How to Boil Water While Camping

How to Boil Water While Camping

Boiling water is a blessing from God we often take for granted. Boiling water while camping is an essential and overlooked skill. Learning how to boil water while camping can make your camping journey more comfortable and much more enjoyable. Boiling water while camping can be a little challenging task, as most of the time, you will not have a kettle or even electricity.

Learning how to boil water while camping can make your camping journey more comfortable and much more enjoyable. There are many advantages to boil water while camping. It helps make coffee or tea, easy way to re-hydrate ready-made frozen items, make dinner, wash dishes, and much more.

Now the question arises on how to boil water while camping? I have included some best and innovative solutions that will make your camping adventure more comfortable and enjoyable. 

1. Camping Stove

Camping stoves are the most commonly known option for boiling water and cooking as well. Generally, they are more powerful and versatile, the closest you will get to your stove at home. There are some disadvantages of stoves that also exist. 

They are large in size and heavy, not appropriate for hiking or backpacking. They are an ideal option if you’re setting up a base camp.

We have reviewed many camping stoves but found Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove best for your camping journey. We have reviewed more best camping stoves in this detailed review.

Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove

How to Boil Water While Camping - Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove

Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove is the best option available on the market. This stove can be used for cooking rather than just boiling water, so it’s a multi-purpose stove. This model camp stove has many advantages. The burners are adjustable, so you can choose to boil water quickly or simply warm it up and keep it warm. This is a significant advantage over many of the compact backpacking stoves.

Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove is very simple to use. You only need to hook up the propane tank to the provided regulator pipe and then to the right corner of the camping stove. If you plan camping for an extended period, you can buy an extra hose, which would allow you to hook up to a 20lb fuel tank. A camping stove is ideal for large family camping trips, as they are the most heavy-duty and versatile piece of equipment. 

2. Boiling Water over a Campfire

Boiling water over a campfire is another option available. Using an open fire to boil your water is the most obvious choice of campers who desires economical camping and have a tight budget. This is the oldest method of boiling water used for generations for cooking in the wilderness. 

One drawback of boiling water over a campfire is not having control over the heat, with no knobs to turn it up or down. This method also takes longer than most propane or butane gas options, but on the other hand, fuel can be gathered on-site. This means you can avoid carrying potentially very heavy canisters of fuel for unknown distances to your campground.

Any time you use a campfire, we recommend reminding yourself of the campfire safety guidelines. As much fun as open fires are, they can also be quite dangerous, so always make sure you and everyone on your camping trip are safe and happy.

 Steps to Boil Water Over an Open Fire:

  • Make sure you have enough amount of fuel to keep your fire going. You’ll need kindling and tinder to get it started, and larger pieces to keep it going to boil your water faster.
  • A secure way is needed to support your pot over the fire, once the coals are established. The best way to do this is to place two large rocks on each side of the fire to balance your pot. 
  • Then, simply balance your pot filled with water above the flames. 
  • Be careful not to burn your hands when removing your pot from the fire; remember that open flames are dangerous. You can use a thick rag as an oven glove.

3. Use Bucket Heaters

Bucket heaters are a very effective way to heat a large amount of water, ideal for showers, or washing the dishes. The main disadvantage of this method is that it requires electricity. Still, if you’re in a campsite with electric power supply available, there’s no problem.

There are several different types of bucket heaters. Immersion bucket heaters can heat water to over 180 degrees Fahrenheit. They are completely waterproof and safe and can heat one gallon of water to 130 degrees in around 10 minutes. Another option is an insulated full-wrap design bucket heater. These wrap-around outside of your bucket are safe to be used with plastic and heat water to 100-125 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. The MSR Pocket Rocket

 The MSR Pocket Rocket is also a good option for boiling water while camping. It requires a little more gear than the stove itself. This stove is much smaller and compact, but you will need to have a separate pot or pan. The MSR Pocket Rocket does not have an igniter, so you will need a lighter or matches to ignite it.

For long-distance hikers, gears need to be efficient in both space and weight, and this small and powerful camping stove fulfills both those requirements. It’s more than worth it to bring one of these along on the camping trip, boil water for your coffee cup, and heat your meals.

It’s easy to boil water using this device, just attach the stove to the fuel canister, turn the knob counter-clockwise, and light the burner with a match. After this, simply boil your water and enjoy it.

5. The Ghillie Camping Kettle 

The Ghillie Camping Kettle comes with a unique design as it has a hollow core where the fire is built. No fuel is required. Fires are built with grass and twigs. Water boils extremely fast in a separate chamber that is seated down into the fire core. The fire heats the inside of the kettle.

 The Ghillie Camping Kettle comes in 3 different sizes, which allows you to make the selection as per your camping requirements. The largest is a 1.5-liter kettle and holds approximately 50 ounces. That is enough hot water for several people. It’s one of the fastest systems on the market as it reaches a full boil in about 3 to 5.5 minutes, depending on the kettle size. It consists of three parts, a kettle, cap, and base unit where the kindling is added before placing the kettle on top.

6. 12v Car Kettle

If you have opted for car camping, this is an excellent no-hassle option available. These kettles plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and usually boil enough water for two or three cups of coffee. They are ideal for early morning on-the-go and camping trips and can be used for instant noodles and other dehydrated meals and coffee and tea. I wouldn’t recommend relying on a car kettle to heat water for your whole family, but if you need it for a morning coffee, this is a simple and easy way to do it

7. The Jetboil Cook System

The Jetboil cook system is one of the best options available on the market right now. It has a compact design that comes with the pot, stove, igniter, and stand built into one unit. This makes the Jetboil Cook System an excellent option for campers. The system is perfect for hiking as it weighs about the same as a can of soda.

The Jetboil is designed with the most efficient materials possible, allowing an average boil time to be over two minutes. The Jetboil Flash commits to bring your water to a rapid and rolling boil in only 100 seconds. Weighing only 13.3 oz. or 370 grams, this portable stove is an ideal option available.

8. Solar Water Heating Bags 

Solar water heating bags are cheap, easy to use, and need only sunlight to be effective. The main advantage of solar water heating bags is that they are 100% environment friendly, requiring no fire, fuel, or electricity. They work by absorbing the sun’s rays through their dark color and heating the water within them. Another advantage of these bags is that they come in a tiny size, so they’re appropriate for any type of camping, from backcountry to RV’s. 

One disadvantage of solar showers is that they require time to heat up, up to three hours, even in warm conditions. Thus, they are not much practical for winter camping.


Being able to boil water in the wilderness makes camping and backpacking trips much more comfortable and pleasant. If you know how to boil water, you can not only prepare yourself for drinks, meals, and hot showers. You will also have a water treatment system if your primary water purification method stops working. Boiling your water before drinking is one of the most efficient ways to treat water and kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

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