These 7 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $300 Will Help Get You Whopping Catches

best kayak under 300

Kayaking has been a part of people’s lives for thousands of years. It has become a lot more popular lately. For a lot of people, it’s just fun. For others, it boosts physical, mental health, and vitality. Different kayaks fit different needs. This article is all about kayak fishing and the best fishing kayaks under 300 dollars.


Below is a list of our favourite fishing gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

  1. Best Fishing Reel: Penn Squell Level
  2. Baits For Rainbow Trout: Berkley Power Bait 
  3. Best Indore Fishing Rod: Royale Legend
  4. Best Ultralight Fishing Rod: KastKing Perigee II
  5. Best Spinning Reel Under 100: Daiwa BG Spinning Reel
  6. Best Walleye Trolling Lure:  Original Floater Fishing Lure
  7. Best Pike Lure:  Jerk Bait Fishing Lure from Rapala
  8. Best Fishing Kayak under 1000: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  9. Best Fishing Kayak under 300: Sun Dolphin Journey 10
  11. Best Fishing Gloves: BERKLEY FISHING GLOVES
  12. Best Fishing Cooler: AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler
  13. Best Portable Fish Finder: Reel Sonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Sonar
  14. Best Inflatable Fishing Boat: Sea Eagle Green
  15. Best Fluorocarbon Line: KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

Let’s have a look at some essential tips for kayak fishing.

Choosing the Right Paddle

The right paddle has to be long enough to reach the water but not be unmanageable. An angler’s height, weight, and paddling style determine the size of the paddle he should be using.

Getting a PFD

A Personal Flotation Device is more commonly known as a life jacket. The primary purpose of the jacket is to keep the fisher afloat in case of an accident. But you can find lifejackets that have pockets for carrying little tackle boxes for lures and hooks.

Dressing Right

Kayaking is an activity that brings one very close to the elements. This means one has to dress right for it. An angler should dress in lightweight, cool garments if they think they will be exposed to the sun. Wearing a hat and sunglasses would also be necessary for such conditions.

However, many times kayakers are in cool weather conditions. Wearing a wet suit helps keep the anglers warm and protects them from getting drenched. Wearing a shell jacket with a wet suit helps protect from cold winds.

Lure Selection

Bass are the most popular fish for kayak fishing. Make sure you have the right selection of lures ready to fish. Different types of lures are useful in reaching different sections of water. There are topwater lures, then crank baits or spinners that move horizontally, and then worm like soft baits that are for jigging or suspending.

Preparing your Rods

It can be a task switching between different baits depending on the behavior of the fish. It would be a good idea to instead have more than one rod ready with different types of bait. That way you only switch between rods and not baits. Keep your rod quiver ready!

Explore the Waters

Kayaks take you places. Anglers can glide between trees, through lily pads, and into tight spots to find fish. Kayaks give anglers the chance to choose their fishing spot.

Remain Hydrated:

Kayak fishing is an exercise. Anglers are likely to get thirsty and should carry sufficient drinking water. Dehydration can lead to other problems on the journey.

What to Expect while Kayak Fishing?

Here is a heads up for those giving kayak fishing their first shot:


Kayak fishing can make a first-time angler quite awkward. The kayak is likely to wobble. It may feel like the boat will tip over soon. This is when the stability of the kayak has to be trusted. It is easier said than done, but a kayaker has to loosen up a bit. With practice comes perfection, and anglers soon begin making standing casts from a kayak.


Paddling can be a lot of fun…. And work! Correct paddling helps save on energy that is needed later on while fishing. The forward stroke is the one most used. It is best to read up literature on correct paddling strokes and practice with patience to get it right.

Reeling in your Catch:

It is always an exciting moment when the line sizzles off the reel with the first catch! Reeling it in is where the struggle lies. With a bit of skill, this task can also be achieved, but the first time might feel a bit tricky in a kayak.

Here anglers will find information on kayaks that can be bought on a budget of $300 or less.

Review of the Best Fishing Kayak Under 300


Sun Dolphin Bali SS

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This is a sit-on-top sleek kayak. It is lightweight and easy to carry. At 8’ in size it weighs only 30 lbs. It can carry weight till around 197 lbs. The body of the kayak is built with durable UV-stabilized material.

