Affordable 7 Best Crappie Rods For Catching More Crappie Fish

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Crappie is, opposite to their name might suggest, a prevalent type of fish anglers seek out. Crappie is a part of the Sunfish family; little fish remains inside the freshwater in the region of US. They are primarily recognized to be the finest tasting clean water species, which provide them with a fantastic catch for anglers.

 So, if you want to catch a Crappie fish, then it’s necessary to Possess the right rod for this task. You will find so many brands that work well. But, we have reviewed all best Crappie Rods quality rods in our article, which you would love to have. Our recommended rods will maximize your chances of catching the fishes.

  1. Zebco combo Reel And Crappie Rod
  2. Daiwa D-Shock Crappie Rod And Reel Combo
  3. B’n’m Duck Commander Ultralight Crappie Rod
  4. Shakespeare Light Power Spinning Crappie Fishing Rod
  5. Lew’s Fishing Mr Crappie Slab Daddy 2 Pc Rods
  6. St. Croix PS70MHF Premier Graphite Spinning Rod
  7. Cadence Spinning Rod

Before you read the full review of each of the products, take a look at the following information which will help you in making your decision.


Below is a list of our favourite fishing gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

  1. Best Fishing Reel: Penn Squell Level
  2. Baits For Rainbow Trout: Berkley Power Bait 
  3. Best Indore Fishing Rod: Royale Legend
  4. Best Ultralight Fishing Rod: KastKing Perigee II
  5. Best Spinning Reel Under 100: Daiwa BG Spinning Reel
  6. Best Walleye Trolling Lure:  Original Floater Fishing Lure
  7. Best Pike Lure:  Jerk Bait Fishing Lure from Rapala
  8. Best Fishing Kayak under 1000: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  9. Best Fishing Kayak under 300: Sun Dolphin Journey 10
  11. Best Fishing Gloves: BERKLEY FISHING GLOVES
  12. Best Fishing Cooler: AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler
  13. Best Portable Fish Finder: Reel Sonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Sonar
  14. Best Inflatable Fishing Boat: Sea Eagle Green
  15. Best Fluorocarbon Line: KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

Table of Contents

A Buyer’s Guide To Buy the Best Crappie Rods

Crappie Rods Comes in various lengths, actions, and powers. But there is one thing in general, that they assist you to adjust the hook softly while still detecting nibbles.

Power of The Crappie Rods

Power means how much force is needed to bend a Crappie Rod. Its power shows how it will work. You will need a stiff rod to catch a massive fish such as tarpon or pike. But for Crappie fish, an enormous monster will not harm to break your tackle.

You always have to keep this factor in mind while purchasing a Crappie Rod, that how its action will perform together with its power.

The material of The Crappie Rods

Ultralight Crappie Rods are the finest and the lightest material that is highly durable in graphite. Graphite has exceptionally lightweight material, which is excellent for extra-long Crappie Rods. Furthermore, it is pretty sensitive, any tiny nudges from fishes, you feel along the length of the Crappie fishing rods.

Action and Flexibility of the Crappie Rods

The action of a pole recognized as the pace. At which the toe of the rod comes back to the exact straight place after flexed. It has three types of actions as slow, medium and fast. Deliberate action is best for Crappie fishing rods, although you may lose some sensitivity. Commonly, you will see Crappie fishing poles with ultralight to low and moderate light power, which is excellent for these delicate fish. 

Length of The Crappie Rods

The length of the crappie rods will vary according to your choice and the place where you will do fishing. The moderate size of Crappie fishing rods is about 10 feet in length, but its maximum size is about 16 feet long. Commonly, the more you love to caste, the longer your rod must be. But, you will have to sacrifice weight and portability alongside the longer Crappie Rods. Crappies are the species which may hide in shallow waters with many plants and rocks.

It will become frustrating for you to catch the crappies. Importantly, a longer Crappie Rod can offer you find on where the species are hiding. So, a longer Crappie fishing rod can become pretty handy for you to catch Lineen fishes.

Lightweight Line and lure

You will wish to utilize a lightweight line and lure, to match an ultralight Crappie fishing rod.

Lightweight baits and lures of your Crappie Rods will not tear the fish’s mouth and wouldn’t weigh down your Crappie pole.

Guides used by Crappie Rods

Guides are rings located on a crappie fishing pole. Guides function is to put a fishing line in place. Best Crappie Rods use stainless steel guides as they are less dense but durable, which is crucial when you try to put a fishing line in sequence.

Handle for the Best Crappie Rods

You have to buy a handle for Crappie Rods which is uncomplicated to utilize, easy to control and is comfortable. The grip is the guide for your Crappie fishing pole, and you will depend on its durability to reel in a catch.

