Are Fishing Rods Hollow?

Are Fishing Rods Hollow?

So, you are going on an exciting fishing trip tomorrow with your fishing buddy. Everything is done and your luggage is packed. Your buddy asks you whether you have a hollow fishing rod or the regular one? This question stops you right where you are. Can there be a hollow fishing rod as well?

Are Fishind Rods Hollow? Yes, there are two different types of fishing rods available in the market. One of them is called Solid Fishing Rod and the other one is Hollow Fishing Rod. The latter one is hollow in the center and has the line running through it. This is done in order to eliminate the need for eyelets. It also reduces the friction between the line and guides and results in an improved casting range and ability. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a hollow fishing rod? Are they more suitable for beginners or for veteran fishermen? Do you actually need a hollow fishing rod for regular use? What exactly is the difference between a hollow fishing rod and a solid fishing rod? All of these queries will be answered in this article so keep reading till the end to find out.  


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What is a Hollow Fishing Rod?

A hollow fishing rod is a normal fishing rod with a hollow shaft that has the line running through it. It protects the line from frictional wear and tear. The hollow shaft is usually made up of flexible material to ensure durability.

It is further connected with a handle having a fishing reel oriented to keep the line aligned and to pass it through the interior of the shaft. The inside of the shaft is coated with smooth lining material. It is resistant to abrasion caused by the movement of the fishing line. To maintain the integrity of the hollow fishing rod, a reinforced tip is present at the end.

What are some advantages of Hollow Fishing Rods?

Choosing a hollow fishing rod over the traditional rod has its own advantages. This streamline design helps a lot in eliminating the guide damages and the line entanglement issues that frustrate many beginners. As the friction issues are minimized, the castability improves.

You will be able to cast much further and that too with increased accuracy. Hollow fishing rods are very sensitive as compared to the other rods. They usually do not weigh a lot and the pricing is good as well.

Some Disadvantages Associated with Hollow Fishing Rods

Despite the above-mentioned advantages, there are quite a few disadvantages when it comes to hollow fishing rods. The biggest disadvantage being it is highly unsuitable for winters. So, if you love to go fishing in snow, a hollow fishing rod is not for you. Also, this kind of setup does not hold its own well if you are catching heavy or big fish so that might be a problem as well. Cleaning a hollow fishing rod after use is also a hard task.

For what type of fishing Hollow Fishing Rods are good? 

Usually, hollow fishing rods are preferred for beginners who like to go river fishing in the summers. Similarly, such rods are equally suitable for fishing bottom bouncers as well as crawler harnesses. Beginners will most benefit from this rod as it will save them a lot of time which they would be spending on line entanglement issues if they were to opt for a regular fishing rod. It is important to note that if you want to catch heavyweight bass or salmon, then probably hollow fishing rods are not for you. You should get a solid fishing rod instead.

What is the best fishing rod?

Now you have learned all about fishing rods. Their function, characteristics, things to look out for when buying, etc. It is now time to reveal what is the best fishing rod available in the market and the best fishing rod is Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo. Let us discuss what are the qualities of this rod that make it so special.

This is actually a spinning combo that is ideal for saltwater fishing. It is most suitable for fishing baby tarpon, stripers, redfish, etc. Even though they are rated as best for catching lightweight fish, there is no harm if you want to catch something that weighs a bit more.

Its strong and sturdy construction is what makes it stand out from the rest of the rods available. Made up of graphite, the body of this rod is durable and can easily withstand tough use. Corrosion due to saltwater is another big issue when it comes to saltwater fishing, however, it won’t be a problem anymore as the reel seats are made up of stainless steel to offer amazing protection against corrosion.

The build quality is great for its price and this is one of the best fishing rods available at a price point that will not break your bank.

Final Words

I am sure I have answered all your questions regarding the different types of fishing rods and which one to choose depending on what you want to fish. A hollow fishing rod is a solid buy for beginners who want to avoid technical hassle and get straight to fishing. If you still feel you want to know more about the best fishing rods available in the market, be sure to check out the reviews by clicking on the link right here to get to know better and make the right choice.

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