These 11 Best Surf Fishing Reels Will Boost Your Results With Massive Catches

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Surf anglers know how important role reels play to make your surf fishing successful. You must have all knowledge about reels before selecting it because no fishermen want to make their fishing experience terrible. We can help you out in choosing the best surf fishing reels from the following list to make your fishing fun.

  6. Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod
  7. Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Casting Rod
  8. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods
  9. Berkley Lightning Rod Spinning Rod
  10. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel
  11. SHIMANO Sienna FE Spinning Reel

Before you read the full review of each of the products, take a look at the following information which will help you in making your decision.


Below is a list of our favourite fishing gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

  1. Best Fishing Reel: Penn Squell Level
  2. Baits For Rainbow Trout: Berkley Power Bait 
  3. Best Indore Fishing Rod: Royale Legend
  4. Best Ultralight Fishing Rod: KastKing Perigee II
  5. Best Spinning Reel Under 100: Daiwa BG Spinning Reel
  6. Best Walleye Trolling Lure:  Original Floater Fishing Lure
  7. Best Pike Lure:  Jerk Bait Fishing Lure from Rapala
  8. Best Fishing Kayak under 1000: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  9. Best Fishing Kayak under 300: Sun Dolphin Journey 10
  11. Best Fishing Gloves: BERKLEY FISHING GLOVES
  12. Best Fishing Cooler: AO Coolers Sportsman Vinyl Soft Cooler
  13. Best Portable Fish Finder: Reel Sonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Sonar
  14. Best Inflatable Fishing Boat: Sea Eagle Green
  15. Best Fluorocarbon Line: KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

6 Things to Consider when choosing the Best SURF FISHING REEL – A Buyer’s Guide

There are many types of reels available in the market however there are a lot of factors which you have to keep in your mind while choosing your reel. And this article is here to guide you!


Ball bearings are considered to be the essential feature in a reel, more bearings in your reel more it would work smoother. Ball bearings make smooth operation and retrieval. It is significant to have an anti-reverse bearing in a reel, and it won’t allow backsliding when you install hooks.


Saltwater causes corrosion in metal and that is why reel fails very quickly. The anti-corrosion-resistant reel is suitable for use in salt water, and the internal components will also be protected from salt water and rust. So always select a reel with excellent corrosion protection and must clean it after every use. It will prolong the life of your reel.


Always go for a reel with excellent line capacity that can hold as many lines as you need because sometimes when you fish big species, you need a braided line which is slightly more substantial than a mono line.


Durability is the necessary factor in any equipment. A fisherman always looks for a reel that is made with excellent durable materials. This feature cannot be neglected while purchasing the reel. Always go for a sturdy reel because a good reel works for more extended periods.


Drag power must be durable in any reel because it helps to pull fish out from the water, whether a large fish or a small one. A reel with higher power would make it easier for you to do it. If you choose a low drag power reel, it will break under high pressure so always go for a stronger one.


Gear ratio shows how many turns a spool can make; however, it is not essential that you need a higher gear ratio. A low gear ratio gives you torque which helps you to deal with large fish species, and if you want to hunt both large and small species, then you should go for average gear ratio.



Commonly three types of reels are used in surf fishing.


A spinning reel is one of the most used reels because of their simplicity and convenience; they really help to cast and can drag out large fish.


Bait casting reels are popular because of their innovative production; by using these reels, you can get maximum control over fish and bait. If you are an experienced angler, then you can cast very well.


Side cast reels are rarely used. However, they are popular in Australia. They can hold large and robust fish species, along huge and strong waves. These reels are very durable and have excellent line capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What size reel is best for surf fishing?

When planning surf fishing, the most essential thing to consider is the size of your reel. This is necessary because whenever you deploy the bait 90-100 yards away from the shoreline. You must have a powerful reel that will enable you to stay connected to the other end of the line. It is also crucial to retrieve line if something bites immediately.

The most appropriate reel size for surf fishing is 5000-6000. This size is vast enough for holding a 300-yard line that is used for shore fishing. You must get a comfortable reel size for providing yourself with a reliable fishing adventure.

Q) What is the best reel for beach fishing?

The best reel available in the beach fishing market is Penn Battle II, with its durable and sturdy design. The reel constitutes a side plate, rotor, and a metal body making it more durable. The heavy-duty built features make this reel smooth and reliable.

There is a rigid bail wire that makes it suitable to withstand harsh saltwater conditions. The body is constructed with metal making it great for beach fishing.