The practical and intelligent kayak model is easy to paddle around in lakes and rivers. It offers great stability and tracking in water. Newbies will especially find it easier to maneuver.

The large cockpit lets riders get in and out easily. Riders of all sizes are able to fit well because of graduated foot wells. The foot wells also promote greater stability for the rider. The seat back is padded and adjustable. The storage system is sufficient for all necessary gear. There is a rigged deck and a dry storage space in the rear.


  • Rugged build
  • Anyone with basic or intermediate skills can handle it well
  • Arrives in good packaging
  • Handles on both ends make for easy carrying
  • Easily portable


  • Doesn’t have scupper holes
  • Not for open seas
  • The seat may seem uncomfortable to some

Sun Dolphin Journey 10

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This vessel is quite lightweight at 44 lbs. and is 10’ long. It’s easily portable that way. Retractable carry handles are given on both ends for easy carrying. It’s also quite stable because of its size. It does well in moderate currents and is not known to tip over. Anglers can access hard-to-reach spots in this boat.

There are plenty of storage options in this vessel. A large dry storage hatch, the Portable Accessory Carrier, keeps gear safe in the rear. The stern and the bow have rigged spaces, and there is another compartment in the front. A cup holder is given near the seating area. Little pockets on the sides are great for keeping a mobile phone or car keys. There are three-rod holders, including one that swivels, and a paddle holder.

The cockpit is spacious and allows trouble-free entry and exit. There are adjustable foot braces for an angler to find the right seating position. The seatback is padded, and there are thigh pads for increased comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • Spacious
  • Built with durable material
  • Generous storage


  • The seat is quite low
  • The seat isn’t padded
  • Spins a little when braking
  • Only allows 250 lbs weight limit

Sevylor Quikpak K-1

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This is an inflatable sit-on-top kayak. It has riders ready in a few minutes to hit the waters. It’s built with a high-density, rugged PVC material. The bottom is a puncture-proof, durable tarpaulin. There are double lock valves that help in the pumping of the air, and in holding it. The kayak is as easy to deflate and pack as it is to set up. The airtight system prevents any leakage. Multiple chambers help keep the boat afloat if one of them is punctured.

The kayak weighs only 18 lbs and can carry weight around 400 lbs. It’s easily portable because of its lightweight and size. It comes with a collapsible paddle and is easy to store anywhere around the house.

The boat is really comfortable with a foamy seat and an adjustable backrest that a rider can lean back in. Regardless of their height, an angler can easily stretch his legs in the multi-level footrests.

The storage spaces are quite convenient. There’s a bungee-equipped storage space in the front and a cup holder within the rider’s reach.


  • Lightweight kayak
  • Comes in a dry backpack
  • Easy setup
  • Durable
  • Ensures a safe journey with the multiple chambers


  • Paddle is of a poor quality
  • Storage space is not enough
  • Not recommended for use in rough waters

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

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This sit-on-top kayak has been specially designed for children and gives them an opportunity to learn kayaking. It is light weight but known to be sturdy in water. It weighs only 18 lbs and has a weight capacity of 130 lbs. It’s been built with durable, impact-resistant material to bear all kinds of wear and tear.

The most attractive feature is its sloped back-end. It helps children re-enter the boat easily in case they fall over. There are molded in finger handles on the sides for better safety of young riders. Multiple foot rest options make the boat suitable for children of different sizes. It comes in attractive colors that increase the visibility of the boat.

The scupper holes drain the cockpit of water. The wide stance of the boat makes it extremely stable. It has a twin fin design that enhances the boat’s tracking. It comes with a paddle that children can hold easily. Children can drag the watercraft with a toggle in the front.


  • Comfortable and secure design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a paddle
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The seat isn’t padded and does not have a back rest
  • The paddle may not be easy to manage for children of all sizes

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

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This inflatable, tandem kayak has a sleek design and a durable build. It’s built with heavy-duty vinyl that is hugely puncture resistant. The I-beam floor of the boat is rigid and sturdy. When inflated, it measures 10’ long and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The striking color of the boat makes it highly visible in the water.

