8 Best Backpacking Ponchos: Keep Dry and Safe While Backpacking

Best Backpacking Ponchos
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Rain poncho makes it easy to travel in wet seasons so you can enjoy your backpacking trip with ease. Backpacking is one of the most beautiful escapes from the reality of work, chores, bills, and otherworldly things. However, wet weather can ruin your trip if you don’t have a rain poncho for protection. The best backpacking poncho is breathable, lightweight, flexible, convenient, and water-resistant, which is difficult to find. Let’s discuss how you can find and chose the best backpacking poncho for a beautiful trip.

Quick Gear Recommendation

Below is a list of our favourite backpacking gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

      1. Best Tent Under $100: Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent
      2. Best Hammock Tarp: Eno, Eagles Nest Outfitters Profly Rain Tarp
      3. Best Pillow: Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows
      4. Best Knife Fixed Blade: Spyderco Delica Folding Knife
      5. Best Chair: Helinox Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair
      6. Best Mess Kit: Light My Fire 8-piece Bpa-free Meal Kit
      7. Best Cookset: Stanley Base Camp Cook Set
      8. Best Towel: Rainleaf Microfiber Towel
      9. Best Flashlight: Peakplus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight
      10. Best Hatchet: Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet
      11. Best Multitool: Gerber Suspension Multi-plier
      12. Best Power Bank: Portable Charger Jackery Bolt
      13. Best Binoculars: Carson High Definition Waterproof Binoculars

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Poncho

There are many different ponchos. However, selecting the one that may stay longer and fulfills your expectations are quite challenging to find. For this reason, make sure you have full knowledge regarding backpacking ponchos. The following guidelines would be beneficial before buying the best backpacking poncho.


Product material significantly impacts durability. Make sure the material of the backpacking poncho is durable and protects against weather.

PU nylon: Waterproof and durable material

PVC: Commonly used in most ponchos. The cheapest option, waterproof, and easier to repair. However, it is not too breathable.

Cuben fiber: It is an incredibly lightweight and waterproof material, though it is a bit expensive.

Sil-nylon or sil-poly: This material is used in many ponchos because it is hardy and waterproof. It is made with a combination of silicon and nylon or silicon and polythene.


Always invest in a quality water-resistant poncho that will save you from water penetration and provide a shield against the weather. With wearing a poncho, make sure you do not get wet while out on the trails. Not every poncho gives the best protection against water, so always ensure that the material is high quality and water-repellent. Many ponchos have a hood for better protection.


Backpacking ponchos should be sturdy enough for any weather that comes your way. A durable poncho is one that will not tear easily and hardy to deal with any weather condition.


Poncho is the best cover for outdoor activities. However, backpacking poncho comes with many features. All the features might not be necessary. However, Storage bags, vents, drawstrings, hoods, pockets, and zippers are those features that are advantageous.

Advantages of the Backpacking Poncho

In rainy weather, a poncho is a great backup. You can enjoy your outdoor recreation with no worries about getting wet. There are many advantages of poncho that are listed below.


Poncho is very convenient because of having great features. It is easy to put on and take off with no time, and you don’t need to struggle with your wet fingers to zip up your raincoat. A rain poncho can be used as windbreakers, tarps, shelter, or even a picnic mat.


A backpacking poncho is flexible enough that will not limit your movement while hiking and backpacking. Ponchos are manufactured with zippers that permit you to bundle up during the wet seasons easily. It will also keep accessories dry in the rainy season.


The main advantage of having a poncho is, they are water-resistant. It protects against water penetration because it is made with such material as Gore-Tex material or chemical applications to the ponchos’ fabric. It will keep you and your appendages dry while backpacking and hiking.

Breathable and Lightweight

Ponchos provide a great deal of ventilation. It will not make one sweat and discomfort. Backpacking required proper clothing, so a breathable and lightweight poncho would help you to move freely without feeling sticky or making you sweat.

Tips on How to Care For Your New Rain Poncho

Follow the Coat Label

Follow the guidelines of manufacturers to sanitize your outdoor poncho correctly.

Air Dry

Dry your rain poncho to avoid the build-up of mildew. Take off the poncho, and hang it up in a ventilated area for better dry.

