Beloved By the Climbers: These are the 7 Best Trad Climbing Harness

Best Trad Climbing Harness

A best trad climbing harness is like the Central Colonnade. It is a worthy climbing gear piece on which many enjoyable adventures are accumulated. Alongside climbing shoes, the trad climbing harness is one of the most important climbing gears. It is worth enough to get a climbing harness that suits your climbing preferences. No doubt, it is challenging enough to find the right climbing harness. The market is full of manufacturers selling different types and qualities of harnesses. But it is quite difficult to find the best trad climbing harness that is comfortable, convenient and secure.

Have you ever researched on the internet about the best trad climbing harness? You will find thousands of brands selling from high to low-quality climbing gears. But what are the specifications that differentiate the best climbing harness from others?

Quick Gear Recommendation

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  12. Best Climbing Rope: Valor Fitness Sisal Climbing Rope

Well, that’s why I am here to solve your problem. In this small guide, I have mentioned 7 best climbing harnesses present in the market. Before digging in details, let’s have a look at things that you should keep in mind about this gear.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Trad Climbing Harness

No matter, if you want to use the harness for your climbing adventure or for any gym activity, there are some important points about trad climbing harnesses. It is important to keep these things in mind before buying one.

Size Fitting

A trad climbing harness comes up in a variety of sizes and styles. The size of this gear depends on the loop and waist circumstances. It is a good idea to try different harnesses to see which one fits perfectly on your waistline. A well and comfortable fitting harness should comfortably fit on your hipbone. It should snuggle perfectly between your rises. It is the little distance between leg loop and waist belt. A perfectly fit harness is not easy to pull-down over your hipbones. Whether it is adjustable or not, the leg loops should be snugged not tight.

Best Trad Climbing Harness

Different Leg Loops

There are two types of leg loops are present in the market; Adjustable and Fixed Leg Loops

  • Adjustable Leg Loop: this trad climbing harness is suitable for large leg sizes. Adjustable leg loop has a buckle and webbing for easy fitting.
  • Fixed Leg Loops: this climbing harness doesn’t have any buckle and webbing. It has an elastic section that allows little stretch.


Buying a new shiny climbing harness only to see lack of safety and comfort is the most disappointing thing. No one wants to lose their favorite carabiner off the cliff. Therefore, it is important to use heavy-construction and high-quality material gears. The high-strength material ensures that your harness retains optimal authority on the cliff.

Climbing Harness for Women

Unlike men, it is a different scenario to choose a trad climbing harness for a woman. Women have short height and different body shape as compared to men. Women’s specific trad climbing harnesses are as same as unisex ones. The only difference is between the leg loop and waist proportion. These climbing harnesses have smaller waist proportion as compared to the leg loop. Moreover, they also have a longer rise for adjustable fitting on their hipbone.

Review of the Best Trad Climbing Harness


1. Momentum Harness from Black Diamond Store

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Nothing can ruin your climbing day than constant adjusting of your harness. But this Momentum Harness from Black Diamond might be the best solution for you. The Black Diamond features a soft lining mesh harness that works in tandem. This Momentum Climbing Harness is manufactured with high-strength fabric. For a comfortable climbing, this product has evenly distributed weight.

This mesh is quite breathable and quick drying. It effectively increases the comfort level of the harness. This gear is designed to move according to the curves of your body easily. This Black Diamond Harness is unisex and available in different comfortable sizes.


  • This harness has a pre-threaded speed adjusting waist belt
  • This climbing gear has 4 pressure-molded leg loops
  • For easy leg loop customization, it has Track-fit adjustment
  • This harness is manufactured by using Dual Core Construction method
  • It has an adjustable rear elastic riser for comfortable fitting
  • This harness is best for comfort on the crag
  • The waist belt has a unique bull-horned shape


  • This climbing harness is expensive as compared to other

2. FL-365 Men’s Harness from Arc’teryx

Thanks to its Wrap Strength Technology, this F-365 is very comfortable. This Arc’teryx has fixed leg loops and excellent distribution of weight. This harness is extremely durable and keeps you safe from any type of hazard. This high-performance climbing harness has a slim construction. And it moves smoothly with every move your make. This harness is also lightweight, weighing only 13 ounces.

It might be the best climbing product for you because it fits a variety of sizes. The design of this harness is made according to the muscular body and waist sizes of males. This Arc’teryx is suitable for low-profile climbing.


  • The leg loop of this harness comes up in a variety of sizes
  • This climbing gear is manufactured with Burly Double Weave Material.
  • It contains 7% elastane, 43% polyester and 50% nylon
  • This climbing harness has 4 fixed gear loops
  • Buckles are made up with high-quality 7075-T6 aluminum
  • This product has a single self-locking waist belt
  • It has one non-slip haul loop and 4 ice clipper slots


  • This climbing harness is not designed for women
  • The buckles are less durable and break easily

3.  Men’s Climbing Solution Harness from Black Diamond

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This Solution Climbing Harness is manufactured with Fusion Comfort Technology. This product has an extremely lightweight waist belt that weighs only 12 ounces. This climbing harness has a soft lining mesh that works inflow. It is manufactured with high tensile strength fiber. This Black Diamond harness is designed according to the curves of men body. It is available in a variety of sizes and perfectly fits on your hipbone. This harness has even distribution of weight for comfortable and safe climbing.

