it’s not easy to deal with harsh conditions at the campsite.

The products mentioned below are a combination of compact and lightweight material that makes them convenient to use on the campground. Here, I have mentioned some top-notched models with innovative features. This article will help you in finding your desired best soap for camping.

Quick Gear Recommendation

Below is a list of our favourite camping gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

  1. Best Festival Tents : Eurmax 10’x10′ Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent
  2. Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping : Eureka! Solitaire One-person Bivy Style Tent
  3. Best Tents For Camping With Dogs: The Original-authentic 6-person Cabin Tent
  4. Best 2 Person Tent Under 100: Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent
  5. Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents:  Geertop Backpacking Tent
  6. Best Lightweight Camping Chair: Coleman Camping Chair 
  7. Best Camping Percolator: Coletti Bozeman Coffee Percolator
  8. Best Camping Knife: Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife
  9. Best Camping Hatchet: Estwing Sportsman’s Axe
  10. Best Camping Grill: Coleman Propane Grill
  11. Best Camping Stove: Primus | Primetech Stove System 
  12. Best Camping Flashlight: J5 Tactical V1-pro Flashlight 
  13. Best Camping Towel: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Travel Towel
  14. Best Camping Water Bottle: Yeti Rambler 18oz Bottle
  15. Best Power Inverter For Camping: Jackery Portable Power Station
  16. Best Camping Multi Tool: Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool

Before you read the full review of each of the products, take a look at the following information which will help you in making your decision.

4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Soap for Camping

When it comes to buying the best soap for camping, you need to be very careful. You have to carry the soap to the campsite, so you need to be aware of the material and its durability. However, it’s not easy to find which soap is perfect for you and will make your camping worthwhile. You should keep a few essential factors in your mind before purchasing the best camping soap. Those factors include

1. Ingredients 

The most crucial factor before purchasing the best soaps for camping is the ingredients. You need to search for soaps made with natural ingredients. They should be free from chemicals that are toxic and harmful to your skin. The chemicals such as sulfates, parabens are highly toxic to your skin. For sensitive skin, fragrance-free soaps are more preferred that contain ingredients like coconut oil. Make sure you make the right choice. 

2. Concentration

The second most essential factor to put an eye on is the concentration of the soap. The standard ratio of the dilution is 1:3 containing one part of soap and three parts of water. You have to find soap with a high concentration ability to get a more convenient camping experience.

3. Versatility 

Choosing a biodegradable soap is always preferable. It is environmentally friendly and can be much more reliable to use at the campsite. The camping soaps should be multifunctional so that you can use it for all general purposes. Many of the soaps mentioned below have different uses, making them suitable for you. You need to find the right one that can ensure you a perfect camping trip.

4. Packaging 

The packaging is also a necessary factor when you have to take the soap along with you. The soaps that can be appropriately stored are more preferred. When stored properly, bar soaps are easy to transport, whereas they come in recyclable plastic containers and compact. So you need to find a soap that can meet your desires.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Soap for Camping

Q) Is bar soap better than liquid soap?

When going camping, liquid soaps are preferred as they can resist the moisture effects. In contrast, bar soaps can melt due to moisture and humidity. You should choose a soap according to your need and the type of place you are going on a camping trip. 

Q) Can we use camping soaps for washing pets?

Most of the camping soaps can be used to wash pets. You should be aware of the oils present in the soap before using it on your pets. Some essential oils are toxic to a few pets, and some are not. It’s all up to you which type of soap you are choosing.

Review of the Best Soap for Camping

1. Dr. Bronners – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

With a versatile and fragrance-free construction, Dr. Bonners is one of the most suitable camping soap. This liquid soap is highly ecologically friendly and can provide you a convenient camping experience.

The liquid soap is made from natural ingredients containing 90% organic ingredients, while 70% of the ingredients are certified as fair. This biodegradable camping soap works as a significant advantage for the campers. The bottle is compact, and you can take it along to the campsite.

The Dr. Bonners liquid soap crafts plant-based ingredients that make it suitable for your skin and the environment. The pure-Castile liquid soap is 3 times more concentrated than other soaps. You can use soap for different purposes like hand-washing dishes, laundry, and all-purpose cleaning. The soap is packed in plastic bottles that are 100% recyclable.


  • Multiple uses.
  • Three times concentrated.
  • Organic ingredients.
  • It is environmentally friendly.


  • It is a little expensive.