Q) What is the best surf fishing rod?

The St.croix Triumph is, no doubt, the best surf fishing rod for offering power and durability. The blank is highly versatile for providing delicate sensitivity. It can sustain damage due to two coats of finishing. This fishing rod can catch monster fish too, as the bait can cast up to great distances.

The high-quality design and portable features with a five-year warranty make it one of the best surf fishing rod.

Q) What is the appropriate length of a surf rod?

The optimal length of a surf rod must be approximately 11-12 ft. This is because the surf rod must be long enough for providing a more extended casting distance and a fantastic hook fitting capacity. It is not recommended to go for a very long surf rod as it will become heavy and tiring for the angler. You must get a surf rod that meets your demands and needs.

Q) Is braid or mono better for surf fishing?

The mono knots are less expensive than braids. They work better on small casting reels as light braids can dig into itself. The braid with a smaller diameter is excellent as it will put less weight on the kite. Mono knots are more preferable as you will run into an issue when the kite line is crossed.

Q) What is surf shark fishing?

There are sharks in the surf over years. The most common ones are with 40 to 90 lb range.  The size of sharks varies greatly so we need to use powerful tackle. Makos can be caught for surf fishing. Surf shark fishing goes all year but there are some specific times for most of the species.

Q) what is surfcasting fishing?

Surf casting fishing is basically about casting your line into the waves along the beach. Specific equipment can be perfectly used for fishing. Accurate heightened rods need to be used for surf casting fishing.

Q) How do you fish surf casting?

Surf fishing is reliably an easy method and it depends on tides, location, seasons and weather conditions with the type of fish you want to get on line. Surfcasting emphasizes on accuracy and distance for landing your bait in the surf. Just carry the rod in hand with arm bending up to 90 degrees. Then flick out the pole quickly by straightening the arm to launch bait in water. This is the trick to fish surfcasting.

Q) How do I know if I have surf fishing bite?

There are few tips for knowing when you have surf fishing bite. You must learn the wave rhythm, avoid slow action of rods, tie minimum casting weight, use of braided line, use your fingers, try to avoid foamy handles and loose the drag system.

Q) Can you surf fish with a 6 foot rod?

When buying a fishing rod length is the most essential factor to put into consideration. Most of the rods range from 6 to 15 feet. You can surf fish with a 6 foot rod as a huge number of fish are found a few feet away from the beach. You must know about your priorities that what kind of fish you are going to target. A 6 foot rod is reliable for beginners to hone in their skills.


Reviews about the 11 best surf fishing reels



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  • Solid Construction
  • Full metal body
  • Rotor with an aluminum bail wire
  • High-quality spool
  • Carbon fiber drag washers
  • Saltwater-resistant paint

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel has a solid construction full metal body that ensures you drag out the largest fish easily. The most profound feature which makes it different from other reels is it has a carbon fiber drag system that delivers a smooth drag. This is a spinning reel with good casting, durable, and ideal for saltwater use.


  • Casts well
  • Durable
  • It has stainless steel ball bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Heavyweight
  • Bit noisy
  • Not large drag power and cast range
  • Low drag

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  • 2-tone anodized spool
  • Aluminum Machine
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Smooth drag system
  • anti-reverse roller bearing

Okuma ceymar spinning reel is one of the most innovative reels for surf fishing. It provides a smooth and powerful casting. It’s strong and handles heavy lines which work fine for beginners and young anglers. This reel could be the best choice for anglers who want to surf fishing at a value price. The reel is specially designed for saltwater and completely waterproof.


  • It has Max Drag Pressure
  • Smooth retrieve
  • Low Price
  • Custom EVA handle
  • Top-quality reel


  • This reel is not as durable for surf fishing
  • Bulky



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  • Strong Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • 9 ounces
  • Magnumlite Rotor

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB Spinning Fishing Reel made for great durability, the six bearing system, and 1 roller bearing are for smooth retrieve and casting. A Dyna-Balance rotor and Fluidrive II system provides maximum casting and smooth control. The most interesting thing in this reel is that it is a lightweight reel and you can fish a full day without getting tired.


  • It has maximizing casting power and distance
  • Ultra-smooth reeling
  • Triggers are easy to work with
  • Casts well
  • Ideal for beginners


  • No anti-reverse switch
  • The drag system is not so smooth
  • Rough retrieve



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  • Smooth casting
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Sealed drag washers
  • Lightweight


If you want a bait casting reel that gives enough control over your fish while surf fishing then here is your Pflueger President spinning fishing reel ready. It is one of the most famous reels for smooth control and equipped with a powerful drag system. The reel lasts longer and remains smooth. 9 bearings, and 1 anti-reverse or a magnetic brake that is not corroded at all. The reel won’t rust and cast very well.



