8 Best Packing Cubes for Backpacking to Help You Organize Your Gears

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Packing cubes have changed the way we packed our essentials for traveling. Backpacking cubes help to keep things organized, small, and clean. It is a bit difficult to organize everything in your 50-liter backpack. For this reason, backpacking cubes are incredibly beneficial before you leave on your trip because the packing cube is the single all-round product that helps travelers in this matter. However, all you need is to find the best packing cubes for backpacking to make your trip amazing. The given guidelines will help you to select super helpful travel accessories.

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Difference between Compression Sacks or Packing Cubes

Most people want their things organized and clean in a suitcase and backpack. The internal compartments help to separate clothes, pants, and dirty clothes for your ease. Some people who don’t have enough luggage space prefer compression sacks to fit as much stuff as possible in a limited space. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are available in different colors and sizes. They are made from a semi-soft, lightweight fabric, have a zipped and often meshed lid. Packing cubes are designed to compress and bundle various items in your backpack. They have different compartments for different things, so it keeps your items clean and organized. For example, if you want to keep shirts and blouses in one cube, underwear, and socks in another, other stuff like books and chargers.

Being square or rectangular, they are ideal and useful in the backpack and work well. Packing cubes keep your luggage organized so you can pack and unpack items quickly. With the help of packing cubes, you don’t have to dump everything on the floor to find it. By using it, you’ll often end up with the less available room.

Compression Sacks

Compression sacks can be defined as heavy-duty plastic bags. It has a zipper and a one-way valve for squeezing the air out. They are used to fold bulkier items such as sweatshirts and jackets. Compression sacks are available in different sizes and colors. It is useful to compress thick t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Compression sacks also used to organize items. However, it is not as convenient as packing cubes because it takes time for unpacking. Compression sacks provide enough space. However, it does not reduce weight. It is made of heavy-duty PVC yet won’t deal with sharp objects well.

How to Choose the Best Packing Cubes for Backpacking

Packing cubes are essential, especially when you want to enjoy your trip without stress. If you are a businessman, then packing cubes can help you save time in unpacking essentials in no time, however, before buying the best packing cubes for backpacking. Let’s have a look at the following guidelines.


Weight is an essential factor to be considered before buying a packing cube. Lightweight packing cubes are a practical choice for everyone. Lightweight cubes are easy to carry and also helps you with your packing.


Durability is the next most crucial factor because a good packing cube is made with durable material. If the packing cubes tear or break while traveling, all your organization goes out the window. Durable and robust packing cubes keep your thing safe and organized.


Packing cubes compress your clothes in a way that you can fit more clothes and essentials. The best packing cubes reduce space and squeeze the air so your clothes and essentials can take place and provide more room for more stuff.

Benefits of Backpacking Cubes

Packing cubes make traveling easy and fun. There are a lot of benefits to using it. Let us discuss some of those benefits.


Packing cubes organized your stuff beautifully. When we plan for traveling, we want to pack each type of clothing in a separate cube for our ease, such as t-shirts in a different portion and all socks and underwear in another. For this reason, packing cubes is all you need without rummaging through all your stuff to find the right thing. It does not seem relevant to everyone. However, it becomes necessary for most people (esp. travelers).

Space Saving

Packing cubes keep clothing compressed and bundled that minimize space your clothing takes up. It really helps you to save space, especially when you are traveling with a single backpack.

Wrinkle Reduction

Packing cubes help to reduce wrinkles in clothing. Packing cubes fit your clothes in a single portion, so it does not move while traveling. Generally, the cause of wrinkles in clothes when they shift around in your bag as you move. However, packing cubes makes it compressed and prevents movement.

Fast Unpacking

The considerable advantage of packing cubes is they unpacked your stuff in a short time when you arrive at your destination. It takes 30 seconds to unpacked, but many people even place the cubes directly in the drawers. Repacking is also effortless because you know where you have to put your essentials, so you repacked them swiftly.

