For Comfortable Camping Sleep, You Need These 7 Best Camping Mattress

best camping mattress

Compromising on your fundamental needs while going on a camping trip is always advised against. To enjoy a trip to its fullest, you should equip yourself with all the basic necessities. One such item, that is usually looked upon, is a camping mattress. Camping mattress provides you with a comfortable night’s sleep after a tiring and hectic day. A good night’s sleep is what a person needs to be fresh for the next day ahead. The following list is a selection of the best mattress for camping.

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Below listed are some of the essential things about a camping mattress. Knowing these will help you make the right choice when you are buying a camping mattress for yourself.



When picking out such an essential thing for the trip, you should not be compromising on the quality. The quality of the camping mattress heavily depends upon the material used.

The most commonly used materials for camping mattresses are nylon and polyester. Both of these are durable materials able to withstand the usual wear and tear quickly. If you want something that is sturdy and durable and you can compromise on looks, you should pick a nylon-made mattress. However, if you are going to use the mattress in a rainy place where it might get dirty often, polyester should be your choice.

Waterproofing is a necessary quality to have for a right camping mattress. It should be able to withstand the weight of a person without skidding or slipping on the surface. There should not be an uncomfortable sag when you are going to lie down on the mattress.

A thick fiber should be used to prevent a puncture or a leak.


Size and Weight:

The size of the camping mattress matters a lot as it directly affects the packed weight. You need to pick the most balanced option considering the comfortability and the weight. You do not want to choose a king-size mattress that is of absolutely no use and carry it all day long on your shoulders.

Camping mattresses come in a wide range of sizes and weights. The size of the mattress will also depend upon the size of your camping tent. You can not pick a mattress that is bigger than the size of your camping tent. Multiperson mattresses are ideal if you are going on a camping trip with your friends.

An ideal camping mattress should be lightweight and spacious enough to accommodate you. It should not take more space than required and easy to carry around in your bag.



The primary purpose of buying a camping mattress is to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Therefore, comfort is one of the topmost priorities.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a camper after a tiring day. It will help you to be fresh and energetic for the adventures ahead. As the camping trips are not some regular road trips, they require effort. You need an adequate amount of rest at the end of the day; otherwise, you will get sick soon.


Weather Resistance:

A right camping mattress should be thick enough to resist harsh weather conditions.

Whether you are using it in cold weather or warm, the thick insulation saves you from the ground temp. Cheaply priced mattresses use thin insulation. That is usually not enough to stop the cold coming from the ground.

Premium options use thick synthetic insulation that keeps you at the ideal temperature. The ground temperature does not affect you.

The manufacturer provides the R-value of the mattresses alongside. This R-value is the measure of the resistance of the material to heat flow. High R-value will mean that the material is able to resist the flow of heat, and the insulation is excellent.


Types of Camping Mattress:

Camping mattresses come in different types. While buying one, you need to decide which one suits you the best.

  1. Foam Pads: Foam pads are just another form of regularly used beds. Unfold it, and it is ready to use. They are thin enough to be easily packed. It is only recommended for very basic use.
  2. Air Mattress: Air mattress comes in a very compact package. It turns into a regular-sized mattress when filled with air. Thickness is just as much as of your home mattress. Storing it and transporting it is a breeze as it weighs less. Air mattresses are a truly luxurious option for camping in the wild.
  3. Self-Inflating Foams: As the name suggests, these foams are capable of self-inflation. They do no sag under the weight and offer excellent aeration through the surface. Although expensive, they offer the most comfortable sleeping experience than the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Should I buy a camping mattress or just a foam pad?

Answer: Camping mattresses offer a more wholesome experience. They are comfortable and grant you better protection from the severe weather conditions. Foam pads are okay for regular use. But if you are going on a camping trip, you should opt for a camping mattress.


Question: How to take care of a camping mattress?

Answer: A camping mattress is not a hard thing to take care of. They should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth. All the particles on the top of the mattress should be dusted off. For the air mattress, it is highly advised to protect it against puncture. You should clear the area for any sharp thing before placing an air mattress.

Question: Do I really need a camping mattress?

Answer: Sleeping on the tough ground without some soft insulation for your back is going to do you no good on a camping trip. You should invest in the right camping mattress to make your trip enjoyable rather than a woeful one.

After the careful analysis of the available camping beds in the market, here are some of the best selections reviewed to help you make the right choice.

 Review of the Products:

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

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SoundAsleep Dream Air Mattress is so comfortable that you will feel right at home using this.

It uses unique ComfortCoil technology for the best experience. ComfortCoil makes sure that the mattress remains stable under the weight. There is no sag in the structure, no matter the weight of the person using it.

The included rechargeable pump makes it easy to inflate when required for use. The durable fabric can withstand rough usage as well. It is sturdy enough to resist punctures up to some extent.

It is a spacious option. It can accommodate you and your partner comfortably. The top layer is made thick to ensure waterproofing and to increase the overall durability of the mattress.


  1. Easy to inflate
  2. A comfortable option
  3. Can accommodate 2 people easily
  4. Long-lasting and durable
  5. Carry bag is included for easy transport


  1. Deflation is a time taking process
  2. Hard to locate the puncture if it occurs


Exped MegaMat 10 LW

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Exped MegaMat is a self-inflating camping mattress with high insulation capabilities. It is wide enough to easily fit 2 adults. It offers premium grade quality, and it is one of the most comfortable sleeping options available in the market.

