Best Thing to Sleep on When Camping

Best Thing to Sleep on When Camping

Sleep is an important part of the day. The importance holds for the rest of the day cannot be stressed enough. Choosing the best thing to sleep on when camping is thus an important decision to make. We need to understand the importance of sleep to decide the thing to sleep on. 

Quick Gear Recommendation

Below is a list of our favourite camping gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

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Importance Of Sleep 

Brain Function 

Studies have proven that good sleep leads to better brain function. While you are sleeping, your brain is processing the events of the day and integrating them so that it would be easier for you to do in the next days. Your brain might be trying to solve a difficult question which you couldn’t get over or some obstacle in your way.

The influence of good sleep on your brain is immense.

Physical Health 

People who do not get an adequate amount of sleep would be at greater risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, or experiencing a stroke. Lack of sleep has also been linked to obesity. 

Micro Sleep 

When a person does not get adequate amounts of sleep, the body will try to make up for the lost amount of sleep by going into microsleep. Your body would feel lazy, and you might experience short term memory loss due to your body going into microsleep.

This could be a big risk while camping, especially if you are on a particularly hard trail. Getting a good amount of sleep might be a lifesaver for you on your next adventure.

How Nature Effects Sleep 

Various studies have connected sleeping in a natural environment to a peaceful sleep, with many additional benefits. 

Blood Pressure and Anxiety 

Sleeping in a natural environment has been known to decrease a person’s blood pressure levels and decrease the number of hormones that cause stress and anxiety. This has been advised to patients suffering from high blood pressure and people with an anxiety disorder.

Rests The Internal Clock 

A study conducted by Kenneth Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2013, which led him to the conclusion that when a person is exposed to only natural light, the internal clock of the person gets itself to sleep 2 hours earlier, while compared to the people being exposed to the modern life. 

This helps the person get a night of better and efficient sleep and rests the internal clock to the default setting, which was intended to get the perfect amount of sleep.

Fresh Air 

Most of the oxygen inhaled is sent to the brain, it is no surprise that the better the air quality, the better the brain function would get. Being outside increases a person’s exposure to fresh air, which inevitably increases their ability to think.

This increased supply won’t only be good for your brain, but also your muscles as more oxygen would lead to a better break down of lactic acid in your body. This means that your body would recover faster after a workout or yoga session. 

Increases Immunity 

Exposure to plants and trees is linked to an increase in immunity. According to research, the chemical which plants release to protect themselves protects humans as well. Spending even two hours in a forest would significantly increase the number of white blood cells and anticancer proteins in your body.

Best Thing To Sleep On When Camping 

Choosing what to sleep on could be a very difficult decision to make, but you would need to make that decision while keeping in mind what conditions you would be camping in.

1)- Sleeping Bags 

Sleeping bags are one of the perfect companions you could take with you on a camping trip. However, choosing the right sleeping could be a hard choice to make. There are many varieties and types of sleeping bags, which are suited to different conditions. Here are some of the properties of sleeping bags.

The Shape OF The Sleeping Bag 

There are many different shapes of sleeping bags. 

  • Rectangular Sleeping Bags 

These sleeping bags are simple and popular. These would over offer plenty of room for both of your legs and also could be completely unzipped so they could be used as a comforter. 

  • Semi-Rectangular Sleeping Bags 

These bags are shaped somewhat like a barrel, and the shape might vary depending on the company. However, these a little lesser room than rectangular sleeping bags, but they do provide better warmth. 

  • Mummy Sleeping Bags 

This skin fit version of sleeping bags boosts warmth and dexterity. You can now roll over with your bag, instead of inside of it.

  • Double Sleeping Bags 

These sleeping bags are perfect for couples. They can fit two people in. This boosts the warmth and coziness of the sleeping bag while also increasing the camping experience. 

Insulation Type 

Choosing the right insulation is an important step, which decides the best thing to sleep on when camping. The most popular insulation in the market is synthetic or down insulation.

  • Down Insulation 

Down is suited to cold and dry conditions, as it has a better weight to warmth ratio than synthetic. It is comparatively very lightweight than synthetic, so it is suited to backpacking. It is durable and compressible, which makes it easier to carry.

However, once it gets wet, it tends to loosen its loft and take a long time to dry.

  • Synthetic Insulation 

Synthetic is a very affordable replacement for down insulation. It is also suited to camping as it is waterproof and would continue to provide warmth, even when wet. 

However, it is bulkier than down insulation and, in the long run, not as durable as down insulation.

2)- Tent Beddings 

A comfortable tent bedding can rid you of the need to use sleeping bags. Furthermore, it could be shared with a more number of people than sleeping bags. This would include using an air mattress, which has the advantage of being lightweight; this makes it easier to transport. 

3)- Pillow 

Having a pillow around to sleep on can be a luxury during camping. The perfect pillow would an inflatable one. Not only would this pillow be easier to transport, but it would also make your camping experience a far grander one as well.

Other Accessories

As now you can easily decide the best thing to sleep on while camping, you should pack some extra accessories to make your sleep even more comfortable. 

1)- Mosquito Netting 

Carrying a mosquito net can immensely impact your sleeping experience. You could lay it down over your sleeping area, and it would protect you from the constant pestering of mosquitos. This would also prevent you from catching diseases. This is an absolute must to carry when camping in a bug-infested area.

2)- Ear Plugs

Although there are significantly fewer things in the outdoors, which might disturb your sleep, noise-wise, carrying a pair of earplugs is an easy way to fully enjoy your sleep.


Quality of sleep should not be compromised under any circumstances, especially after considering the benefits of sleeping outdoors. Lack of sleep cannot only be harmful to mental health but also could be dangerous while on a trek, as you might not be fully focused.

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