Avid Anglers Use These 8 Best Secret Baits for Rainbow Trout For Awesome Results

Best Secret Baits for Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are one of the most beautiful and the easiest fish to catch. They are present in many rivers and lakes, which is why they are popular among fly fishers. Even though it is easy to find a rainbow trout, but the right baits are crucial for catching them. We are going in depth in reviewing the best secret baits for rainbow trout in this article.

Before jumping into a detailed review, let’s examine few important things about the best secret baits for rainbow trout.

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An intro to Rainbow Trout

Trout is one of the fish stocked in many rivers or lakes, and those fish eat a great variety of lure or baits. However, sometimes the stocked trout are picky and are not compelled by the lure you throw them. That is why you have to try different types of bait until they like it and eat it. Most of the trout that the fishermen catch weights 1/3 to 3 lbs. Trout along with Panfish and Largemouth Bass are the most common fishes which professional fishers and laymen’s pursue.

Best Secret Baits for Rainbow Trout

How to tackle a caught rainbow trout?

When you go for trout fishing, you should use the lightest line that you have. It is because a trout has fantastic eyesight which can see the fishing line if it’s too thick or too visible inside the water –so your trout can get scared and run away. Apart from the lightest string, you should also have a rod with a soft tip because the rainbow trout shake their head very vigorously to release themselves from the hook.

Our rod should be able to absorb those shakes with the soft tip without breaking or pulling the hook. The soft tip is ideal in heavily pressured areas of trout and still waters because they can suspect that you are fishing. You will see an exceptional difference between the number of bites with a light line and fewer bites with a heavy fishing line.

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Tips for Fishing Trout

If you are fishing for trout in a lake or river with which you are not familiar, then the right way of analyzing the area is to start with the end of where the water is flowing or where there is current. Those are the spots where fish always assemble and congregate. You can put a rod with a worn, cast it, and then connect a strike indicator of any type to the rod. Then you can roam around other places and fish there for a while with different kinds of lures. If you don’t find anything worthwhile around the area, then you can return to where you put the rod and see its condition.

If you don’t find anything there too, then move to a new place but always keep an eye out for any kind of fish activity like trout rising to catch insects, birds diving in to catch fish or fish chasing the bait.

If you are fishing in clear water, then try different lures and see how fish react to each. If they like a specific bait, then use it on them and also on other spots. However, a word of warning that catching fish in clear water is hard because fish can see you, and they don’t come anywhere near humans.

Best Secret Baits for Rainbow Trout

Lures for rainbow trout

Rainbow trout eat various kinds of different lures like spoons, jigs, spinners, and plugs. Whenever you go for trout fishing, make sure you pack a variety of different lures so that you have options when the trout don’t like one of the lures. You try another.

Another tip to successfully lure trout is to use fish attractant. The fish attractant is a scent that attracts fish to the lure, and they eat it. These are such strong scents that they work even in strong current waters, but they are especially crucial in still and murky water. Insects can also be used as a lure for fish because fish come to the surface to eat any small insects. As we said, trout are picky eater when they want to eat insects; they only eat insects and ignore any other food around them

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Baits for rainbow trout

The most popular bait for trout is the PowerBait playdough substance (reviewed below), which they love to eat. You take some dough and form it in a ball and put it in the hook between the weights. There are many colors and flavors of this dough, and it also doesn’t melt in the water. Apart from the playdough, trout likes to eat worm and maggots as bait.

A useful tip is injecting a worm or maggot in the air by a syringe so that it floats in the waters instead of setting in the bottom. This trick makes it easier for trout to find it and eat it.

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Feb 24, 2020 3. Maggots … An all-round classic bait for both Rainbow trout and Brown trout. Maggots have been a firm favourite bait for trout anglers for decades …

Frequently Asked Question The Best Secret Baits for Rainbow Trout

  • What is the best bait to catch trout?