Even the edges of Exped MegaMat are flat. The top layer is well insulated for a warm experience in cold weather. An exceptional 50D Polyester is used for the construction that makes it a durable and robust choice.

No matter how much weight you put on it, Exped MegaMat ensures its firmness and adjusts the air as per. It inflates itself with the included mini pump.

Exceptional craftsmanship makes it prone to any puncture damage. In case of any, the repair kit and the instructions manual are provided to save you the effort.


  1. 4 inches of insulation
  2. Designed to last long
  3. Easy to deflate and pack after usage
  4. Five-year manufacturer warranty
  5. Spacious enough


  1. Inflation takes time
  2. Too heavy to carry on shoulders


Luftbett Downy Blue

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With a uniquely designed top layer, Luftbett Blue offers a broad top base that can comfortably accommodate two adults without breaking a sweat.

It is designed for versatile use. It is equally suitable for regular use in your backyard or for taking to a campsite.

The top surface is designed to retain the sheets. It is easy to clean with a regular cloth. Also, the fabric is waterproof, so it can be easily used in rainy weather as well.

The air pressure is maintained throughout the bed, and it creates an even surface. The grooves on the surface are a little bit disturbing then the mattress is full, but they can be dealt with.


It is not self-inflating, and it also does not comes with a pump. You need to invest in a good pump alongside buying this.


  1. Unique design
  2. Waterproof fabric
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Wide top surface
  5. Costs less than the most
  6. Comfortable sleeping experience


  1. The build quality is not great
  2. Does not comes with a pump


AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump

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AeroBed comes up with an affordable option. AeroBed Extra Bed has a flocked fleece surface for added comfort when using. For better support under the weight, AeroBed uses oval coil construction.

Puncture-resistant material is used to ensure prolonged durable use of the product. It is a great option to pick if you want something that is compact and easy to carry. It has a sturdy construction that helps it get through the daily wear and tear without any issue.

It comes with a pump that inflates and deflates it in no time. However, you will need an AC power source nearby to perform this task.

AeroBed includes a carry bag or more comfortable transportation of the mattress.


  1. Quick inflation and deflation process
  2. Flat surface after filling
  3. Good size
  4. Comfortable to use
  5. Good value for money


  1. Cheap build quality
  2. Not a long-lasting option


ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

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Not a new name in the field of camping gear, ALPS Mountaineering yet offers another exciting product. It comes with a great looking design well rafted with quality components.

The built-in rechargeable pump can quickly fill up the pump and deflate it by just flipping the button. Saude top is a premium offering at this price point. It prevents sliding over the top while being a comfortable thing to sleep on. Moreover, welded seams are used to ensure a durable product overall.

The internal coil support system makes it an excellent choice for any outdoor activity. The PVC fabric used on the side is thick enough to resist the punctures that might occur.

You will not be spending much time on setting it up after a tiring day. The carry bag comes included with it for more accessible transportation.


  1. State of the art pumping system for inflation
  2. High-quality materials used
  3. Saude top is just amazing at this price
  4. Adjustable as per your needs
  5. Included carry bag


  1. Length is a bit short for tall people
  2. Loses some air overnight


Therm-a-Rest MondoKing Self-inflatable Camping Mat


If you are looking for a simple yet effective camping mattress, Therm-a-Rest comes to your rescue. MondoKing Self-inflatable Camping Mat is a great looking option. It offers all the features you would expect from an ideal camping mattress.

It requires no additional pump for inflation as it is self-inflating. The top of the foam is compressible to add to the comfort of the user. The fabric is soft and can withstand rough wear and tear.

MondoKing 3D is substantially thick to help you enjoy your sleep just like you do at your home. When deflated, it is easy to pack and carry around.

Vertical sidewalls are provided in the case if you want to expand the surface to cater to more people. An extra mat can be joined alongside using the sidewalls. The use of high-quality 75D polyester makes it stand out from the others as it offers a long-lasting, durable option.


  1. Luxury and comfortable option
  2. Easy and quick to inflate
  3. Can be paired to increase the area
  4. Lightweight for easy transport
  5. Have more surface area than the other mattresses


  1. Deflation is a tricky process
  2. Not a compact package


Willpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

If aesthetics and comfort is your priority, there is no need to look for any other option except Willpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress.

Exceptional quality materials have been used to make this beautiful mattress. The comfort of the user has been kept as the topmost priority. The foam used inside offers excellent resistance to load. Its high density enables you to feel relaxed and enjoy a comfortable use.

This foam is ideal for people who have back pain issues. The foam remains firm, allowing you to keep you back straight and away from any discomfort.

Willpo Camping mattress is rated to be used under rainy conditions as it has a waterproof bottom. You do not need to worry if any child spills water or a drink over it, as the top material is waterproof. Use of non-skidding material for the bottom makes it ideal to be placed on any sort of surface.


It is lightweight and portable enough to be carried on your shoulders.


  1. Exceptional quality materials used
  2. Waterproof top
  3. Excellent foam
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Lightweight option


  1. Can be too soft for some people
  2. Can cost a little more than the other options



Without any doubt, Willpo Memory Foam wins the crown for the best camping mattress. It has all the premium features you might need at an affordable price point.

The great looks, luxurious feels, high-quality materials, comfortable experience, and lightweight package checks almost everything you could think of.

Although a bit on the expensive side, WIllpo memory foam is worth every penny spend on it. From my side, it is a highly recommended option for anyone looking to buy the best camping mattress without any hesitation.

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