Have Warm Coffee When You Have These 8 Best French Press for Camping with You

Best French Press for Camping

Having a nice French press is no less than a blessing while camping. Only people who love coffee and camping can understand how important the French press is. To find the best French press for camping can be a difficult task. So, to help you in finding the best one we have prepared a guide. Let’s look at the best French press to get a chance of spending a wonderful weekend with a cup of hot coffee on a camping trip.


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    6 Considerations Before Buying The Best French Press For Camping

    A French press is popular because of its simplicity, yet its wonders can do on a camping trip. There are a wide variety of models of French press available. These following features should be considered before buying a French press.

    1. Durability

    Everyone wants a press that lasts longer. Glass carafe should be avoided when it comes to durability. It has the most chances to break during cleaning and make hazards happen in the dishwasher. Many experienced campers use stainless steel carafe because it is durable and holds heat better.

    2. Filtration and Seal

    You need a filter if you don’t want to take loose grind or dark coffee on camping. It is essential to separate the liquid from solid, and for this reason, the French press comes with filtration and filters the coffee in the best way. Besides, you would also like a decent seal around the edge to confirm that no stragglers pass on the carafe side.

    3. Portability

    Since all you need is hot water, coffee, and a filter for making coffee, therefore the French press is a great option where there is no kitchen equipment available. If you want a press to take on the road, always check its weight and overall durability. (Glass carafe can make disasters).

    4. Price

    Not only have the high priced French press work great, but affordable ones also worked fine. Many manufacturers introduce wallet-friendly presses that give you even better value for money so, that coffee-making is not heavy on your pocket.

    5. Brew Time

    Everyone wants their morning brew on time, especially during camping, and those who drink four and five cups of coffee daily want a press that makes their coffee on time. They will always go for the fastest method. It will be useful to get the best and fastest French press for quick cuppa’ coffee.

    6. Capacity

    French presses are available in a different capacity. You can go for any French press, depending on your need. A French press with one-liter capacity will be good for a company of 2-4 people. The big one is ideal if more people are going camping, a big carafe can be filled with less water, but the smaller carafe can’t be filled with more water. Therefore, a bigger carafe would be better.

    Material Of French Presses

    A French press is available in different materials so you can select according to your liking and need.

    Glass French Presses

    The glass carafe is excellent for watching the coffee brew when you plunge it. It is fragile; therefore, you can go for borosilicate glass (non-breakable) to avoid breakage. Most of the glass press comes with plastic or metal braces to added protection. Having a durable base is also very important.

    Stainless Steel French Presses

    Stainless steel French press material helps to keep the heat for longer for a better coffee brew. It is also more durable compared to a French glass press and has a double-walled design.

    FAQs About the Best French Press for Camping

    ● Is a glass carafe will be fine to take along for camping?

    The glass carafe is more likely to break in a backpack or suitcase and not as durable as a stainless steel one.

    ● What is the best coffee for the French Press?

    It depends on your personal preference; however, medium and dark roasted beans will be perfectly fine in general.

    Review Of The Best French Press


    1. Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper

    It is specially designed to brew delicious coffee and gives a perfect brew every time. The Hario v60 plastic coffee dripper is lightweight and durable that can be easily carried for camping or even backpacking trips. It would be your top choice because of its affordability, superior brewing, and easy cleaning.


    ● It is heat resistant plastic material

    ● Cleanup is super easy

    ● It’s simple to use

    ● It is available in different colors

    ● It is made with high-quality material


    ● It has a bigger hole at the bottom which makes setting it up difficult

    ● It requires a shaped filter that is difficult to find if the original one gets broken

    2. Primula Brew Buddy

    When it comes to making coffee, Primula Brew Buddy is an inexpensive and most effective maker. It is small and weighs 3.5 ounces that can be a good option for camping and traveling. It fits in every mug and is very simple to use. The coffee is placed within the filter, and hot water is poured through it. The brewer prepares a hot cup of tasty coffee in a very little time. It would be perfectly fine to take it for early morning day hikes.


    ● It is lightweight

    ● It is simple to use

    ● It is affordable

    ● It is perfect for everyday use at home, the office, traveling, or camping.

    ● It has a reusable extra-fine mesh filter.