Leland lures trout magnet neon kit is best for trout fishing because it is available in different colors and mostly used to catch trout fish. The pink grub would be your best jig to catch trout effortlessly and it won’t tear easily.

  • What color Powerbait is best for trout?

There are different colors for trout fishing to use in different weather conditions. For example, plain yellow color for sunny days. Chartreuse for cloudy days and orange or pink for windy days.

  • What size of trout bait will work best?

The tiny bait has more chances for trout bite. Therefore, always choose small bait with the smallest treble hook because it would work best to catch trout.

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Review of 8 Best Secret Baits for Rainbow Trout

1. Panther Martin Holograph Trout

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Key Features

  • Very unique, easily lures fish.
  • Has smooth and fast spinning.
  • Concave and convex blades.
  • It causes sonic vibration to lure fish.
  • Heavy weighted.

This unique trout bait is available in multi colors to lure fish into biting it. The fish can’t resist the vibration waves caused by it. It has such sharp and quality hook blades that once the fish bites, it is unable to escape.


  • It is irresistible for fishes.
  • It has many colors
  • It has a high rate of catching fish.
  • It has a blade size of 1/8 oz.


  • It is heavier than other baits, so it sinks to the bottom of water.
  • It is small so not very visible to fishes
  • The product does not have good money value.
  • It has only two blade options

2. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

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Key Features

  • It has a unique spinning action.
  • Inline weighted body.
  • Pulsating tail to attract fishes.
  • Genuine brass, copper, or silver blades.
  • UV finishes.

The rooster tail lure is ideal for attracting fish. It is available in many sizes and colors. The genuine brass, copper, silver blades, and hooks ensure that the bait doesn’t rust and work a long time after coming in contact with water. There are also UV finishes available, which provide quality.


  • Tail plays a big part in luring fishes, especially trout.
  • The spinning blade ensures the catch doesn’t escape.
  • Many colors available to successfully lure fish
  • Multiple sizes and weights are available.


  • Sink to the bottom of the ocean because of the weight and get lost.
  • Not sensitive enough to tell about bites.
  • They can get snagged easily.
  • Sometimes they are not as picturized.

3. Mepps Plain Aglia Gold

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Key features

  • It is small in size for smaller fish.
  • Spinning blades for water disruption.
  • Versatile spinning of the blade for different water conditions.
  • It has a sharp treble hook.
  • Easily catches fish.

This lure is one of the most interesting inline spinner. It has a smaller appearance so it can attract and catch small fishes easily. The blades of the spinner help to disrupt the water, which attracts the nearby fish. The treble hooks allow the fish to stay caught in the hook. Small fishes like panfish, bass, walleye are easily caught with this lure.


  • It is small hence easy to carry around.
  • Water disruption helps fish in noticing this lure and eat it.
  • Treble hook is reliable and strong.


  • It can’t be used for catching big or heavy fishes.
  • The blade causes water disruption, which scares away the fish.
  • The small appearance is almost nonvisible to fish from far away.
  • It doesn’t have a size or weight options.

4. PowerBait Trout Fishing Bait

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Key features:

  • Made with the best material.
  • Helps fishermen and anglers to catch more fish.
  • Easily moldable.
  • Has a floating formula.
  • Has a scent that attracts fishes.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Available in many colors and flavors.

This material is nontoxic for the fish and the environment as well. It is easy to use and is available in multiple tastes and colors and can be in use to catch any fish according to the environment. It is one of the most trusted fishing gear in all fishing gears. One jar is enough for 5-10 fishing trips.


  • It has a good money value.
  • The floating formula helps fish in seeing the bait.
  • Easy to use because it is moldable.
  • Many colors and flavors are available to attract fishes (especially trout).


  • Doesn’t work on all fishes.
  • Doesn’t have a long shelf life (goes bad in a few weeks after opening)
  • Perishable item.

