8 Best Caving Headlamps

The invention of the flashlight has been the most successful invention of the era. You can realize the value of a flashlight only if you ever get stuck in a dark place without light. You cannot disagree that there are many situations when the handheld lights become a burden for you. In that situation, a headlamp can be the right choice for you.

A headlamp can be handy if you are carrying a heavy load and need your hands free. And if you like hiking, camping, caving, trekking, mountain biking, anything outside, a headlamp can be your best companion on the way.

Even a well-formed trip can end up taking more time because of darkness. So, everyone should have a headlamp to avoid these kinds of discomfort. And after that, it will become your favorite gadget that you will not go on a single trip without your light.

There are infinite choices in the market, so it is a real challenge to find the best caving headlamp for you. I have researched headlamps for you and will guide you to find your ideal headlamp. After going through the article, you will be able to find the perfect headlamp for you.

Choosing the Best Caving Headlamp


When choosing a new caving headlamp, there are several essential factors that you should keep in mind.


Brightness / Lumens


The brightness is one of the essential qualities for every flashlight. When choosing the ideal headlamp, checking the number of lumens is vital. It helps in determining whether the headlamp will accommodate your demands. Super bright headlights are requisite to provide daylight-like illumination. Typically, the headlamps with over 1000 lumens are an optimal option. They transmit enough light to ensure no more strains.




The weight of a lamp is significant. Large lamps are not ideal because they can affect how long you can wear them. It is, therefore, essential to check the weight of the flashlight before buying. Ideally, choose a headlamp with light construction elements.




The figure of modes is also another essential feature for buyers. They determine how many changes you can make to the light beam. Although some flashlights come with a single-mode, different modes are vital. Ideally, a headlamp with a high beam, low beam, and SOS should be the basics when choosing a headlamp.




The battery is another way to identify your headlamp, and there are many kinds of lights. Rechargeable batteries power some lamps while alkaline batteries power others. But for high efficiency, a rechargeable battery is a superb choice.




The more substantial headlamps are less comfortable to wear. However, the more cumbersome lamps often have an extra strap on the top of your head for increasing stability of the headlamp and spread the weight. Some headlamps also include additional padding behind the lamp itself for increased comfort.

OLIGHT Bundle H2R LED HeadlampOpens in a new tab.

OLIGHT Bundle H2R LED Headlamp, 2300 Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight 180 °Adjustable, Customized Battery...
  • 【Super Bright 18650 Rechargeable Headlamp】Maximum output of 2300 lumens making the H2R the brightness single 18650...
  • 【Multiple Use Options】Packstrap / Pocket / Headlamp. Including an easily detachable head strap mount and pocket clip...

The H2R with Cool White (CW) LED is a rechargeable headlamp powered by a single 18650 single battery with an output of 2300 lumens (CW). Using a highly efficient Cree LED and TIR bead lens, the H2R provides a balanced beam perfect for close-range illumination.

This light is multi-use illumination equipment that you can use as a headlamp with the included head strap consisting of a magnetic mount that wraps around the light for a secure and a firm hold. When detached from the mount, it can also turn into a handheld light using a provided pocket clip. You can charge the H2R battery directly via the tail cap of view using the Olight signature magnetic charging cable. The high output and flexibility of H2R make it a sturdy and essential tool for the activities in the dark.



  • Battery built up with lithium ION
  • Lightweight
  • It has a vast coverage area
  • It has the option of choosing the brightness level
  • Low battery warning
  • Waterproof



  • Having difficulty in using when the speed level is very high

Fenix Flashlights HP Series LED HeadlampOpens in a new tab.

Fenix Flashlights HP Series LED Headlamp
  • Dual switch controls the spotlight and floodlight separately
  • Soft floodlight beam with max beam angle of 90 degrees

Fenix ​​headlamps have an unmatched finish. Whether your trips or work need an ultra-light all-day comfort or high-performance light for an extended expedition, the Fenix ​​Headlamp Series has the headlamp. Lamps are essential pieces of gear for cavers, hikers, campers, hunters, and many more. Fenix ​​applies the years of LED experience to craft ultra-bright headlamps comfortable to wear and easy to use in a variety of conditions.

This headlamp is one of the brightest in its class. With the two-beam choices, Fenix ​​HP25R will allow you to see afar with crisp white, neutral white, and use a neutral white for wide-angle visibility for the close surroundings and cutting through the fog. The Fenix ​​HP25R uses rechargeable 18650, which you can recharge inside the headlamp with a Micro-USB cable.



  • Soft floodlight beam with a max beam angle of 90 degrees
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • High quality
  • Multiple performance modes
  • Dual switch


  • Bulky

COAST HL7 305 Lumen Focusing LED HeadlampOpens in a new tab.

COAST HL7 305 Lumen Focusing LED Headlamp with Twist Focus
  • PURE BEAM FOCUSING: Zoom between a super wide flood beam or spot mode with transition halo at varying distances and...
  • BRIGHT: 305 Lumens in a hands-free package perfect for work, hiking, backpacking, emergency prep, disaster situations,...

Coast has created this headlamp to follow you for years down the road. This LED is virtually indestructible, while headlamp is both weather and impact-resistant. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. The HL7 headlamp has 285 lumens that have a range of up to 390 feet.