2. Sea To Summit Citronella Wilderness Wash

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The Sea to Summit Wilderness soap is a highly thick and concentrated soap for camping type of adventures. This biodegradable soap leaves no trace guidelines. 

You can use the soap multiple times on your camping trips without any problem.

The liquid soap contains citronella oils in it that provides a pleasant scent. The bottle is sturdy, and you can easily store it along with your gear. The lid of the container is tight and can prevent spills making it reliable for the campers.

The Sea to Summit wash is not insect repellant. You can take the soap anywhere while traveling without any difficulty. This biodegradable soap is durable and compact, providing you a convenient camping experience. The soap comes in an affordable price that makes it more budget-friendly for the beginners.


  • Durable.
  • Tough bottle.
  • Concentrated enough.
  • Biodegradable soap.


  • The soap is not a mosquito deterrent.

3. Friendly Soap Natural Shampoo Bar

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When it comes to a bar-shaped soap, The Friendly soap is not going to disappoint you. It is reliable to use for hiking and camping trips on a steep incline and rocky paths. When going on an extended camping trip, it is much more convenient to use.

The soap contains essential oils like geranium and lavender, which are suitable for stress-relieving. The castor oil provides a decent creamy lather that makes it more reliable for the campers. You can use it without putting much effort into the campsite.

Friendly soap is free from sulfates, palm oils, and triclosan. It crafts handmade natural ingredients. The bar soap is boxed in recyclable plastic packaging, which makes it environmentally friendly. That’s why this soap is highly compact and long-lasting while ensuring you a regular camping trip.


  • The packaging is recyclable.
  • Forms a creamy lather.
  • Homemade natural ingredients.


  • Not multifunctional.

4. Coghlan’s Soap

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Coghlan soap is the most affordable camping soap that is biodegradable. The soap is reliable to use as a cleaning agent for gear, dishes, and tools. This soap will ensure you a convenient camping trip due to its innovative design. Enjoy your trip without any difficulty with this biodegradable soap.

The soap does not come with additional features. It may contain triclosan and parabens inside. You should be aware of it before you are purchasing this soap. You can use the soap as a hand sanitizer as well. This provides a valuable advantage to the campers.

The Coghlan soap is not insect repellent. This biodegradable soap can be used as an addition to the existing body wash. With an incredibly lightweight design, it is easy to carry it along to the campsite within a cost-effective range. 


  • Affordable.
  • Works as a hand sanitizer.
  • It can clean your gear.


  • Contains different preservatives.
  • It does not work as a body wash.

5. Sierra Dawn Campsuds Outdoor Soap

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Here comes one of the most affordable, sierra Dawn camping soap that is convenient for camping and hiking adventures. The soap is highly efficient and will ensure you easily using it at the campsite. You can use soap for all your outdoor activities. 

The camping soap is made from natural ingredients. The campsuds are biodegradable, making it more reliable. You should dispose of the campsuds by digging a 6-inch hole for soapy wash and then dig the water. This makes it more environments friendly. 

The Sierra Dawn camping soap crafts a combination of essential oils of lime and lemons. This ensures that an invigorating fragrance is left over on the washables that makes it more reliable. It won’t make your eyes watering. The soap is incredibly tough on dirt. You can use it to clean your washables. It works both on cold and hot water as well as saltwater too.


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly effective.
  • Refreshing scent.
  • Multifunctional.


  • Not so sufficient to wash clothes.

6. Sea to Summit Trek & Travel Pocket Soaps

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The Sea to Summit Pocket hand wash comes with a versatile construction and environmentally friendly feature that makes it convenient for camping and hiking trips. It will keep you clean and fresh throughout your journey, with leave no trace features.

The soap is a blend of compact and lightweight material that can make your camping trip much more convenient. The soap provides you a fragrance, just like a light green tea. This soap is made up of synthetic material that makes it more reliable.

The Sea to Summit hand wash is free from phosphate and paraben, making it more user-friendly. The soap is incredibly affordable for people who don’t want to invest much in their gear. It comes with 50 soap leaves available in each pack. You can easily enjoy your trip with this pocket hand wash.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Environmental friendly.


  • The soap leaves clump together when there is any moisture in the air.

7. Coleman Dish and Hands Camp Soap Sheets

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The Coleman Dish and Hand Camp Soap Sheets are highly innovative and resemble as a washcloth. They can easily dissolve in your hand and create a soapy lather that makes it reliable for your next camping trip.