Wash It

Wash your poncho after every use and read the label before washing it. Try to clean it gently and follow the laid for better cleaning.

Reviews of Best Backpacking Ponchos

1)- Jteng Rain Poncho Waterproof 

Jteng rain poncho can be used as a tent, raincoat, mat, or a picnic blanket. The built-in grommets also allow the poncho to be used as a shelter. It is long enough that covers knees and a large backpack to boot. It is made with polyester fabric that keeps things breathable, and you won’t be sweating in hot weather conditions. It folds down pretty flat. It is very lightweight, durable, and has excellent quality material. The Jteng rain poncho is ideal for camping, fishing, hunting, tactical, and military.


  • It has a functional zipper on neckline
  • It is made from PVC Waterproof Polyester Material
  • It comes with a good quality storage bag
  • It has grommet corners for use as an emergency shelter
  • It is an all-in-one easy-to-wear raincoat
  • Comes with a sleeping bag when used as a military poncho


  • Not heavier and durable for more prolonged use
  • The drawstring could be thicker and longer
  • Quality of the zipper is not too good

2)- Saphirose Emergency Disposable Rain Poncho

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Saphirose poncho is super lightweight and comes with a matching color carrying pouch for storage. The pouch fabric is soft and also a fashion piece. It is long enough to cover anyone with a small-medium backpack from heavy rain. It is beneficial to keep out moisture and a stylish zipper system for easy put on and take off. It has well-sealed seams that keep dry in heavy rains and windy conditions. It is easy to carry and compact; it folded and fit in any sized bag. This poncho does not have buttons, hooks, or clasps but has a little pull on the zipper for easy put on. Saphirose provides the best of rain protection to enjoy every backpacking trip in dry clothes.


  • It dries out quickly
  • It has a drawstring around caps
  • It has an attractive look
  • It is water, wind and sand resistant
  • The rain poncho jacket is fit for all, men and women
  • Ideal for camping, trekking, running, mountaineering and other outdoor activities
  • Poncho is manufactured with 100% polyester


  • Not a good quality material
  • They rip very quickly with the slightest scratch.
  • It is only available in one size.

3)- Snugpak Patrol Poncho

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Snugpak is a waterproof pouch with fully taped seams. It offers a lot of features, thumb loops, and an adjustable hood. Moreover, it gives a pocket map for enjoyable and hassle-free adventure. It has a storage bag with a drawstring up top for keeping essentials safe from the rain. It is longer in the back than from the front, which looks stylish and covers your backpack very easily. It has elastic cuffs to keep moisture out. It is ideal for fishing since it has sleeves and proper insect protection because of full coverage. It can be used as an emergency Bivvi due to its cut design.


  • It is travel friendly
  • Easy to take it on and off
  • It has an adjustable hood feature and thumb loops
  • It comes with a storage bag for safekeeping
  • It has cut design that allows one to use as an emergency Bivvi
  • It has Velcro map pocket with storm flap
  • It can be carried around easily when not in use.


  • It is heavyweight to wear for longer durations.
  • Unbreathable material
  • It does not fit for all (not short people friendly)
  • Dry much slower than the rest of the ponchos

4)- Terra Hiker Waterproof Rain Poncho

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It is manufactured with high-density polyester, which makes it waterproof. It comes in four different colors (army green, dark blue, black, and orange) it is designed to cover you and your huge-sized backpack and weighs about 9 oz. Large enough to cover a 50 to 60-liter backpack while wearing. Terra hiker waterproof rain poncho has eyelets that help to convert it into a mat, sunshade, or a raincoat. It is an extremely lightweight, durable, and easy to compact poncho that keeps you dry without weighing you down—ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and a casual picnic.


  • It is water-resistant and also dries out quickly
  • The hood also has an adjustable drawstring to protect your face
  • Can be used as a mountaineering raincoat, or a mat for hiking
  • It can be folded into a compact size
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with a nylon storage bag


  • Cannot be used in heavy rain
  • It does not have any straps or zippers for the lower half of the body

5)- BALEAF Men’s Rain Jacket

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

A water-resistant material keeps you dry in heavy rains that are ideal for all seasons. It has a hood with cord adjusters to protect your face. It has elastic cuffs to help keep clothes dry and a zipper pocket and back pocket for storage. BALEAF Rain Jacket is lightweight and easy to pack into luggage because it could be folded into a small bag.


