Are Fishing Rods Waterproof?

Are Fishing Rods Waterproof

A long weekend is coming, and you have decided to go on a long due fishing trip to the states with your family. The night before you leave, you randomly check the weather forecast and damn!! The forecast shows rain tomorrow. Now the next thing you have to worry about is whether your fishing gear is waterproof or not and most importantly, is your fishing rod waterproof?

To explain clearly, the answer is rather Yes. Fishing rods are not made up of exactly water-proof material. They are water-resistant up to some extent, however, making them waterproof would add much to the cost and the weight, so it is rather avoided. In any case, the thing you should have with you is a waterproof carrying case or bag. It will help you with the storage and will prevent your rod form soaking in water in case you encounter heavy rain or storm on your way or during the trip.

Do you actually need to care to what extent your fishing rod is waterproof? It is worth paying extra for a fishing rod that is water-resistant as compared to one that is not? What are some extra features you should look for when shopping for a fishing rod? Read till the end of this article to find answers to all your questions.

Design of a Fishing Rod

Before we move further, let me first explain the basic parameters on which the design of a fishing rod is based.

Although there are a variety of fishing rods’ designs, there are two common characteristics all of them share.

  1. Every rod will either be spinning or a baitcasting rod
  2. Every rod will be designed for a special kind of fishing

The difference between baitcasting rod and the spinning rod is the reel. Baitcasting rod comes with a baitcasting reel while spinning rod comes with a spinning reel that has the ability to wind up the line. The position of reel seat and guides is different in both of these types.

Length of the rod is an important design aspect. It directly impacts your fishing as the casting distance heavily depends upon the length of the rod. However, long rods make controlling them a bit harder as compared to shorter rods.

Some other important things that make up for the design on the fishing rod are the power of the rod, action, guides, rod handle etc.

The Material of a Fishing Rod

There are not many materials available that are used to make fishing rods. Only a handful of them are good and they include fibreglass, graphite or a mixture of both.


Fibreglass rods are strong and durable, but this comes at a cost and that is the weight. They are not ideal for long fishing trips. Other than that, they are definitely worth a look. One more thing is that light bites are hard to detect while fishing.


Graphite rods weigh less as compared to their fibreglass counterparts. They are not very stiff and have good bending capability underweight without breaking. This also makes them very sensitive to fish bites. However, the price is a little bit on the higher side.

Composite Material

It is a mixture of fibreglass and graphite, so it contains characteristics of both materials. It combines the flexibility of fibreglass rod with the excellent sensitivity of graphite fishing rod and results in a better performance-oriented fishing rod.

As you might have guessed, performance does not come cheap neither does this fishing rod. But, for the features it offers, it is definitely worth paying the price.

Why waterproofing for the fishing rod is important?

No-one wants their expensive fishing rod to be soaked in water and lose all of its functionality after a few trips. In addition to that, if you are going on saltwater fishing, water getting to the inside of your fishing rod would result in a corrosive reaction. This is a highly undesirable outcome and must be avoided at all costs.

To prevent such issues, the fishing rod should be water-resistant at the least. It will keep you away from any of the above-mentioned issues and will result in a long-lasting, durable product.

Can Fishing Rods Get Wet?

The answer is Yes. Fishing rods can get wet because they are always being used around water. There is no way you can prevent them from getting wet.

However, there is a misconception that you need to prevent your fishing rods from rain. This is not true at all. Fishing rods are not affected by rain.

Fishing rods are not affected even if they are dropped in the water. But, you should take care that they are not in there for a long duration because that can be a problem. If water gets inside and is trapped there, that can lead to rusting action sooner or later.

Can you wash your fishing rod?

As fishing rods are made up of water-resistant materials usually, it is no harm in washing them to clean them from anything that is stuck over after a long fishing day. Again, care has to be taken in order to rinse them thoroughly after washing and do not let any water seep inside the interior or to the machinery.

It is preferable that you should wash it with fresh and clean water instead of saltwater. Cleaning fishing rod is an essential thing that should be done after every fishing trip to ensure your fishing rod will last you long.

Waterproof Fishing Rod Cases

If you are worried about your environmental factors affecting your rod during the transportation process, you might want to invest in a waterproof fishing rod case. These cases are really good for the protection of your fishing rod form wear and tear or water.

Some of the cases come with additional features such as extra pockets for storage of items, a big size to carry more fishing rod in case you have more than one, and a comfortable shoulder carry arrangement.

Waterproof Fishing Rod Sleeves

Fishing Rod Sleeves are actually quite helpful in protecting your rod from getting stuck in anything and breaking up other than providing a waterproof shelter. If you are worried about the high cost of waterproof fishing rod cases, these fishing rod sleeves might be the perfect solution for you.

The best thing about them is that they do not cost a lot. If your rod is of a longer length, they do a pretty good job at preventing from getting entangled here and there. On the side, the material used for making fishing rod sleeves is also waterproof and therefore, it can serve as a multipurpose attachment for your fishing rod.

What is the best Waterproof Fishing Rod?

Probably you are wondering how to choose the best waterproof fishing rod from a ton of options available in the market. Don’t worry at all, we got you covered for that right here. The best waterproof fishing rod that you can get is Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo. Let’s discuss what makes it the best.

This is actually a spinning combo that is ideal for saltwater fishing. It is most suitable for fishing baby tarpon, stripers, redfish, etc. Even though they are rated as best for catching lightweight fish, there is no harm if you want to catch something that weighs a bit more.

It is constructed using fibreglass. Its strong and sturdy construction is what makes it stand out from the rest of the rods available. Made up of graphite, the body of this rod is durable and can easily withstand tough use. Corrosion due to saltwater is another big issue when it comes to saltwater fishing, however, it won’t be a problem anymore as the reel seats are made up of stainless steel to offer amazing protection against corrosion.

The waterproofing ability of this fishing rod is really good. The build quality is great for its price and this is one of the best waterproof fishing rods available at a price point that will not break your bank.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and all of your questions are answered. If you want to know more about fishing, feel free to browse our website.

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