Hold Your Feet Strong with These 7 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding the best climbing shoes for wide feet is a bit harder precisely because most shoes already fit pretty darn snug. There are also many issues faced with climbers about closed, dimensions, substance, and so forth. If you have wider feet, it looks like a curse. You would love to have Shoe that fits you.

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A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

The Shoe has different features from each other. Meanwhile, few general features distinguished best climbing shoes from mediocre ones. Here a few factors to consider, while choosing the climbing shoe.

Types of Climbing Shoes

There are four types of climbing shoes such as Aggressive, All around, Beginner, and conventional shoes.

Neutral Shoes

Neutral Shoes are made for beginners. You can wear these shoes where ever you want. They are usually flat profile.

Intermediate Shoes

These are also known as moderate climbing shoes, and the most comfortable one in our list. They are made of excellent material. These shoes also have superior design and flexibility. They are best for wide feet.

Aggressive Shoes

Aggressive is for the pro climbers. They give you fantastic comfort in climbing. They have the capability of bringing your inner strength. They also help you to provide your best results in climbing.

Closure System

Closure System is essential to consider before you buy the climbing shoe. It is possible to either select the Velcro, lace or slip.

The lace closure system is incredible concerning giving a fit. The sneakers can loosen or tighten; however, if you are looking a shoe that you can use and remove comfortably. Then you need to choose the Velcro closing system.

In case you are looking to find a shoe that you can train, then the slippers closure system is best for you. This will provide good heights of sensitivity.


Yet another essential factor, you need to consider is that the material used to construct the sneakers. These climbing shoes for wide feet are designed with, synthetic substances, leather or mixture of both. Leather provides functionality and durability to climbing shoes. Leather shoes are also comfortable to maintain and often deodorised.

Moreover, if shoes are unlined, they might stretch to their full size. So, you need to purchase a smaller size. Basically, you need shoes that fit your wide feet properly.


The outsole will remain in contact with the rock. This is made of rubber. According to the type of climbing, you can choose the one that is thick/thin or sticky.

Besides, firm rubbers are used for edging. Sticky rubbers are used on slabs and smearing. Basically, your climbing performance will depend upon the outsole’s thickness.

Comfort and Fit

These two factors are significant in regards to power, control, and security. Having a shoe that fits your specific foot is the most crucial consideration when buying climbing shoes. Moreover, in most cases, you will have to give a bigger or smaller size when shopping for climbing shoes. The size that you select also determines the comfort and fit which you will get.

It is imperative to select climbing shoes that come with the option of modifying the fit and comfort.


When you get the shoes that fit you, you wish to ensure that they remain for a long time, even if you climb for a long time. Generally, thicker rubbers tend to be more durable. But, thinner rubber gives more sensitivity on small footholds. You might need to decide which is more essential to you and compromise the other factor. In case, you select an aggressive shoe, make sure that the downturn will last and not lose its curved design over time.

FAQs About the Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

What Can Be The Best Shoe for Wide Feet?

The best climbing shoes for wide feet are layouts that ensure strength, control and protect your feet. The shoes are also made from high excellent cloth, leather or combination of both. Meanwhile, the features that are suggested, they should enable the flow of air.

How Can I Match Climbing Shoes With My Feet?

The climbing shoes should have the capability to adopt the areas of your toes. Your feet are well balanced and protected with no symptoms of distress in the boots, once that is good.

Should I Wear Socks With Climbing Shoes?

Totally up to you. Most climbers and specifically those who wear shoes with thin soles prefer not to wear socks for more sensitivity that is needed to distinguish the surface and the rock. If you choose to wear heavy socks, then your shoe size should bit a little larger to accommodate your feet quickly.

Will Climbing Shoes Stretch Over Time?

It totally depends on the material. Natural leather uppers will stretch over time to house your footwell and even comfort any hotspots. Synthetic sort of shoes is not flexible.

Review of the 7 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe

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The boostic by Scarpa is one of the best climbing shoes for people with wide feet. Additionally, it is also amazingly comfortable by climbing shoe standards.

This Velcro shoe is excellent at edging and smearing. Its asymmetrical toe box lets you attain a foot on the tiniest of nubs. Moreover, the Shoe’s rand assists maintain the downturned build even after numerous smears.

Besides, similar to other Aggressive shoes, this Shoe is best for bouldering and challenging sport climbing. However, it may not be recommended for crack climbing. The Scarpa Boostic is designed with synthetic leather, so get your street shoe size or half a size below it and don’t expect them to stretch.

Furthermore, it is made of 100℅ leather and synthetic sole. It also built for maximum toe strength for steep vert or overhangs.

The Scarpa Boostic also has precise heel fit and sticky rubber for great heel hooking. Moreover, the Vibram XS edge gives excellent grip and durability.


  • Hundred per cent leather
  • Made of unique soft rubber
  • High toe patch for toe hooking
  • Provides incredible grip
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Best for edging and smearing
  • Best for bouldering and hard sport climbing


  • Not suitable for crack climbing

Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe

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Tenaya Oasi Rock has excellent appearances and provides the comfort you want to you. The shoe layout skills are perfect since they allow you to keep your destination, regardless of what your Oasi sneakers, the condition is going to be providing you of the relaxation you wish.

The Tenaya Oasi permits you to show the climber in you. This Shoe is also equally flexible and commendable because of its Velcro closed system and its microfiber. Its tongue is made from Lycra. Moreover, the liner is constructed from TXT. The Tenaya Oasi also designed from Vibram XS Grip, which is 3.5 mm.

