Best Spinning Rods 2020

Best Spinning Rods 2020 – Value Guide

Finding the best spinning rod to make your fishing fun is a very difficult task. The market is full of a variety of spinning rods that varies from price combination to functionality and features. Do you want to buy the best and versatile spinning rod?

Here I have gathered the 5 best spinning rods that can make fishing moments exciting. Let’s start by discussing some common benefits of spinning tackle.

What are the benefits of using spinning rods?

Over the past years, fishing gear companies have made various improvements and innovations in their equipment. But spinning gear still has the same importance in the fishing industry. As compared to baitcasting gear, spinning rods offer several advantages, especially for catching light fishes.

Pros of Spinning Rods

  1. A spinning rod can throw lures and baits farther. Compared to other fishing gears, the power of distance in spinning rods and reels is hard to beat. From ¼ ounce of lures to weightless baits, spinning rods offer better lure control.
  2. In the fishing world, anglers are still using spinning rods to tackle drop-shooting, throwing light crankbait, and shaky heads.
  3. The spinning rod is the best option for novice fishers because it is easy-to-use and requires less functionality skills.
  4. With a spinning rod, the learning curve is less steep, making it easy for trainees to eliminate hang-ups and backlash.
  5. Spinning rods come up with wide guide-loops and allow maximum line flow. Due to the lightweight, the spinning rod eliminates the line friction and allows fishers to achieve longer casts.
  6. Spinning rods can be your best friend when you need to tackle a stump with a small hula hook. Spinning rods are idea fishing gear for tossing lures and baits from 25-feet away.
  7. With spinning rods, it is easy to skip cast into the cover. Spinning rods allow you to cast lures in the water with a twist of your wrist and yet cover maximum distance.
  8. Heavy wind is not an issue with spinning rods. If the lures are on the light side, then casting in the wind is much more efficient with spinning rods.
  9. Do you want to skip lures under low-hanging, such as piers, bushes, low limbs of trees, or docks? If yes, then the spinning rod is the ideal gear is perfect.
  10. Due to its lightweight and easy-to-use, spinning rods allow you to start skipping lures without any backlash and experience.
  11. In spinning rods, the handle is swappable on both the left and right sides. So, it does not matter if you are right-handed or left because you can adjust the rod according to your needs.

Last but not least advantage of using a spinning rod is that you can easily adjust your drag while catching a fish. No matter, if the drag is front of your road or back of the rod, the spinning drags are easily accessible and give you complete range adjustment.