With a run time up to 70 hours, it has more than enough power to get you through your favorite hike. The twist of the light changes it from spot to flood beam, and a lever on the back of the headlamp switch allows you to control the output of the light. Never count the HL7 out when you are looking for the headlamp for caving.


  • Well built
  • Reliable
  • Adjustable focus
  • Light dimming functions
  • Superior light output
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It is not waterproof.


Princeton Tec Apex Pro LED HeadlampOpens in a new tab.

Princeton Tec Apex Pro LED Headlamp (550 Lumens, Black)
  • Lighter in weight than the Apex with continued power and versatility
  • Ideal for professional runners and extreme Adventurers

The combination max bright and ultra-bright LEDs in the Princeton Tec Apex let you choose between the spotlight effect for a distance and a broader spotlight for closer examination. At its sharpest setting of 550 lumens, it can cast the beam for 120 meters into the darkness for up to two hours.

The Princeton headlamp includes the center strap across the top of your head. It is also waterproof with an IPX-7 standard, submersible to up to one meter. It is durable, lightweight, and one of the best headlamps for multi-purpose use.



  • Battery low-level warning system
  • One max bright LED
  • Four Ultrabright LEDs
  • 550 lumens
  • 35 hours max burn time
  • Long runtime



  • The hinge can be fragile.


PETZL – Tikka Headlamp

PETZL - Tikka Headlamp, 200 Lumens, Standard Lighting
  • LIGHT UP YOUR ADVENTURE: With its easy-to-use design, the TIKKA is perfect for camping, trekking, or household use.
  • BRILLIANT BEAMS: Features a wide, uniform beam with white and red lighting for nocturnal stealth.

Petzl has made sure you stay as safe as possible during your adventure by equipping this headlamp with an output of 240 hours, 200 lumens, and 60 meters. If you are not interested in keeping buying batteries, the Petzl TIKKA headlamp is also compatible with the Core rechargeable battery. Its simple design, wide beam, and flexibility make it one of the best-rated headlamps.

An additional feature of Tikka is that you can use it with the Petzl NOCTILIGHT Lantern (purchased separately). This appendix provides a light diffusion in all directions, and you can use it by placing the headlamp inside it and activating it with an external button. You can then attach the lantern to your tent or around your campsite with its string. Another useful addition is the built-in phosphorescent reflector, which charges when the lamp is on and blooms in the dark, allowing you to locate it.



  • Brilliant beams
  • Great battery performance
  • Rechargeable or disposable batteries
  • Compatible with the Petzl Core battery
  • Simple operation
  • Lightweight


  • No lock function

Black Diamond RevoltOpens in a new tab.

Black Diamond Revolt
  • One TriplePower LED and 1 DoublePower LED can combine to emit up to 300 lumens (max setting with alkaline batteries)
  • One DoublePower Red LED for night vision has proximity and strobe settings, and activates without cycling through the...

This headlamp comes with three rechargeable AAA batteries (NiMH) and three alkaline batteries, so even if you are on a long trip, you are all set. The slick-looking Revolt comes in four colors and has many light modes. The most potent ‘distance’ mode can illuminate 66-70m depending on the battery type with its triple-powered LED.

Proximity mode, appropriate for reading or in tight spaces, uses two single powered LEDs. Distance and proximity modes have the dimming option by holding down the switch. Standard strobe lighting will keep the battery use minimum if you need a night rescue or backcountry rave, and infrared that you can access from the off position for the light-sensitive operations. The entire headlamp is waterproof. The light and battery life may vary with temperature flux, so make sure you keep it protected when not in use.



  • Excellent battery life
  • Three-level power meter
  • Rechargeable but can operate on disposable batteries without an adapter
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-use attachment
  • Dimming functions in distance and proximity modes


  • No wall plug for USB


PETZL – DUO LED 14 Headlamp

PETZL - DUO LED 14 Headlamp, Hybrid Waterproof Helmet, 67 Lumens
  • TOUGH AS NAILS: The DUO LED 14 Headlamp is specifically designed for caving and water sports. Features a rugged...
  • LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Includes two powerful light sources to use based on your activity. Halogen light for long-range and...

The Duo LED 14 headlamp is a new product from Petzl. It can produce an 1100 lumen burst of light to penetrate 200 meters into the darkness, and then maintain a 700-lumen beam for up to three and a half hours before exhausting it. A patented anti-glare feature dims the headlamp when the beams cross so that people who use the equipment can safely work together face to face.

The headgear includes a center strap across the top of the head. The lamp is adaptable to all kinds of the helmet with its adhesive plate. The control button is large and easy to manage with gloves. It is also waterproof with an IP 67 rating, submersible to up to one meter. It is perfect for cavers and long treks, and if you want to invest in its quality, Petzl Duo is one of the best headlamps in the market.



  • Decent battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable elastic headband
  • Perfect for caving


  • Heavy for fast running



I recommend PETZL – Tikka Headlamp. It is simple, compact, and offers 200-lumen brightness and a large beam. With its burn time, it is practical for outdoor activities such as camping or trekking or traveling, daily tasks, caving, and projects around the house. The reflector helps you find it in the dark, and the red lighting prevents group members from blinding each other. It is also a hybrid headlamp that is also compatible with core rechargeable battery.

It is hard to deny the importance of the headlamp. It is useful to fulfill any need. With a headlamp, you can go at outing even at night without thinking twice. So, get your perfect fit today.

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