FAQs About the Best Crappie Rods

Q. How to choose the best Crappie Fishing Rods?

Before buying the best crappie rod, you need to read all the buying guides. These guidelines will assist you to obtain the best crappie rods.

Q. What are the advantages of the Crappie rods?

Fishes have exceptional hearing capabilities so, they can feel you coming. So, you can use a crappie rod to avoid this problem. Rods can cast far, which will benefit you.

Q. What is the best way to utilize the Crappie Fishing Rods?

Crappie Fishing Rods are specifically made to catch the crappie fishes. They include features like, being ultralight, durable that makes them best for crappie fishing. You can also use these rods with other species. Crappie fishing rods provide few fantastic benefits for catching the skittish Crappie.

Q. What is the best rod for crappie fishing?

Most of the professional Fisherman’s agree on the following qualities that are necessary to get the finest rod for crappie fishing. Its size must be between 5-7 feet. The experts mostly prefer this size range that can be handled easily too. There will be fewer chances of being damaged because of the medium size and excellent quality.

Some of the people also prefer long size while keeping stretching ability in view. The second quality that a rod must have is flexibility. The more the rod has the flexibility, the fewer the chances of being damaged. You can also go for light graphite rods. After that, the weight and at the last price matters.

Q. What is the best crappie rod and reel?

It is necessary to choose the right tool for the job if you want to maximize your crappie catch. The overall best crappie rod and reel must be an ultralight or small spinning combo. Besides the handle grip also matters and must be of the top quality. Its flexibility and refinement with light line make it the perfect choice among all the fishing rods.

The reel must be spinning and suave to get the perfect reel choice. In fishing, the overall weight also matters. The average value is 4-6 Lbs. that is also known as the most used weight. To get the perfect rod and reel, these qualities must be kept in mind.

Q. How long should a crappie rod be?

More the shorter size more be the grip of the rod. The average size that is mostly preferred is 8-10 feet. To get more comfort and to handle grip, the shorter length of the rod is chosen.  Mostly the beginners use shorter length rods because these can be handled easily. Small size is the keywhen fishing brushy areas and overhanging extremities. So, short size is mostly preferred and great choice for beginners as well as professionals.

Some of the people use long length rods because they are well experienced and trained so, they handle them easily.

Q. What is the best month to catch crappie?

There is no one exact month for catching crappie. Most experts said that spring is the perfect season to catch crappie. Spring season affords the perfect chance to catch most of them. This is because fishes start moving towards the spawn in spring. There is no more excellent option to catch crappie than in spring. An expert quoted that 75% of crappies can be caught during spring because they move near the surface of the water.

Another reason is that at the spawning position there is not only small fish that is easy to catch while there are lots of them. So, the perfect opportunity is spring season; you can get a bundle of crappies without challenging efforts.

Q. What is the best bait for crappie?

Anything that takes the attention of the crappie towards the lure seems to be the perfect bait to catch a crappie. Minnows, worms, and insects have mostly used baits that can catch their attention and makes the work easy for the fisherman. When you throw them in the water, they will be eating any way. So, the baits mentioned above are best to catch crappie and saves your time.

Best Crappie Rods Review

Zebco combo Reel And Crappie Rod

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Zebco combo Reel And Crappie Rod is our top pick in this list for the option of left or right hand retrieve. By using this design, you can make use of your both sides to reel in the catch or reverse it for each trip if you are an ambidextrous fisherman. It has all the metal gears plus is highly durable. An anti-reverse quality makes it fantastic for the controlled Fishing line. With the excellent Crappie Fishing pole, you can cast far and abruptly reel in your catch.

Key Specifications of Zebco combo Reel And Crappie Rod

  • Dimensions: 4×5×55 inches
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Pieces: Two
  • Power: light
  • Action: light
  • Line’s weight: 6 pounds
  • Material: metal


  • Have right and left hand retrieve so that you can use both hands
  • Fishing is smooth and control because of anti-reverse feature
  • Highly durable because of metal gears
  • Has very uncomplicated casting
  • Great for a beginner
  • Its price is easily affordable for everyone
  • Highly durable


  • Its length is a little short
  • Its reel might be smoother

  1. B’n’m Duck Commander Ultralight Crappie Rod

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If you are a beginner or intermediate fisherman, then this product is precisely for you. According to my experience, this provides all the essential requirements for fishing Crappie species. B’n’M duck commander is high quality and robust Crappie Fishing Rod because of Modulus graphite and Portuguese cork. Further, you can use it easily because of its double touch system. It is effortless to cast, and the cork handles. Your line will remain the same with stainless steel guides as it is best for fresh fisherman as it has perfect balance and action for getting any type of Crappie.