The Tenaya Oasi is versatile, shining on vertical or overhanging paths and all sorts of bouldering.

Furthermore, its heel cup is significant. That might be an issue if your toes are small. In case, your feet are broad, then you have got an edge over here. The heels will perfect for you. The grip is fantastic. The feet will match.

Overall, these shoes are outstanding. These are best for newcomers since they remain aggressive, that opt for these shoes.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Highly durable
  • Provides excellent stability
  • Excellent grip
  • Made from best material


  • A bit expensive

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

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If you have Wide feet, then these Shoes must perfect for you. If comfort is your need, then La Sportiva should be your number one choice. If you are looking for high-performance climbing shoes, then this Shoe also proves itself to be the best. This Shoe is also cool and has a unique design.

Furthermore, the La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace is constructed from leather and is extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear these shoes while going to the gym too. This Shoe offers you an all-around performance by assisting you in smearing, hooking and edging like a pro.

Moreover, rubber heel rand assists you to climb with no difficulty or cramping. Its breathability level is also highly admirable.

Besides, La Sportiva is made high-quality substance. Durability and stability are some of the many specialities of Shoe.

All in all, the Shoe is the best option for people having wide feet. It gives you all the comfort, breathability, durability, stability. Also, it is super light which would not trouble you in climbing. Say bye-bye to your camps and pains.


  • It has a fast lacing system.
  • Gives all-around performance
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Provides stability
  • Built to last
  • Imported


  • Not good smearing

Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Climbing Shoe

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These shoes are mostly made for the newcomer climbers with wide feet, to provide the maximum comfort in climbing. Black Diamond is so comfortable to wear. If you wear it all day long, you will not feel uneasy and tired. If you have a perfect shoe size, you won’t face any issues. Breathability is one of the best features.

Additionally, the 4.3mm Neo Friction sole gives maximum durability and make sure that your performance is regular. Moreover, Shoe’s sole is the best part of it which makes it last longer than usual. If you buy these shoes, your climbing will appear a whole lot comfortable.

Furthermore, the good thing about these shoes is that it minimises the stress on your joints and provides you with more power to get yourself to win your goals.

The black diamond also has an excellent lace-up system to fit the adjustability. There is always an issue to find perfect Shoe for wide feet, but if you buy these shoes, there is no best option.


  • Provides all-day comfort
  • Excellent breathability
  • It lasts for a long time
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Additional snug make sure outstanding performance


  • Has low friction rubber

Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe 2019

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If you are looking for a perfect shoe design for a gym session or scaling, then this one is the best option for you. Its material quality is pretty much okay, fits well, make sure fantastic performance in any way times. Moreover, it matches really tight and guarantees you straightforward every kind of pains once you have the ideal size.

If you are going to take part in any activity that demands shoes that absorb all kinds of aggressiveness and stress, this ideal for you.

Besides, climb X is cushioned in a way that each buyer feels comfortable in them. They do not have any sort of cramping. The shoes are also designed to be tight to increase grip.

Lastly, its price is also affordable, and you are ensured of getting value.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Pocket friendly
  • Fits perfectly
  • Enhances performance
  • Padded collar
  • Has heel for comfort


  • Its rubber is not so well in quality

Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe

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Five Ten Men’s is another quality shoe designed with high-quality microfiber polyester. This Shoe will provide you with the ultimate comfort. This Five Ten climbing shoe is constructed in a way that it allows for the perfect fit to the people with wide feet.

Besides, the Shoe is designed with the combination of rubber sole for comfortable edging and smearing, and the Ultrathin Stealth HF rubber. Its increased elasticity on the toes side assists to get a perfect grip of your toes and hence makes sure the better performance from your side.

Moreover, the Velcro brand Strap and extended toe rand are the main features of this Shoe.

This Climbing Shoe is perfect for beginners, intermediate and pros as well. The Shoe is also highly durable, and you can surely rely on it. The best feature of this Shoe is its versatility. Overall, you can make use of its indoor activities as well as outdoor. It is the best choice for people with wide feet.


  • Fit perfectly
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Has amazing breathability
  • Decent climbing Shoes


  • Its rubber is not long-lasting

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

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Evolv Shaman features excellent fit, thanks to Velcro Strap closure that pulls the sole of the Shoe up to arches of your feet.

The Shoe also has a unique “love bump” of rubber placed below the toe which fills dead space while providing energy to the toes when you are edging on small footholds.

Moreover, they are surprisingly comfy. The Shoe also has rubber stains when we discuss the comfort of these climbing shoes.

Besides, these climbing shoes are designed from leather and microfiber. The Shoe also does not stretch much. You may need to buy the dimensions of your sneakers or just half sizes below. Overall, you can wear these shoes for the health club, sport, and other tasks but while scaling.


  • Cosy
  • It contains Velcro Strap
  • Toe Straps
  • Designed with hundred per cent leather
  • It also has the rubber patch above the feet


  • Lacks sensitivity


Keep remembering you deserve the best. You need not compromise on any of the features of your climbing shoes. If you have wide feet, choosing your shoes might be a great deal for. That is why we have provided information in every corner, so you don’t need to go from one place to another to find features and kinds of best climbing shoes for wide feet.

Every time select the best material and size of your climbing shoes. We have reviewed everything that you need to know.

All the climbing shoes are pretty good for wide feet offers ideal comfort and support.

Meanwhile, the winner in our list of climbing shoes for wide feet is Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe. This Shoe is unique from other items because of its amazing features. It offers unique soft rubber, high friction toe patch for toe hooking, durability, stability and comfort.

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