Avoid Anxiety and Follow these 7 Tips On Taking Kids for Fishing Trip and Having Great Fun Together

Taking Kids for fishing - Kids on a Boat for fishing

You are planning a fishing trip with, and you want to take kids for fishing along with you. You want make sure children don’t get bored and enjoy fishing as much as you do.

So, if you are a fishing enthusiast and want your kids to start fishing, then this small guide give you some ideas and tips on taking kids for fishing trip along with you. Keep on reading to learn everything necessary about a fishing trip with your kids.

Making fishing trips fun for kids

Do you remember what it was like when you started fishing? It’s often best to keep that in mind as you teach your children how to cast a spinning rod or bait a hook. Put yourself in their shoes while you take children on a fishing trip.

How to make your trip fun for kids? The number one goal should be that is that kids got to have fun. You have to teach the kids the fishing in a fun way without making it tedious for them. You have to teach them while keeping their interest in learning the fishing skills.

If you are trying to teach your child to catch fish, teach your kids that patience is the key to successful fishing. Tell them an example and share your story of how your father taught you different ways of catching fish. Tell them how your father taught you various skills related to fishing like tying a knot etc.

If I speak for myself, I still remember what my dad taught me. Even after decades and tying countless anglers, every time I tie one, I always think of my father. That teaching of my father was a great gift for me. It takes steady hands to tie a fishing knot and even more patience to teach a kid to do it.

1. Plan your trip

Planning a Trip for taking kids for fishing - A boat with many fishing rods

Planning your fishing trip for success is important. Here we cover some key plans that you need to do to make a successful fishing trip and teach your kids some skills.

Before you plan your trip, you must check the weather forecast and select the best day for fishing. Any unexpected event like rain or too much sun will spoil your fun trip. You can make your fishing trip trouble-free by selecting an area close to home. Selecting a place with close restroom access and enough open space for kids to cast can make your trip more fun.

Public fishing dock or jetty and more extended beaches are ideal when you are taking kids along. After selecting the place, you need to pack the essential items like:

  1. First aid kit is one of a crucial element when you go out for any activates. It is also recommended that you should also keep Insect repellants or Bug sprays.
  2. Life is everything so don’t forget to hold or wear Safety jackets (if on the boat)
  3. Drinking water
  4. Light Meals are always right for outdoor activates.
  5. Some lightweight chairs and a table.
  6. To keep your fishing area clean, carry garbage bags with you.
  7. Baskets for keeping catches.

Remember, but do not overload yourself with unwanted types of equipment or items.

2. Equipment and guidelines to introduce fishing to your kids

Taking Kids for Fishing - Kid with a fishing rod

  1. For your kids, do not buy costly fishing gear. Investing in small fishing gears for kids, which they can use for fun and enjoyment, will work fine.
  2. Look for good quality and buy a lightweight fishing rod and reel for kids. The rods and reel should fit in the hand of your child without tiring his arm.
  3. Always discuss safety rules with your children. This is very important at the time of casting hooks.
  4. To prevent any mishaps, it is better that you remove hooks from the lure. Attach the disarmed plug to the line when you are teaching kids.
  5. Teach fishing basics over some time, not all at once, because your kids will get confused. give them time to understand everything
  6. Always keep a motto in mind: Enjoyment before frustration.

3. Rules to enforce when taking kids for fishing

Planning for Taking Kids for Fishing - Boat with Fishing Gear

  1. Look for the right spots. Make sure that you can legally fish in the area where you want to fish. Look for any potential safety hazards, such as loose boards on a fishing pier or pieces of glass on a shoreline. Ensure they are always within sight and let them know not to put their feet in danger zone.
  2. Protect kids from anything harmful that they can encounter on a fishing trip. Your kids should not expose to the sun’s intense rays. Always apply waterproof sunscreen on kids before a fishing trip and re-apply Be sure kids ware sunglasses to protect their eyes for the sun’s rays.
  3. Teach your children that don’t remove their life jacket while fishing on the boat. Kids need to remain seated when the boat is in motion.
  4. Cloths: You should also choose the right clothes for your kids according to the weather. It is suggested to keep hat for your kids for protecting their heads from the stray casting wire with hooks.
  5. Teach kids to be aware of other anglers and where they are casting. It is important to teach your kids to look around before they cast. Tell them to give enough room and not stand too close to other people who are casting.
  6. Keep kids hydrated while fishing. Dehydration can be a problem on a fishing trip. It can become intense problem for the kids. Water is the best choice to keep them hydrated. If fishing on a hot day, sports drinks can help replenish lost electrolytes. Remind them to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the fishing trip.