What to Look for in Packing Cubes


Some packing cubes have special features such as they keep clothes pack tightly as possible, and others provide dedicated bags for laundry, underwear, and shoes. These features can make it easier for you to pack your stuff in an organized and clean manner.

Waterproof Material

If you travel in a rainy and humid climate then, always select waterproof cubes for protection. Waterproof fabric helps keep clothes dry and safe from water so you can enjoy traveling in dry clothes.


Finding a durable packing cube at a reasonable price is not easy. However, it also depends on your traveling situation and how much you travel throughout the year. If you are a business traveler, you have to spend more money on durability if you’re a once-a-year flier than cheaper cubes can work best for you.

Reviews of the Best Packing Cubes for Backpacking

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set

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The bag is available in different sizes and divided with smart compartments. The XS cube has a volume of 1.2, used to keep dirty underwear, socks, or toiletries. The second S pouch is 5 L, which is for stow t-shirts and short pants. The largest m cube is 10.5 L, perfect for more essential items such as shirts, therm sweaters, pants, and even jackets. This is a lightweight packing cube weighing only 2.1 oz. or 60 grams. It comes with a reliable No Matter What Warranty, so if the product got damaged during the product’s lifetime, the manufacturer would repair or replace it.


  • It is a very well-made and durable cube
  • It is lightweight
  • Separate compartment for dirty clothes
  • It has extra compression for maximum packing space
  • It is made with ultra-light ripstop fabric
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is washing machine-friendly.


  • It doesn’t have the compression zipper function
  • A bit bulkier than the usual compression cubes
  • The fabric of the cubes gets stuck in the zippers sometimes

Ebags Classic Large 3pc Packing Cubes

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Ebags come in three sizes and of the same dimensions. The largest of which is 45cm x 32cm, the medium size is 35cm x 25cm, and the small size is 28cm x 17cm. It is made with lightweight, durable material so you can hold and carry them easily during travel. It has a mesh top for visibility and good breathability. The Premium YKK zip closures help with zipping and unzipping the bag smoothly. It is better suited for those who travel with a traditional and wheeled suitcase.


  • It has self-healing zippers with corded pulls
  • It is made from durable TechLite Diamond Nylon
  • It has a mesh top for visibility and breathability
  • It is lightweight
  • The zippers are of excellent quality
  • They are useful and constructed well


  • It has no compression zip
  • It is not waterproof

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Clean Dirty Cube

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It keeps organized and cleans your luggage by separating clean clothes from the dirty ones. It has a mesh divider that keeps two compartments separate, which is excellent for separating clothes. The innovative water-repellent design protects your traveling essential from rain and humidity. It comes with No Matter What Warranty means the manufacturer added insurance of repair or replacement due to product failure during the product lifetime.


  • Separates clean clothes from the dirty ones
  • It is water-resistant
  • It comes with No Matter What Warranty
  • It takes less space
  • It is lightweight
  • It keeps suitcase items tidy and compact
  • It is easy to carry around during travels


  • The zipper is not durable
  • A bit heavier and a little smaller

Amazon basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

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Amazonbasics has two medium and two large packing cubes made with lightweight and durable nylon. It keeps the suitcase organized, and items are easier to find. The packing cube is machine-wash on a gentle cycle (zip the packing cubes closed) and dries quickly after a wash. It protects the garments against wrinkles and keeps belongings neatly stored that you don’t need to iron it.

The medium packing cubes are used for golf pants, and shorts to button-down shirts, the large packing cube works great for jackets, jeans, hoodies, or sweaters. Medium dimension is 13.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches and large cube dimension is 17.5 x 12.75 x 3.25 inches. This is a high-quality packing cube that comes with a webbing handle for easy grabbing, carrying separately, or hanging.