5. TOPFORT Fishing Lures

Key features:

  • Comes as a whole set.
  • Contains 20 various baits and lures.
  • Has a carry bag.
  • Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Baits available for both small and large fish.

If you have a rod, all you need is this set of fishing lures. These lures are ideal for any fishing expenditure; be in a closed space or a big ocean. It is an excellent kit for all fishing enthusiasts. The bag contains various sizes of lures and baits for all kinds of fishes and all sizes of fish.


  • Made of brass material.
  • 3D height simulation for eyes.
  • Has beads which make noises while floating.
  • Stroke precession.
  • Has treble hooks.


  • Not very easy to use.
  • Doesn’t provide good value for money.
  • The pouch is not of good quality.

6. Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit

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Key Features

  • It is pocket-size
  • It falls horizontally within the water
  • It is available in different colors

Leland lures trout magnet neon kit is one of the top lures of all time by Field and Stream magazine. It is one of the most used kits by many fishers and almost catches every fish that swims in the water. These lures fall horizontally instead of head weight that makes them different from other jigs. It is made with high-quality plastic which does not tear easily and durable enough for long use. Leland lures come with multiple colors to catch every fish easily. However, the pink grub works best to catch trout and other largemouth fish. The colors included in this kit are bright for an easy catch. Leland lures trout magnet neon kit is a travel-friendly and pocket-size kit that effortlessly adjusts in your tackle box.


  • It is affordable
  • It works best for both small and largemouth fish
  • It is made with high-quality plastic
  • It is ideal for trout fishing
  • The kit has lures with different sizes and colors
  • It won’t tear easily


  • It can not be used in saltwater
  • The hooks may break easily
  • It is not ideal for lakes

7. South Bend Kastaway Trophy Pack

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Key Features

  • It works best for Trout, Panfish, and Bass
  • It weighs only 1/4 Ounce
  • It has a metal construction

South Bend Kastaway trophy packs are metal spoons for catching big and smallmouth fish. There are three spoons available in one pack with different colors. These spoons are ideal for trout, panfish, and bass. South bend is one of the affordable brands that provide top quality fishing lures. These spoons come with high-quality hook & split rings. They are lightweight lures, however, heavy enough to work on windy conditions. They move very naturally in water and attract a high number of trouts and panfish. The different colors of these spoons work in different weather conditions so you can easily find a bite in every season.


  • They are perfect for catching big fish
  • They are less expensive than other brands
  • They are metal spoons
  • There are three spoons in one pack


  • It is not made for saltwater fishing
  • The hooks and split rings are not good enough
  • It is a little bit heavy

8. Jake’S Lures Spin Fishing Equipment

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Key Feature

  • It is made with high-quality material
  • It is ideal for Spin-casting, trolling, or jigging
  • It has an excellent casting distance

Jake’s lure spin is number one in fishing sports because of its unique action and style. It is ideal for spin-casting, trolling, or jigging. Its unique spinning action drives fish crazy and you easily get a catch in a short time with less effort. This lure attracts fish very quickly because of its gold color with red dots on it, and the moving action is so natural to get a bite. It is durable enough to use in every weather condition or to catch any fish. It works great for crappie and trout fishing.


  • It can be used for both fresh and saltwater
  • It attracts every fish quickly
  • It has excellent spinning action


  • It is not durable
  • It is available only in one color


When it comes to fishing, a fisherman always wishes to have the best of the equipment, which helps him efficiently catch any fish he likes. One essential part of that equipment is bait and lures; without good bait and lures, no one can catch fish easily. I took it upon ourselves to mention and review the 5 best baits for rainbow trout.

In my view; the Jake’S Lures Spin Fishing Equipment is the best bait to catch trout because trout are picky eaters; one day, they like something, and the next day they want something else. For such situations, these PowerBait comes in handy because they have many different and attractive colors with different flavors, which can be used according to the trout’s liking. This bait is also not expensive but works wonders when it comes to catching trout.

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