 The soap is TSA approved, which makes it easy to carry along anywhere while traveling. There are no leave trace guidelines, and the soap is biodegradable. It can work with hot and cold water without any effort. It is highly reliable to use at the campsite. The pack contains 50 soap sheets that are enough to use at multiple camping trips. 

The Coleman Camp soap sheets are a great accessory and can easily fit in your gear. The soap is fragrance-free that makes it more convenient for you. When it comes to preservatives, it only contains 1.5% triclosan. The soap comes with a plastic carrying case making it more suitable.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Innovative design.


  • Not multifunctional.
  • It contains triclosan.

No Rinse Body Wash by Nurture


The no rinse body wash from Nurture comes in a bottle with a foaming nozzle and is a shower-free alternative to skincare and hygiene. It is good for sensitive and dry skin – which is often the case in elderly – as the body wash is enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E that moisturizes, repairs and protects the skin on face as well as body. It leaves a clean, fresh and nourished feeling on your skin after the excess is wiped off with a towel.

Due to its mild nature the body wash can be used on sensitive skin and for a perineal wash as well without any irritability. The product has a mild tangerine smell which is sufficient enough to keep you smelling good and mask body odor, at the same time it is not as strong as to bother the elderly users. The body wash comes in a pack of 3 bottles.

The bottles have foaming nozzles which makes it really easy to dispense the solution directly from the bottle to your hand or a washcloth and prevent pouring excess of the solution. Great for hiking, camping, backpacking, bedridden & disabled persons, perineal cleansing, or any time a shower is unavailable or tough to get to.  Simply apply where necessary and wipe away with damp rag for a lasting soft and clean feeling.


  • Shower-free cleansing alternative.
  • Can also be used a shampoo.
  • Features mild cleaning agents to remove dirt, perspiration, and dead skin.
  • Made with aloe vera leaf extract and many other essential vitamins to moisturize, repair, and protect chapped and dry skin.
  • A mild citrus scent, it also helps to reduce odor leaving you and your loved ones feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Ideal for hiking, camping, backpacking, bedridden & disabled persons, as well as perineal cleansing.


  • Some reviewers have complained about sticky residue left behind after using it.
  • Needs to be wiped after using.
  • Some ingredients in it can cause allergies. So make sure to check the ingredients before buying this.
  • Leakage can happen during travel as the lid does not seal properly.
  • Not so great for overly sensitive skin types.

KISEER 4 Boxs (200 Sheets) Mini Portable Travel Soap Sheets Disposable Hand Washing Bath Scented Paper Soap sheets for Outdoor, Camping Hiking

These soap sheets are made of natural premium quality biodegradable environment material, pure natural plant extract. Its safe, without any side effects. The soap paper box size is about 3.15 x 1.77 inches. Small and light. Perfect for travelling, camping, hiking and all outdoor activities. Make sure your hands are not already wet before pulling out the sheets from the boxes as it can dampen the other sheets as well and you will have a hard time using them later.

A single box contains 50 sheets of soap paper. So you would get total of 200 sheets. The packaging includes total of 4 boxes; two of them are pink, other two are blue. These soap sheets will keep your hands clean and healthy while travelling and in places where there is no soap available. The size of one box is about 3.2 x 1.8 Inches (8 x 4.5cm). Disposable soap sheet size: 2.3 x 1.4 Inch (5.8 x 3.5 cm).

Using Steps:

  1.  Take out soap sheet
  2.  A small amount of water wet the soap sheet
  3.  Gently rub your hands to produce foam
  4.  Wash your hands with water


  • Easy to carry in your purse or even in your pocket.
  • Mildly rose-scented soap sheets.
  • Nicely lather up like regular soaps.
  • One sheet is more than enough to use one time.
  • Non-alcoholic.


  • Flimsy plastic container, sometimes hard to close.
  • Sometimes hard to lather up and takes time to melt in your hands.
  • Needs lots of water to be completely washed off.
  • Refills are not available.

Verdict !!

Camping has always been a dirty business. But thanks to the camping soaps that make it easier to resist the variable conditions on the campground. All the models are a blend of compact and durable materials that will ultimately provide you a reliable camping experience. 

Our top pick is Dr. Bronners – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, with its durable quality and environmentally friendly features. This biodegradable soap is highly compact, making it one of the best soaps for camping within an incredibly affordable budget.

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