Key Specifications of B’n’m Duck Commander Ultralight Crappie Rod

  • Action: Ultralight
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Material: Stainless steel, Modulus graphite and Portuguese cork
  • Pieces: 2
  • Length: 6 feet


  • Portuguese handle contains a danger-free grip
  • Good balance and action makes it best for Fresher
  • Its Modulus graphite is strong and secure


  • Unavailable in the longer length

  1. Shakespeare Light Power Spinning Crappie Fishing Rod

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This product is also our best pick in the list. Shakespeare Light Power Spinning is precisely appropriate for the versatile fishermen who love to catch types of Crappie fish species. Shakespeare offers their pole as a combo fishing rod and Spinning reel to increase any Crappie Fishing techniques. Everything which you need to get started. It is also durable and robust because of lightweight graphite construction and aluminium spool.

Key Specifications of Shakespeare Light Power Spinning Crappie Fishing Rod

  • Length: 9 feet
  • Power: light
  • Action: fast 
  • Size: ¼ ounce to ¼ ounce lure size
  • Line weight: 4- pounds
  • Pieces: 2


  • Has a sturdy backbone
  • Has an anti-reverse reel 
  • Durable
  • Enhance the fishing techniques
  • Graphite construction and aluminium spool makes it durable


  • It’s not much more sensitive.

  1. Lew’s Fishing Mr Crappie Slab Daddy 2 Pc Rods

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The real feature of this Crappie Fishing Rod is its extended length. Its length is up to 12 feet which offer very long casts. Moreover, it contains sturdy stainless steel guides along with aluminium oxide inserts. These sturdy stainless steel are so smooth you will feel like your line is gilding in the butter. Furthermore, you can breakdown it, as it has a large size.

Its rod features a smooth EVA foam handle that will save your hands from being stuff while doing fishing for a long time.

Key Specifications of Lew’s Fishing Mr Crappie Slab Daddy 2 Pc Rods

  • Length: 9 foot to 12-foot length
  • Rod: Fiberglass rod
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: light
  • Line weight: 4 to 10 pounds
  • Pieces: 2 pieces of construction
  • Material: fibreglass
  • Handle: EVA Foam


  • Its length is too long
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Have a smooth handle
  • Easily portable
  • Stainless steel hook gripLine accurately guide your line and make it tangle-free
  • Best for travelling


  • Not durable 

Daiwa D-Shock Crappie Rod And Reel Combo

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The Daiwa Crappie Fishing Rod is the best product for beginners. The rod has a feature of light actin function for an ultra-smooth retrieve. The Crappie Rod also has fibreglass made rod to increase its fisherman working. Line speed is breakneck because of the fibreglass construction. It also provides more durable, flexible and minimum brittle ending to your Crappie Rod.

Daiwa Crappie Fishing Rod also features an ultralight graphite reel body. It comes with a one year warranty.

Key Specifications of Daiwa D-Shock Crappie Rod And Reel Combo

  • Length: 7 inches
  • Power: medium
  • Line Capacity: 8/10 lbs 
  • Reel gear ratio: 5:0:1


  • It has ABS machined aluminium spool
  • Highly affordable price
  • Contains flexible Fiberglass construction
  • Two-line twist reduction


  • There are no cons for the product

6. St. Croix PS70 MHF Premier Graphite Spinning Rod

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The only thing a fisherman needs is a durable and great quality fishing rod that s one and only St. Croix PS70MHF Premier Graphite spinning Rod. It has the top-notch quality andperfect choice for the people who need high quality at an affordable price. The grip of the rod is pretty good that provides the fisherman complete comfort. You can easily catch a fish with this rod because of its satisfactory grip and stainless steel. The rod is ultra-light weight, and that’s why it is mostly preferred.

Key Specifications of St. Croix PS70MHF Premier Graphite Spinning Rod

  • Dimensions: 84x3x3 Inches
  • Length: 7 Feet
  • Pieces: One
  • Action: Fast
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Material: The Materials Used in it are pretty good.
  • Power: MH
  • Warranty: 5 Years


  • Strong Grip
  • Outstanding strength and sensitivity
  • Premium Quality SCII Carbon
  • Excellent Quality Cork Handle


  • Not too much durable
  • Heavy Lure

7. Cadence Spinning Rod

If you are going on an adventure and having a plan of fishing, then do not forget to take Cadence Fishing Rod with you. The beautiful and eye-catching design of the rod makes it more preferable. The incredible quality of the rod makes it the perfect at a budget friendly price.

The stainless steel is used I these rods that’s make them super durable. 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank is used in these rods that make them most muscular, lightweight, and stable than other fishing rods. Fuji Reel Seat is a comfortable and ergonomic design.