  • It is machine-wash friendly
  • It is made with lightweight and durable nylon
  • It works great for bulkier items
  • It reduces wrinkles in clothes
  • It keeps suitcase organized
  • It has mesh tops for breathability and clear visibility
  • Makes it super easy to unpack
  • Cheaper price than most packing cubes


  • Material is thin and lightweight
  • Not a durable zipper

Osprey Ul Packing Cube Set

It is a lightweight packing cube from the osprey’s trusted brand, perfect for backpacking and other outdoor activities. It is very lightweight due to the 40D polyester ripstop construction. It has convenient grab handles and zippers help secure your items. The set of three is available in small (7.5 x 5 x 2 inches), medium (10 x 7 x 2 inches), and large sizes (14 x 10 x 2 inches). They will not add extra weight to your luggage and can hold a lot of items. Osprey ul packing cube set is available in different colors so you can select your favorite color for your backpacking trip.


  • It has a convenient grab handle
  • The small volume can fit an entire wardrobe
  • It is extremely lightweight
  • Easier to organize things
  • Work great for a long trip
  • Easy to carry around for longer durations.


  • Cubes are thin and flimsy
  • Might be torn easily

Bagail 6 Set Packing Cubes

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This packing cube is available in a set of six with three different sizes. Bagail brings a variety of amazing fifteen colors and a combination of six packing cubes. 2x Large Cubes 2x Medium Cubes, and 2x Slim Cubes. It is made with high-quality nylon fabric, with reinforced seams that give longer life span. Bagail packing cubes have a mesh panel so you can easily see inside them without having to open every cube.

The convenient double zip makes it easy to open and close It can be your good purchase for traveling and backpacking.


  • Made of high-quality nylon fabric
  • It has a top mesh panel for easy identification of contents
  • It has reinforced seams that give longer life span
  • It has a double zipper feature
  • It is available in fifteen different colors


  • Stitching is weak
  • Causes clothes to have wrinkles

Compression Packing Cubes Set

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It is a unique compression set made with recycled plastic bottles and contains seven pieces of cubes. It can sort your clothes quickly and keep track of your belongings. The amazing compression system and additional zippers compress clothes to a minimum to save space. The bags are ultralight and made of long-lasting nylon with reinforced seams and come with durable zipper features.

The seven pieces of cube set contain two large bags with a waterproof compartment for wet and dry clothes (wet towels, swimsuits.), two medium bags for sweaters, shirts, t-Shirts, two small bags for socks, underwear, and a laundry bag for dirty clothes. A seven-pack compressing cubes set offers a good variety of sizes and appropriate for any trip.


  • It has sturdy zippers
  • It is made with recycled material
  • It has a lot of volumes
  • It can compress a whole wardrobe
  • It comes with a laundry bag


  • It has only a one waterproof compartment

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

This is a very lightweight five cube set that contains a large, medium, small, XS Cube, and a laundry bag. Gonex is a well-known brand for packing cubes because of its reasonable price and high-quality material. It is made with ripstop nylon and available in different colors (black, red, bright green, or yellow). It has webbing handles and double zippers that easily fit in a piece of carry-on luggage. It is excellent for smaller suitcases. They are pretty light and ideal for carrying other heavy gear on extensive hikes.


  • It is useful to hike in places with a hot wet climate
  • A mesh top that provides excellent breathability and visibility
  • It has a strong double zipper for comfort and durability
  • Made with reinforced fabrics for more prolonged use
  • Pouches are easy to roll
  • Hold up a lot of clothes
  • Zippers are of good quality


  • The compression zipper is difficult to close
  • It can cause clothes to wrinkle


Packing cubes have become important for a backpacking trip nowadays. No one wants to waste time and energy to carry heavy weights and find essentials after reaching their destination. A good packing cube is one that is affordable, durable, and lightweight.

Gonex compression packing cubes might be your best choice. Gonex is a famous brand for packing cubes due to its durability and affordability. The set contains five cubes large, medium, and small, XS Cube, and a laundry bag. It is incredibly durable when filled with more essentials.

It comes in different colors (black, red, bright green, or yellow) so you can select your favorite one. Double zippers of the packing cube work correctly in compressing clothes to help save space in your carry-on luggage or travel backpack. It is easy to pack and unpack. With Gonex compression packing cubes, you can spend more time enjoying your experience and never regret your purchase.

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