13 Reasons Fishing Makes You Happier and Healthier

How Fishing Makes You Happier and Healthier - best inshore fishing rods

Fishing is one of the most thought-provoking and rewarding sport and hobby. Fishing is all about going outside, spend a relaxing and enjoyable time, connect with nature, and enjoying your good hunts. Having a bad fishing day is much better than spending a whole day doing nothing. In this article, I will share my experiences of fishing and how fishing can make you healthier and happier.


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How Fishing Makes You Happier and Healthier?

Whether you are an expert fisherman or just a trainee, fishing is all about to spend a pleasant and memorable day. Fishing is a simple and most natural way of escaping from all of your worries. According to scientific research and studies, it is actually proved that fishing brings multiple pro-longed mental and physical benefits from you. And I personally accept this fact that in all these years, fishing has helped me to improve my physical and psychological health.

For motivating you for fishing, here I have listed down 13 reasons how fishing makes you happier and healthier.

1. Fishing helps you combat agitation. 

Our life has become so much chaotic in this fast and technological world. People are fighting with different psychological problems. But fishing is a tranquil escape from all the noises of the world. Going out for fishing alone, spending some time in isolation, observing nature, listening to bird’s sweet chirping instead of noisy car horns helps you to fight with your mental health problems.

Even sitting alone in the silence in your home can also make you depressed. Still, fishing not only helps you to fight with all of your inner demons but also provide you with peace of mind. In my case, fishing has enabled me to feel more relieved from my problems and free my mind from all the daily chaos.

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2. Enjoy fighting with fish.

Some fishes are easy-to-catch, and some are monsters, and it is not easy to tackle a giant fish in your box. From casting a lure to handle the fishing gear, all require lots of practice and hard work. Catching a fish will not only calm your nerves but also gives you a sense of achievement or winning. Eating your own tackles fish with your family and friends provoke positive vibes in you. One of the most remembering moments is that when you catch your first prey without losing your lure or bait.

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3. Getting close to nature helps you to heal and relax.

Nowadays, every second person is fighting with psychological problems. Sometimes psychiatrists and doctors are not the solutions to solve these diseases. Getting close to nature can do wonders for you. Fishing helps you to get closer to nature, spending time on the beach relax your nerves and watching sea waves and water movement release tensions from your mind. Nature can indeed heal anything, even your soul too. So why not go out for fishing and kill all the negative vibes inside you.

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4. Fighting with fish burns calories

How many of you can proudly say that we do the regular workout? Daily lives have become very busy that people don’t even have time to work on their bodies. Do you know fishing not only gives you peace of mind but also helps you to burn extra calories of your body? Fishing is all about exertion, casting a lure and fighting with fish will not only strengthen your muscles but also help you to maintain your balance.

According to the analysis of fitday.com, a person can burn an average of 150-175 calories in an hour of a fishing session. You can consume different amounts of calories, in-stream and seawater. According to research, a person can burn 350 calories during fishing in stream or river. But an active session of fishing in deep seawater can burn an average of 350 calories per hour.

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5. Fishes bring you vitamins & proteins.

Fish is a source of low-fat, high-quality protein. Fishes are enriched with vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus and considered as a great source of minerals such as iron and zinc. Fish contains omega 3-fatty acid that is important for the healthy growth of the brain and heart. Fishes contain 2 vital proteins and omega acids such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

Human bodies are unable to produce essential proteins and these omega acids. So, we can fulfil the critical needs in our bodies through fishes. Frequent use of fish helps you to fight with several problems such as

· Lower blood pressure and maintain heart health

· Reduce the risks of heart attacks, abnormal heart rhythms, diabetes, and dementia

· Fishes are great for people who are suffering from asthma  

· Fish aid healthy brain functions

· It lowers the risk of infant development of vision

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6. Fishing with family increases the family bond.

Nowadays, families are busier than ever. Both parents have to work equally for building a healthy lifestyle, careers, create savings, build a house, pay school and tuition fees, and much more. There is a never-ending list of expenses, and there is no wonder that families don’t even have spare minutes to spend with each other. If you prefer fishing might be a great way to spend some time together with your family, create memorable memories, and enhance devoted bonds with your parents and children.

In life, it is easy to take the happiness of your loved ones for granted but creating an inseparable bond with them is not easy. And I recommend you to spend a fishing day with your family and increase your family bond.

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7. Fishing sharpens your mind.

Fishing requires you to pay full attention and stay present-minded in the situation. During fishing, you have to react quickly even to the slightest bite or movement under the water. With some of the lures, it is not easy to predict the reactions of your prey. According to different scientific studies, it is proved that fishing sessions not only sharpen your mind but also help you to focus on your main goal.