The large back pocket, which is useful for carrying small items. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and provides high visibility in low light during rains.



  • It is made with lightweight waterproof material
  • It is easy to pack with other things.
  • Drawstring with adjustable hem and Elastic cuffs help to keep clothes dry
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has large back pockets for carrying small items
  • It dries quickly.



  • The material is not breathable
  • Better suited for use in colder climates
  • It makes a fair amount of noise when you move
  • Water gets through the jacket sometimes and will make you soaked

6)- Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This poncho is made with 15D Ultra-Sil Nano fabric makes it completely waterproof. The seams are securely double stitched to provide rain protection. This product is long enough so it can cover a large backpack and protect all of your essentials. Sea to the summit is a multi-functional and stylish poncho. It is large from the back and short from the front, plenty enough for most of the people. However, it would be a bit too much for short height people.

You can shape it around your head with an adjustable hood that uses a three-panel design. Sea to summit ultra-SIL Nano tarp poncho keeps you and your backpack dry. It can be used as a tarp cover (enough for two individuals). This poncho provides the right amount of ventilation while keeping you dry.


  • Great for the ultralight hikers and backpackers
  • Folding is easy, and it takes very little space in your bag
  • Even in very rainy conditions, this poncho keeps you dry
  • This product can cover a large backpack
  • It has attachment points located at each corner
  • It is lightweight and well ventilated


  • The area you put your head through (head hole) is small for some people.
  • It is too lightweight that does not deal with windy conditions
  • It can tear easily

7)- Charles River Apparel Pacific Rain Poncho

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This poncho is available in fifteen different colors so you can pick the best color for your camping gear and the one color, which is your favorite. It is long enough to cover your knees, and for most people, they got enough room to wear a backpack underneath. It is made with high-quality polyurethane and has heat-sealed seams for durability.

This poncho keeps you dry, and an adjustable hood helps to protect your upper chest and head. You will get a storage bag along with this for carrying your essentials. It can be a good selection for your backpacking trip.


  • It is available in different colors to choose which you like.
  • It is large enough to cover you and your backpack
  • It has separate side snaps for an extra layer of warmth
  • It is easy to wash and also dries very quickly.
  • It is made of high-quality material.


  • Minor chemical odors upon unpacking
  • It has no pockets
  • It’s hand-wash only

8)- Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll Poncho

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The swagman roll is not technically a rain poncho. However, it can be used with a liner for warmth and extra insulation. It can also serve as an emergency jacket, sleeping bag, or sleeping bag liner and blanket. You will get a hood feature for easy fit adjustment and chest zipper pocket to place items. Helikon-Tex gives you warmth in cold and wet weather. Even though you must have a rain poncho to use over it, still it is the best accessory to use for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing. It is lightweight and packable, due to its packable size, it fits in every bag easily.


  • It can be used as an emergency jacket, sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner and blanket
  • It’s lightweight and provides excellent insulation
  • It is warm, windproof and super versatile
  • It can be easily carried out for other activities because it doesn’t restrict movement
  • High-quality construction


  • The sleeping bag is not ideal for tall people
  • Cannot deal with heavy rain
  • It is only ideal for cold weather
  • It can take more space if you don’t pack it lightly
  • In rainy weather, you need to wear a rain poncho over it as it can’t stop rain completely.


Everyone wants to enjoy hiking and backpacking without being worried about weather conditions because backpacking is a beautiful escape from a stressful life and more towards a stress-free trip.

For making your backpacking enjoyable and protecting you from weather harshness. Saphirose emergency disposable rain poncho works well for you at a reasonable price. It is available in different colors (Yellow-Blue-Transparent-Red), and you will get a matching color carrying pouch for storage to keep items safe. A storage bag is made with soft fabric, and it is supposed to be a fashion piece for many people. It has a zipper system for easy put on and takes off and well-sealed seams that keep dry in heavy rains or keep moisture out.

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