Key Specifications of Cadence Spinning Rod

  • Length: 4-8 Feet (Varies From Model To Model)
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Pieces: Both One and Two (Varies From Model To Model)
  • Action: Moderate
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Material: High Power-X strengthens the whole body


  • CR5-30 Ton Carbon Coating makes it stronger.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Top-Notch Quality


  • Thread Quality Is not much satisfactory.
  • New Models are a little bit heavier

8. Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner Spin Rod

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Getting a classy design, high quality, and durable price crappie rod is a tricky thing. Fenwick Elite rods are the perfect choice for the people who want to start fishing or already a fisherman. Its body is powerful and can handle sudden shocks easily without being damaged. These rods offer balanced actions and frivolous relaxation in its class. These rods are durable and can be carried easily for a long time. The frame of the crappie rod is made up of titanium, and a plus point is that it is bulletproof! As the rod is bulletproof so, it can resist sudden shocks without being scratched.

Key Specifications Of Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner Spin Rod

  • Dimensions: 47×2.9×2.8 Inches
  • Length: 6.’8 Feet
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Pieces: 2 Piece
  • Action: Light
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Material: Titanium that makes the rod bulletproof


  • Bulletproof
  • Rod
  • Ultra-Light
  • Weight
  • Smooth
  • Grip


  • The cork handle is a little bit ruined

9. Berkley C-Series Crappie Pro Spinning Rod

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Are you watching for the perfect crappie spinning rod? The perfect choice is one and only Barkley C-Series Rod. Its qualities are worthy at such a budget-friendly price. This crappie rod is designed with a strong quality stainless steel and has a smooth grip that makes it more durable.

The spinning rod is enhanced quality and easy to use. Both beginners and professional Fisherman’s can use these rods without facing any difficulty or fatigue. The rod is made of titanium, excellent strength to weight titanium oxides enclosure stainless steel guides.

Key Specifications Of Berkley C-Series Crappie Pro Spinning Rod

  • Dimensions: 55x3x3 Inches
  • Length: 12 Feet
  • Power: Light
  • Pieces: 2 Piece
  • Action: Light
  • Material: Titanium Oxide
  • Warranty: No Warranty


  • EVA Power Grip (Smooth Grip)
  • Lightweight
  • Sensitive Rod Blank


  • Unsatisfactory Tip Quality
  • Not So much Durable

10. South Bend Crappie Stalker Jigging Rod

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Fisherman wants the two necessary qualities in a rod tips quality and grip. It is a blessing if you are getting both in one rod at an affordable price. South bend rod series are providing all these qualities in one rod. They aim to provide 100% comfort to the customer and release a quality product. The rod is made of graphite composite that makes the rod lightweight and comfortable.

EVA Handle is another reason for being comfortable and durable. The price of the rod is in the range of many people, and the qualities meet with their requirements; that’s why this is the finest choice.

 Key Specifications Of South Bend Crappie Stalker Jigging Rod

  • Dimensions: 55×1.4×0.8 Inches
  • Length: 9 Feet
  • Power: Moderate
  • Action: Light
  • Pieces: 2 Piece
  • Material: Graphite composite rod and reel seat. Stainless Steel moderated Hoods.
  • Warranty: No Warranty


  • High-Vis Rod Tip
  • Graphite Coated Rod Makes it more Durable.
  • Smooth Handle
  • Portable


  • Much Heavier
  • Cannot resist shocks

11. Entsport E-Series Fishing Rods

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The tremendous features of entsport e-series fishing rods are at a budget-friendly price. The excellent quality of rod, enhanced design, smooth grip, and corrosion-resistant reel seat are few features of the following series rods. Solid fiber construction maximizes the strength and durability of the rod while maintaining the sensitivity.

The high-density EVA handles are used in these rods that enhance the grip of the crappie rod and deliver maximum relaxation. All these specs are coming at a budget-friendly price, not only the price as well as the quality and durability is pretty good. You can handle this rod for a long time easily and use it without any fear of getting damaged.

Key Specifications of Entsport E-Series Fishing Rods

  • Dimensions: 47x1x1 Inches
  • Length: 7 Feet
  • Power: Moderate
  • Pieces: 2 Piece
  • Action: Medium and Medium-Heavy
  • Material: 24-Ton Carbon Fiber and Corrosion Resistant Reel Seat
  • Warranty: No.


  • Unique and Enhanced Design
  • 24-Ton Carbon Fiber
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • High-Density EVA Handles


  • Small Size (7 Feet)
  • Unsatisfactory Tip Quality


Fishing for Crappie is an extraordinary experience that usually offers a delicious meal as Crappies are known as the top tasting freshwater fish. So if you are looking for fishing Crappie, then you need a Crappie Rod for it. You can choose any of these products because these will yield success for you. 

All in all, we hope we have successfully explained the features of the best rods and reels for your need. As with the appropriate rod, you will get years of excellent performance. That way for, you have t less time fiddling with your gear, and most time fishing.

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