  • Sealed Drag System
  • Has enough drag range for its size
  • It has 7 bearing System corrosion resistant
  • It has Smooth performance



  • Short casting distance
  • The line twist is not good
  • The line may come off in loops easily




  • Smooth Casting and Retrieval
  • Unique drag system
  • Waterproof Drag System
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • The powerful and smooth gear system
  • Polished look

Daiwa Bg spinning reel is perfect for the fisherman who is searching for a high-quality reel at affordable price. The reel is designed for saltwater environment 6 bearing and the dual anti-reverse system works best in surf fishing. It is not super heavy however not the lightest of the reel. It is smooth, steady, and provides you the confidence to handle bigger species.


  • It has good drag Capabilities
  • It has smooth reels
  • Ideal for surf fishing
  • It has a great anti-reverse system
  • Impeccable drag cap


  • Heavyweight
  • painted spool gets discolored
  • The body may be scratch
  1. Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod



  • Sealed body
  • Spool design
  • HT-100 carbon fiber
  • CNC gear technology


The sixth generation of the classic spinning reel is the Penn Spinfisher VI with its durable features and characteristics. It will provide you with a variety of sizes, depending on your priorities and needs. This is a much better version of the standby reel and is highly recommended for saltwater.

This surf fishing reel features a spool design with a rubber gasket making a braided line. The reel contains metal constructed body along with ball bearings made with stainless steel. The CNC gears make it more durable to use.

Penn Spinfisher VI has an IPX5 sealed body that ensures it to resist low-pressure spray. The surf reel also constitutes a gearbox and a drag system for more reliability. This surf fishing reel is suitable to use with charter fishing works and recreational anglers.

Super line spool design makes it a high functioning fishing rod as it ensures safety from any wear and tear. A line capacity ring enables you to see how much capacity is remaining when fighting with a larger fish. Closing the bail by hand will increase the durability of your fishing rod.


  • Durable quality
  • It has the ability to drag 20lbs.
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • It can retrieve up to 42 inches per turn.


  • The Rod tip often brakes up.

  1. Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Casting Rod



  • Reel seats made with stainless steel
  • Guide inserts with aluminum oxide
  • High-quality construction
  • One year warranty

The Okuma Celilo Graphite is one of the most versatile and sturdily constructed fishing rod. It is a blend of portable design and innovative features which is not going to disappoint you. It will make your fishing experience a memorable one.

The reel comes in variable sizes, depending on your needs and priorities. High-quality materials are used to make these reels, which makes them a suitable option to carry alongside. It is used worldwide by professionals because of its reliability.

For your convenience, it is tested for its quality and durability. The guide inserts are constructed with aluminum oxide. For your ease, the Okuma Celilo has a one year warranty, which will make it more convenient to use. Stainless steel is used in the construction of hook keeper and hooded reel seats.

It has a blank construction of sensitive graphite. Rear cork grips and fore are used for quality grading. It has a weight of 1 pound and dimensions of 20 × 15 × 15 inches. This fishing reel will become your best friend when it comes to fishing.


  • It has a salmon steelhead
  • It works great.
  • It can pull a weight of 20 lbs.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Rod tip brakes
  1. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods



  • Telescopic design with one-piece performance
  • EVA handle
  • Hook holder
  • Solid construction

If you are looking for something that blends versatile design and innovative features, then kast king black hawk is one of the most suitable options. It has a solid glass tip and 24-ton carbon matrix section that delivers unmatched reliability, performance, and sensitivity.

To improve the performance of casting, it consists of a line guide of multiple floating. It delivers a soft taper to reduce flat spots on the blank. The transition of power length allows the rod to act like a one pc rod.

The fishing rod comes in 14 variable lengths. It acts as a spinning travel rod and rod casting model. You will find suitable fishing rods for varying situations like fishing in saltwater or trout fishing, kayak fishing, or fishing, whether from boat or bank.

The rod has a durable design and amazing balance, making it convenient to use whether you are on commercial fishing or traditional fishing. These rods will save valuable time as you can leave the rod attached with the reel without any conflicts.

The method of fishing again with the reel attached is way too easy because you have to connect the hook and balance the rod’s length. In seconds you can again fish without rigging. The telescopic rods are easy to carry, convenient to use, and durable.

