Are Fishing Shirts Hot?

Are Fishing Shirts Hot

You’ve spent hours arranging all the perfect equipment for your upcoming fishing trip. Now the time has come to make the final hour check and see if everything is there or not. A thought struck your mind. What about the sun? Are my fishing shirts going to get too hot wear under the direct light of the sun?

The answer to this question is Yes. There are fishing shirts available in the market which tend to hot and sticky if you are spending too much time under direct sun. The material is not breathable to allow free flow of air and results in an uncomfortable experience. The best thing you can do to avoid this uneasiness is to pick the right kind of shirt depending on the weather before you leave.

There are more questions about this. Do you really need a fishing shirt? Is your clothing adequate to shelter you from the harsh weather? How much protection a fishing shirt can provide you realistically? All of these alongside everything you need to know about fishing shirts are answered in this article so make sure you read till the end.

Detailed Information about Fishing Shirts

Fishing shirts are just like regular shirts but with some extra features such as added protection from the sun, comfort, and breathability. Some of the most important features that design a fishing shirt are explained below.


It is one of the most important design aspects of a fishing shirt. You need something with a lot of easily accessible pockets so that you can access the gear you want at a certain time quickly. Fish are fast and they do not give you a lot of time to react so quick accessibility is very vital here. A fishing shirt can contain 2-8 pockets depending on a range of factors.

Similarly, a hook or a button to secure your sleeves after rolling them up is a must. People feel more comfortable and open to movement when their sleeves are rolled. The high collar is another good addition as your neck definitely needs some protection from the burning sun unless you are okay with a sunburnt neck.


With any clothing, fitting is something you just can’t ignore and the same is the case with fishing shirts. A shirt that fits you, makes you comfortable and allows unrestricted movement without any constraints. One thing important here is that the material must be breathable.

If the shirt is fitting, the hot weather will result in some sweat and without a breathable material, wearing such a shirt for a long duration of time will be entirely impossible. SO, to avoid such circumstances, the material should be mesh allowing the airflow and thus cooling your body regularly.

Generally, there are two main designs of fishing shirts. One of them is Long Sleeves and the other one is Bottom Up.

Long Sleeves

Any t-shirt with full sleeves is a long-sleeved fishing shirt. There is no other difference between both. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t come with pockets or collars or buttons. It is a simple pull over shirt that does the basic job.

They offer good sun protection as they cover your whole upper body easily. Other than you, you enjoy superior functionality and an enhanced movement capability. It is ideal for those people who don’t like wasting time buttoning up.

Button Up

Just the casual shirts with high collar and sometimes a button to hold you rolled up sleeves. They tend to have a lot of pockets for storage of gear. Button up shirts are designed for those people who like to carry gear with them all the time for quick use when needed.

Some people also like to have rod loops in their shirts. Rod lops allow you have a hands-free fishing experience giving you some time off if you are feeling tired. Button up fishing shirts offers you this flexibility as well.


If you are going to visit the market, there are a variety of fishing shirts available in loads of different materials. A common man gets confused easily. Which material is the best? The lightest one or the mesh? However, the answer lies in identifying the name of the fabric and then choosing the right fabric as per your requirements.

Cotton: Cotton is one of the most popular used materials for clothing all around the world. Despite its disadvantages, many people still buy fishing shirts made up of cotton. There are some serious drawbacks to cotton fishing shirts. It is not a breathable material at all. It will get wet and soggy, not allowing any air to pass through. You will be highly uncomfortable and will be forced to change soon. It is only recommended if you are going fishing at a place that has moderate to cold temperatures.

Synthetic: Synthetics are gaining popularity in the market these days. This success is credited to its amazing moisture-wicking ability. The air constantly passes through, allowing your sweat to dry right after it is produced and making you feel cool in return.

Other than that, synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, rayon are exceptionally lightweight. They offer a comfortable experience for the user on a warm and sunny day without compromising on the quality.

Why hot or less hot shirts matter?

This question is asked too often. Hot or less hot shirts matter a lot on your fishing trip as it directly affects you. However, it depends more on the choice of location. If you are going fishing where the temperatures are high, you would obviously want to have a fishing shirt that is less hot and keeps you dry and cool.

Conversely, if you are visiting someplace that has moderate to cold temperature, having a shirt that doesn’t let the warmth of your body escape might suit you better. But no matter what the circumstances are, hot or less hot fishing shirts do matter a lot.

Do Fishing Shirts keep you cool?

Most definitely Yes. Fishing shirts play an important role in keeping you cool and dry on a hot sunny day. The fabric of the shirt is what makes this possible.

Fishing shirts that are made up of breathable synthetic materials absorb the sweat produced quickly and allows the air to pass through causing the process of evaporation to happen which, as result, makes you feel cool.

However, if you are wearing fishing shirts made up of cotton, it is not a breathable material and it most certainly won’t keep you cool.

The purpose of a Flap in Fishing Shirt

Flaps are there to enhance the ventilation process. Fishing is a hectic task, and your body is going to produce some sweat during it. Some fishing shirts that are not a build-up of highly breathable material come with a unique solution for this ventilation problem in form of flaps.

Flaps can be located in three different places.

1) Underarms to let the hot air escape through them

2) Upper chest on the front side right below the utility pockets

3) Upper back has one large ventilation flap to let the air escape and make you feel cool

What is the best fishing shirt?

With a range of brands in the market, it is difficult to choose the best shirt out of them. However, after careful analysis, I have narrowed down my choices to one final shirt and that is Columbia Men’s PFG Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Shirt. Let’s discuss what makes it the best one out there.

This shirt is available in loads of vibrant colours to choose from. Purely made up of polyester, it is comfortable to wear for most users. Columbia Terminal Tackle has an Omni-shade that blocks harmful UV rays of the sun from penetrating the fabric and reaching your body so you can easily wear it under direct sun. The fabric is breathable and there is a quick-dry of moisture right after it is produced.

Being a pull-over shirt, there are no utility pockets on it for storage of gear. It has full sleeves to keep your arms protected from the sunlight. It is offered in a variety of sizes to choose from as per your fit. Overall, Columbia Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Shirt is a comfortable fishing shirt to wear outdoors, has the amazing moisture-wicking ability, and keep you cool throughout the day with all of this coming at an amazing price point. These qualities altogether make it the best fishing shirt available in the market.

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