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8. Getting into sunlight helps you to improve your immunity.

Do you know that sunlight is the best source of fulfilling Vitamin D needs in your body? Direct sunlight not only increases Vitamin D in your body but also strengthens your immune system and increase the resisting power of your body against diseases.

According to a scientific study of Georgetown University of Medical Center, Vitamin D from sunlight not only has an impact on the immune system and other things, but it also has another essential activity. The direct sunlight activates the activities of immune cells in the body by increasing their movement.

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9. Breathing fresh air is excellent for health.

One of the most essential benefits of fishing is that it helps you to breathe in the fresh air. Fresh air is one of the most crucial things for a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, people mostly spend their time indoors, parents in their offices and children at schools. Fishing is the best outdoor activity that not only improves your heart health, brain system but also great for your immune system. Breathing in fresh air actually cleanses your lungs and allows it to dilate the atmosphere entirely.

I suggest you go out for fishing in seawater or in a stream (away from the chaos of busy life and traffic) because air is less polluted there and help your airways in more than one way.

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10. Fishing can lower stress

According to various scientific studies and researches, spending time in nature is the best remedy for the soul and body. A bundle of studies has proven that regular or often exposure in nature not only works wonder on the immune system of the people but also lower the cortisol level in the human body. It is crucial to create a balance of this hormone in the body; otherwise, it will cause stress.

Combat vets study in 2009 had proved that people with a habit of fishing had a significant reduction in post-traumatic stress disorder. According to research studies of Harvard, fishing is an activity that breaks the stable pattern of your everyday thinking, lower stress level, pushes you to focus on your goals and help you to sleep better and peacefully.

In fishing, it is essential to focus on enhancing the sense of focus and repetitive movements of the prey. These 2 points are considered as an outdoor meditation method. Even most of the new studies have shown that merely being close to nature or water uplift your mood and save you from worse mood swings.

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11.Increases confidence & self-reliance

However, there are various ways to develop self-confidence, but fishing is a relaxed and relishing activity to do this. Do you ever cast a lure or catch a fish? Have you ever fight with and hang on it until you take it out of the water? If no, then it is the best time to start fishing and give a boost to you.

Without an aim, it is impossible to do anything, and fishing gives you a goal. This outdoor activity helps you to learn how to trust yourself. Fishing is the best way to improve your emotional-interpersonal skills. Self-confidence helps you to work on several things at one time.

For example, in fishing, you have to build performance, read maps, learn the location of your prey, cast lures accurately, and balance your boat. According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, fishing not only keeps you physically active but also helps you to lead a happier and healthier life.

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12. Eating fish can help you live longer

16-year studying proved that a diet enriched with fish helps you to get a longer life. Science has long recommended that consuming fish is an essential part of a nutritional diet. Fish is considered a healthful choice because it contains vitamins, proteins, and healthy & essential oils that the human body is not able to produce.

Oils from fish are enriched with Omega-3 Fatty acids that gain lots of attention from many medical researchers and medicine manufacturers. Scientists have also represented a research study in which it is shown adding a fish in your diet can lower the risk of cancer, reduce inflammation, and enhance your cardiovascular health. More studies and researches have been done on fishes in recent few years.

Different studies have shown a direct link between omega fatty acid and mental health. Science has proved that omega-3 Fatty acid also works on visionary problems, skin problems, and aging.

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13. Fishing can reduce the symptoms of PTSD 

It is hard for people to overcome the pressure to stay healthy and protect others. Easy workout and practising mental relaxation is an easy way to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Dr Nick Cooper and Dr Mark Wheeler is a famous psychologist, and they have proved the theory that fishing or angling is an effective method of reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress order (PTSD). 

Many of the war veterans are fighting with severe PTSD problems. It is not easy for them to stay healthy, energetic, and active all the time. According to a research report of Rivers of Recovery, fishing trips, staying close to nature, and spending time in the water can sustain remarkable reductions in aggressive and exhausting feelings. This valuable time pass will help veterans to overcome guilt, bad hospitality fear, and sadness. 

A study was published in 2009 about how fishing impressively reduces the symptoms of PTSD and help people to overcome the problem of disorder of moods. Learn here about the positive effects of fishing and how it reduces PTSD. 


As we see all the benefits as mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with saying that fishing is more than just a sport or a hobby. Fishing is love; it gives you a sense of achievement and forces you to focus on your goal. After reading this article, you will also realize that fishing can help you to make a better version of yourself!!!!!

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