4. Teaching the kids about how to be a good fisher/angler

Tips for Taking Kids for Fishing - Mom Teaching Kids fishing

Be careful when handling your catch. Fish have sharp teeth, fins, and scales that can cut your hands.

Wear gloves and use tools like fishing nets and pliers to control a fish when bringing it out of the water, or removing the hook. Watch out for a thrashing fish – it can be a danger to the person holding the rod and others nearby.

  1. Teaching easy fishing technique. Wear gloves and use tools like fishing nets and pliers to control your catch and remove the hook. Start with teaching the basics to the kids like how to cast and then how to pull once the fish is caught in the hook.
  2. Fish worth targeting: when you take kids fishing. You should focus on targeting the most populated area of fish. Actively feed the fish through some small crumbs of bread to check the availability of fishes. Fishes can also be found right next to the dock or weed beds next to the shoreline.
  3. Good habits to remember during trips: if you want them to become good anglers, the best way is to show them. There is a chance that they might forget what you tell them, but they won’t forget what you show them. Show them how to cast, how to store the fish, how to keep the fishing area clean, and everything that you wish to teach them.

5. Important Safety tips when taking kids for fishing

Fishing is a great way to bond with your kids by spending time with them. You can have an experience of a lifetime by teaching your kids fishing. But, fishing should not be done at the expense of your kid’s safety. Ensure that you follow all the essential safety tips, so that your trip doesn’t go all haywire.

A universal rule of any trip (especially fishing trip) is that “Safety Comes First. And if you don’t follow the specific safety rules, it can seriously hurt your or your children. Not following safety measures can turn your good trip into a bad trip in a matter of seconds. Make sure they are always within your eye sight. Kids are impatient and curious, and they can invite unwanted accidents.

6. What precautions to take for a safe fishing trip

Tips for Taking Kids for Fishing - A Kid on edge of a small lake

  1. If you are fishing from a boat, remember to wear a safety jacket. Ensure everyone has a life jacket on which they are wearing correctly. Ensure that no kid takes the jacket off until you are safely
  2. Check the weather, especially when you are fishing from the boat. Because harsh weather conditions can be dangerous for small kids.
  3. Bring safety equipment such as flashlights, ropes, first aid kit, extra life jacket, etc.
  4. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes according to fishing expenditure and weather conditions.
  5. If you are fishing near a jungle or wildlife reserve, ensure that your children don’t wander off. Make sure that there is no wildlife setting up your fishing camp.
  6. Use an outdoor insect repellent and bug spray.
  7. Handle fish and all the equipment , because it can severely hurt you can cause septic or infection. apply first aid if any such injury happens.
  8. Don’t wait until later to treat a wound; act as soon as possible!

Remember the above listed fishing trip safety measures to keep your fishing enjoyable.

7. Things that you should not do while fishing with kids

  1. Don’t let children hold fish without any gloves or protective gear.
  2. Don’t leave children unattended when they have cast into the water and waiting to catch a fish. They can fall in the water.
  3. Don’t plan long-duration trips because kids get tire quicker than adults.
  4. Don’t eat or drink too much if there are no restrooms near.
  5. Don’t ignore your kids when they are trying to say something. Pay attention to them.


Hopefully, this guide will serve its purpose, and help you in teaching your kids how to be a good fishing angler. More importantly, how they can have fun on a fishing trip.

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So, do not wait to plan family fishing trips and or let your kids know how to catch a fish. While making the plan for your trip, do not forget to prepare a checklist. Checklist will help you buy and take the necessary items and types of equipment along.


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