The mesh is quick-drying and breathable, that increases its comfort. The design of this Black Diamond Solution harness is best for the crag.


  • This climbing harness has fixed leg loops
  • This product is countered for superior fit
  • It has releasable and easily adjustable elastic riser for stretching
  • This climbing harness has 4 pressure-molded gear loops
  • The primary fabric of this product is bluesign approved


  • This Solution climbing harness is not designed for women

4. SITTA Professional Climbing Harness from PETZL

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PETZL SITTA climbing harness is designed for complex and high alpine situations. This climbing harness is extremely lightweight, weigh only 9.5 ounces. The design of this climbing gear is an ideal choice to main heavyweights. PETZL climbing harness is manufactured with advance Wireframe technology. This feature not only adds high-tensile strength but also evenly distribute the weight. Spectra strands are used in the leg loop and waist belt area. It provides optimal distribution of weight without the use of foam.

The waist belt and leg loops are extremely thin and offer a sleek design. The bounded fabric helps the waist belt to avoid pressure point. This feature of this climbing harness delivers optimal wear resistance. The lack of stitching effectively eliminates chafes. For easy and quick waist belt adjustments, this product has smooth strap glide. It has Eco-design that meets the tough environmental standards.

The even distribution of weight further brings extreme comfort. It does not have a classic tight hip syndrome that makes it ideal for spending a long wall climbing day. In PETZL, three features comfort, strength and safety work together. Elastic leg loop adjustment of this harness makes it best for climbing mountains.


  • This trad climbing harness has an extremely thin waist belt that delivers compactness
  • This climbing harness has foxed leg loops 4 pressure-molded gear loops
  • Half of the gear loops are attached with separator
  • The design of this climbing harness is suitable for both men and women
  • It has excellent weight distribution for comfort
  • This PETZL climbing harness has forged aluminum HD buckles
  • Lack of stitching eliminates the pressure points in the waist belt
  • This harness is incorporating textile, and it has an eco-friendly design


  • This trad climbing harness is expensive as compared to other

5. Big Gun Climbing Harness from Black Diamond

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This Big Gun climbing harness is best for big wall and technical climbing. This Black Diamond variant has a total of 7 loops. It ensures that you have enough spaces for hanging every important thing. This Big Gun harness has an excellent push padding system. It ensures that you comfortably spend your long day climbing mountains and walls.

This Black Diamond harness offers superior durability and safety. This climbing harness might be the best option for you with its remarkable features. Moreover, this big gun comes up with seven color-coded customizations of gear loops.


  • This climbing harness has forged aluminum tread buckle
  • Its waist belt has thermos foamed bullhorn
  • This climbing harness is equipped with left/right Holster slots
  • This harness variant from Black diamond has 2 color-coded belay gear loops
  • It features one 12-kn rated haul loop


  • This climbing harness is extremely heavy and weighs 23.02 ounces
  • This Black Diamond Big Gun is not suitable for women

6. Men’s Threadwork Cadillac Climbing Harness from Misty Mountain

This Misty Mountain Harness delivers lock solid comfort level. This climbing harness is suitable for beginners who are ready to hit crags. The mesh of this climbing harness has excellent breathability and comfortable padding. This Misty Mountain climbing harness has a unique and stable design. It ensures your safety in many dangerous inevitable falls.

The comfortable foam leg loops are easily adjustable. The waist belt has little stretchy texture that helps the harness to stay on hipbone.


  • This climbing harness is extremely durable and lightweight
  • It has 2.9 inches wide easily adjustable leg loop
  • The waist belt has ice clippers on its both sides
  • The waist belt of this climbing harness is bi-layer
  • It has 4.3 inches wide double-coated buckle


  • This climbing harness is not suitable for mountain climbing
  • It is expensive as compared to other similar products

7. Men’s Ophir 3 Slide Climbing Harness from Mammut

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This Ophir 3 Slide climbing harness is designed for the beginners. This Mammut variant has adjustable and stretchy leg loops. This climbing harness stays comfortable during inevitable falls. This climbing harness has a foam waist belt and leg padding. Men’s Ophir 3 climbing harness has a super durable and solid design. This product has comfortable and breathable mesh padding. It helps beginners to tackle the outdoor crags.

This climbing harness from Mammut weighs on 10ounces. The stable design evenly distributes the weight for better grip. This climbing harness has one haul loop for hauling extra pair of ropes.


  • This climbing harness has 4 gear loops
  • This product is manufactured with high-strength synthetic protection material
  • Tie-in loops deliver great patent abrasion protection
  • This Ophir 3 has adjusted functional buckle drop seat


  • The design of this climbing harness is only suitable for men
  • It is not suitable for climbing challenging mountains


Above, I have mentioned 7 best trad climbing harnesses. But SITTA Professional Climbing Harness from PETZL is my topmost pick among all. This SITTA climbing harness features advance Wireman technology. Spectra Strands are used for leg loops and waist belt. It provides optimal distribution of weight without padding. This climbing harness from PETZL is compact, lightweight and extremely durable. The design is quite cozy and suitable for both men and women.

This PETZL is an expensive product as compared to other harnesses of this list. But it is okay to invest your money in something that lasts long for several years.

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