    ● It requires patience when brewing a larger cup

    ● It is flimsy

    ● It is not durable

    3. Aeropress Coffee And Espresso Maker

    It is the most popular espresso maker that is simple to use and fits into anyone’s camping kit. The brewing takes over 2 minutes only. It can only make a cup of coffee at one time, therefore perfect for small groups. It has excellent micro filters that produce a smooth coffee without sacrificing the flavor.


    ● It is lightweight

    ● It is ideal for backpacking

    ● It is travel friendly

    ● It has high-quality microfilters

    ● It is easy to use and clean

    ● It makes fine and smooth coffee


    ● The mug is not included

    ● It is heavy weighted

    ● It is very small

    4. Espro Double P1 Walled Stainless Steel French Press

    The best self-contained mug that is very easy to use to make your coffee. It is specially designed for traveling and camping. It does not require paper filters because it has two mesh filters in this press. The double-insulated design keeps coffee warm for many hours. It is lightweight and the best choice for traveling or camping.


    ● Microfilters give rich flavor without any grit in your mug

    ● The insulated, double-walled stainless-steel keeps brew warm for hours

    ● It won’t break

    ● It is durable

    ● It won’t leak when traveling


    ● It brews just 12 oz.

    ● Hard to pull the plunger after some time

    ● It’s hard to get a good grip on the lid

    5. Bodum Chambord French Press

    The affordability of this press makes it accessible for everyone. Having a low price tag but still well-designed and durable. It is German-made borosilicate glass that won’t break easily. The plastic components are BPA free. It has a heat-resistant handle that protects hands and fingers when you are pouring hot water. It is best for traveling and easy to clean.


    ● It has stainless steel plunger

    ● The beaker, filter, and plunger are dishwasher safe

    ● It extracts the perfect amount of essentials oils and acids from the coffee

    ● It has heat resistant glass

    ● It is available in different sizes


    ● Glass is breakable

    ● It only has one filter

    ● It does not clean coffee as properly as the micro-filters or dual-screens do

    6. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee And Tea Maker (Black)

    It is a high-quality French press. The plastic parts are very thick and sturdy, and it has a nice glass carafe. The handle is heat resistant, and the glass keeps the heat in while brewing. It’s super easy to clean, and pouring is effortless. If you are looking for a nice quality French press for a single-serve coffee, this definitely is one for you.


    ● Does not required paper filters or plastic capsules

    ● Carafe made of Borosilicate Glass that won’t break easily

    ● It has a heat-Resistant glass

    ● The plunger made from stainless steel


    ● Can break after some use 

    ● Plastic components will break easily

    ● Screen plunger does not move smoothly

    ● Plunger make a scratching noise

    7. Stanley Brew French Press

    The amazing all in one pot that brews coffee, boil water, and cooks food. It has a stainless steel pot that can be directly put on a camp stove. It has a folding handle and nesting design. It weighs 32-ounce. The double-wall stainless carafe holds heat well. It is best for people who want a high-quality French press.


    ● BPA-free insulated plastic coffee mug

    ● The handle folds flat for easy packing

    ● It is very compact

    ● Keeps coffee hot for hours


    ● It is slow

    ● Coffee becomes bitter in it after 10 minutes

    ● It is costly

    8. Mueller French Press

    It is a German-designed French press at an affordable price. It will look great at your kitchen counter. It is a double-wall stainless steel design that keeps coffee warmer for hours. It can also make cold brew coffee. If you are looking for a stylish press, you can go for it.


    ● It is affordable

    ● It keeps coffee warmer for hours

    ● It has a triple-layer filter

    ● It is rustproof

    ● It includes a nice jar for measurements


    ● The finer mesh screen requires more force to press through the coffee


    A perfect cup of coffee is an essential part of camping for many people. For this reason, all they need is the best coffee maker to make a fine and smooth cup. Aeropress coffee and espresso maker wins among all these products. This coffee and espresso maker has high-quality micro filters that make fine and flavored coffee. It is lightweight and ideal for camping or backpacking trips. The lightweight feature makes it travel-friendly, and its affordability attracts everyone. If you want a hot coffee cup without sacrificing its flavor, then the Aeropress coffee maker gives you a wonderful start to your day.

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