The rod is made up of only high-quality materials that improve the construction of the rod. You can extend the rod from the tip until it stops and align it properly and then repeat it with all the sections. This easiness of assembling will make your fishing a convenient one.


  • Lightweight
  • Well built.
  • Portable.
  • Most suitable for traveling.


  • Fragile
  1. Berkley Lightning Rod Spinning Rod


  • Blank construction
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Durable guides
  • Variety of length and sizes

The Berkley Lightning Rod is yet another elegant, designed best surf fishing reels with innovative features. It provides you with the performance and durability that you demand from a fishing rod. These fishing reels are a suitable choice for beginners who do not want to invest much in their fishing adventure.

The rod features blank graphite construction enriched with fiberglass scrim making the rod more rigid and sturdy. These fishing reels offer extra strength for handling the additional stress when placed on the blank. The handles constitute an ergonomic design making it more user-friendly.

They also provide you with increased sensitivity by suspending the reel foot on top of the blank, connected below the blank. You might feel a lack of support when carrying the handle. The Berkley Lightning Rod feature guides with aluminum oxide inserts that are more suitable for braided lines. Their inserts are more rigid and sturdy than other types of inserts. These fishing reels come with a variety of line weights and length, enabling you to enjoy a wide variety of fishing.

The rod contains a reel seat with double locking up characteristics. With rubberized cork handles, this fishing rod is incredibly easy to use. These surf reels are a convenient option to take along on your next fishing adventure.


  • Moderate price
  • Durable reel seats
  • Ergonomic to use
  • They constitute a tough and sturdy design


  • The spin rods bend up easily.

  1. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

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  • 1 roller bearing
  • Stainless steel 8 bearings
  • Gear design is computer-optimized
  • Amgearing system

Suppose you are searching for an incredibly lightweight fishing reel. In that case, Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reel is not going to disappoint you. You won’t need to compromise on the sturdiness and quality when using this fishing rod. This rod will enable you to enjoy a versatile and reliable operation.

This surf fishing reel constitutes stainless steel bearings and a roller bearing to protect the rod from corrosion. The drag system with a carbon hybrid matrix ensures a reliable and smooth performance. This reel is much lighter than its previous designs making it more ergonomic.

Abu Garcia Spinning reel comes with an am gearing system for providing precision gears, thus ensuring durability and smoothness. The fishing reel offers gear design with computer-optimized features forming an effective gear system. The reel is durable enough to use for years and is highly durable.

The rod contains a carbon body design with a gearbox design providing a perfect alignment. It also ensures precise casting making it more reliable for fishing. The professionals can use the braid without any worry because of the aluminum braid spool for better accuracy.

The oscillations are incredibly slow, thus delivering an even line lay. The rod weighs for only 1 pound, making it suitable to carry along while traveling.


  • Durable quality and performance
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Smooth and versatile


  • The bail does not close accurately.
  1. SHIMANO Sienna FE Spinning Reel



Here comes the classy Shimano Stradic fishing reel with unique characteristics. The Shimano reel gets more improve and remarkable and is the world’s no.1 high-performance reel. The fishing rod absorbs the newest Shimano technology while keeping the performance features with crucial anglers to count upon. This is 25% lighter than all the previous Shimano designs. It has a carbon body and cold forging spool made up of aluminum, and they are now joined to Shimano’s new style

It has attractive good looks and is not bulky but feels hard. Still, it consists of a very smooth texture that gives you a convenient reeling experience that will win the hearts of anglers around the world.

Every part of the Shimano reel is designed to provide a memorable experience to the water’s anglers. X ship technology has upgraded durable gear and reduces friction, and enhances the performance of casting. The Hagan body and Hagan gearing provide long-lasting, durable, and strong and softness, providing anglers that enable anglers to enjoy fishing on the water or on land.

The line management system of Shimano offers you rare smoothness. It has a weight of 0.45 pounds and dimensions of 6×5.1×3.5 inches, which will make your fishing experience a memorable one.


  • Super smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable spinning
  • Reel works great


  • Average built quality


Verdict !!

Durability and smooth performance are the most necessary features in a good reel, Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel wins because of having all factors fishermen look for in a reel. It is made from top quality material and comfortable to hold. These reels work best in saltwater and won’t rust. The 6 ball bearing and double anti-reverse system provide smooth performance and control. You can easily pull out large fish species and have amazing line capacity. This reel is perfect for surf fishing that every fisherman uses without any worries and can make their fishing experience more exciting and fun.

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