The design of the boat helps it manage waves and slightly rough waters. It’s also equipped with a removable skeg that enhances stability. Grab lines are given on both ends for effortless towing and anchoring. Carry handles on either end of the boat helps carry or drag the boat. There’s a drainage hole that is sealed during the journey, but helps clear out the water after the journey is over.

The seats and the backrests are adjustable and offer different seating options. The cockpit is spacious and comfortable.

It has a quick and easy set up. The kayak folds into a small size that makes it easy to carry and store. Setting up the boat takes barely few minutes because of the BOSTON valves. They help fill the boat with air without letting any air escape. Deflating the boat is equally easy with these valves. Multiple air chambers will keep the boat afloat even if one of them loses air.


  • Comes with a repair kit, oars and a hand pump
  • Compact
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be used solo


  • Leg space is insufficient
  • Paddles are not sturdy or long enough
  • The skeg can fall off and get misplaced
  • Doesn’t offer great storage space


Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe

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This inflatable tandem kayak weighs only 26 lbs and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. It has been designed to be easy to carry, inflate, and deflate. It’s built with extra-thick, puncture-resistant material. It can withstand most weather conditions. I-beam tubes, running along the floor, give it a sturdy feel.

The padded seats included are comfortable and can be placed anywhere in the kayak. This allows for more space, and solo fishing. Riders can comfortably lean back in the seats for a more comfortable experience.

A scupper hole keeps the water out of the boat, ensuring a pleasant experience. It comes with foldable paddles that are easy to store and carry. The boat is fitted with two non-removable skegs to ensure smooth tracking. The skegs are fitted and protected in a way that they don’t bend in water. It maneuvers well, and hardly ever tips over.

Setting up the boat is a trouble-free process with the step-by-step manual that comes with it. It comes with a foot pump that helps inflate the boat with ease.


  • Good value for money
  • 5 one way valves that help with proper flow
  • Quick set up
  • Comfortable seating
  • Offers great stability


  • Doesn’t track too well
  • Instruction manual is wordy
  • Is a bit too buoyant and sits high in the water
  • Inflating the kayak is a bit time consuming with its many valves and spray skirts

Sun Dolphin Bali SS

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The Sun Dolphin Bali SS is light weight, has a spacious cockpit, and is easy to carry. The open cockpit helps with easy entry and exit. At 10’ long and 44 lbs, it has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

The boat is constructed with rugged UV-stabilized material that keeps it from getting weathered. It’s a wide vessel that makes it more controllable on the water. It has a V-shaped hull at the bow and the stern that give it smooth tracking.

Storage space is ample with a Portable Accessory Carrier, and a storage well protected by bungee cords at the bow. There are side pockets where quick snacks like chips or peanuts could be stored. In front of the seat is a storage hatch and a cup holder. There’s a bungeed space right next to the cup holder for a water bottle or something similar.

Paddling this kayak is a comfortable experience with padded thigh braces, adjustable foot braces, and a soft back rest. The foot braces help anglers adjust their legs as they like. There is a molded-in paddle holder and carrying handles on either end.


  • Is available in various colors to choose from
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Light weight
  • Easily portable
  • Comfortable and spacious


  • The material of the boat is durable but tends to get scratched
  • The water craft is slow
  • The seat isn’t padded


The kayak of my choice would be the Sun Dolphin Journey 10.  For a hard shell, it is lightweight and compact. It glides through small spaces and reaches difficult spots with ease. Its width helps it remain stable in the water. It’s easily portable because of its size, and the carry handles. It fits into most trucks conveniently.

Though it’s compact, it has excellent storage options. There are storage hatches, rigged spaces, and rod holders. Then there are smaller compartments for other necessities. One can plan a hassle-free trip on this boat.

The padded seat back and the thigh pads make the journey a lot more comfortable. A paddle holder lets anglers fish in peace as their paddle remains secure. It functions smoothly on rivers and streams with slow-moving waters.

This kayak is a must-have for fishers because of the variety of features it offers.

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