How to Cook Biscuits While Camping?

how to cook biscuits while camping

While camping is a great adventurous activity, it adds to the fun if you have access to good food. During a camping activity, you mostly rely on freshly made items or canned food. Imagine yourself on a camping trip, sitting idly on the edge of your tent, and enjoying the light breeze outside looking at the beautiful scenery in front of you. A hot cup of tea alongside some freshly baked biscuits would make a heavenly addition to such an amazing experience. Learning how to cook biscuits while camping is a vital skill for any campers as biscuits can help you alleviate your hunger pretty effectively.

Anyone would love to have freshly baked biscuits, especially on a camping trip. Equally suitable for breakfast or to be served with evening tea, they prove to be an excellent addition to your adventure. There are several types of biscuits that you can have. You can choose from a wide range of recipes depending upon where you are and ease of baking them on the spot. Some biscuits are easy to cook on the campfires, while some might require the use of a specialized stove or even a Dutch oven. 

From arranging the ingredients to teaching you how to bake them, this article is going to cover each and every aspect to guide you well on how to cook biscuits while camping. So, stay tuned till the end!!!

How to Cook Biscuits While Camping?

Ingredients Required for cooking biscuits while camping

Baking biscuits away from the comfort of your kitchen might prove to be a hectic task, but the outcome is worth the effort. However, you need to make sure that you carry the exact ingredients with you because you won’t be able to get them from anywhere while on a camping trip. Such ingredients are listed below. In bracket is the amount required if you want to make 7 large-sized biscuits. 

  • White Flour ( Approximately 2 cups)
  • White sugarsugar (1 tablespoon or as per the preferences)
  • Baking Powder ( 2 and a half tbsp)
  • Salt ( 1 tbsp)
  • Baking Soda ( Half tbsp)
  • Cold Unsalted Butter ( Half cup)
  • Cold Buttermilk (One cup)
  • Coal pieces to light up the fire
  • Fuel for starting the fire
  • Cutting board for cutting the biscuits or giving them the shape
  • Mixing bowl for effective mixing of the ingredients
  • Dutch oven or a Skillet
  • Thick oven mittens
  • Airtight plastics bags to the safe transportation of the ingredients
  • Biscuit cutter
  • Small cups, spoons, and cans for separating and measuring the ingredients

Preparing the Material

If you have the ingredients, the next step is the preparation of the required mixture. First of all, you have the mix the specified amount of flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together. You can use a mixing bowl for this. Cut the butter bar into small pieces and add them to the dry ingredients. Mix it thoroughly to ensure a homogenous mix all together. 

The right mixing of butter should be ensured as it will make the fluffiest biscuits. The next step is to mix the buttermilk with this dry mixture of ingredients. When you are done with the mixing, it is time to give the shape to your biscuits.

Spread out the prepared mix on the cutting board and grab the biscuit cutter to cut the dough in your desired shape. If the dough seems too thick, add a little flour to it to adjust the consistency. If you do not have a biscuit cutter with you, you can use any round hollow object to cut the dough. For instance, a glass or a regular-sized cup can also be used for the purpose. After you are done with the cutting process, the next step is to put them on the fire for the baking to begin.

Now, there are two options. Either you have a camping stove, or you are cooking it on a campfire. For both options, you need either a skillet or a Dutch oven to proceed further. 

Tools You Can use for Cooking The Biscuits

1. Camping Stove

Baking of biscuits will require either use of a camping stove or a camping fire. A camping stove is also known as a portable stove. It is a portable version of a regular stove that can be easily carried alongside you for the ease of cooking anywhere you want. A canister of fuel is attached at its bottom before use. This also has to be carried by you with the stove.

2. Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is made up of cast iron or to but it in simple words, a brittle iron material. It has considerably thick walls and a tight-fitting lid on the top to make sure that no air escapes from the inside. It is a modern reinvention of ancient brick cooking ovens and almost uses the same concept. They are ideally used for cooking things that do not require direct flame and like to be made under constant heat. Slow-cooked things such as cakes, biscuits, soup, stews, etc. are ideal for this oven. 

Seasoning of a Dutch oven is necessary to be done before you put it to use. However, being made up of iron and having thick walls, it is not a lightweight accessory. So, if you are backpacking, you need to check the weight before you decide to take it with you. 

How To cook Biscuits While Camping?

1. Cooking Biscuits over a Campfire

Even if you have no other thing, you have a campfire always. You can cook some delicious biscuits on a campfire easily if you do all the things right. First of all, clear the surrounding area. If the fire is burning from some time, there must be ash or any burnt residue there, clean it. You do not want ash in your biscuits, right?

Start a fire and raise it to reach approx. 350 degrees. Take your oven and season it from the inside. By seasoning, it is meant that apply grease or cooking oil on the inside to lubricate it so that the biscuits won’t stick on the side or get burnt during the process. Prepare the material for the biscuits, give them the shape you want and place them inside the oven at a safe distance from each other. 

Close the oven from the top with the available lid and place it over the burning fire. Make sure that it is getting heat from all the sides equally; otherwise, you might get biscuits that are raw from one end. For the next 14 minutes, rotate your pot at least once or twice at a 900 degrees angle to make sure that uniform heat is reaching to every part of the oven. After almost 14 minutes of the constant heat, your biscuits are almost ready. Take the oven off the fire.

Please ensure complete safety of yourself by wearing baking mittens and not getting too close to the fire. Take out the oven and carefully remove the lid. You would be able to breathe in the delicious smell of freshly baked biscuits. Put the oven at a place away from the fire to let it cool out. Take out your biscuits with the help of a long spoon or a spatula. Your scrumptious, mouth-watering, freshly baked biscuits are ready for you to consume!

2. Cooking Biscuits using a Camping Stove

If you find a Dutch oven too heavy to carry alongside you, you can still cook biscuits on your trip. All you need is enough fuel in your camping stove and a covered skillet for this purpose. Firstly, preheat your skillet on the stove so that the temperature is around 350 degrees. You can test it using a thermometer, or if you are a seasoned baker, you can tell that easily from the looks and the time of preheating. 

Once the required temperature is reached, you are allowed to bake the biscuits in it. Using an oven mitten, take off the lid and rinse the side of the skillet with vegetable or cooking oil. You can either do this before preheating or after preheating, it does not affect things. It is done in order to avoid the biscuits from sticking to the sides or the bottom of the container. Without this, you would end up with biscuits having a burnt base.

After this, put out your biscuits inside the pot and cover it again from the top. At this point, you need to make sure that the temperature of the fire does not go beyond 400 degrees or that will burn the biscuits. Having a thermometer with you will help you keep an eye on that. Approximately, the time required to cook the biscuits in such practice is around 13-18 minutes. You can also judge by the smell of the biscuits. 

After the required time has passed, your biscuits are almost ready. Turn off your stove and move the skillet away. Let it cool out a bit first and then take out your tasty delight, ready to be consumed. 


No matter how you decide to cook your biscuits, this will prove to be a memorable activity on your brilliant camping trip. All you need is the right ingredients, and you can treat yourself with freshly baked delicious biscuits on the go. 

They are easy to bake with whatever resources you have at the time and will keep you energized on your trip. Don’t be afraid of trying something new, be sure to give it a try next time you go camping. 

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