How To Fly With Camping Gear

How To Fly With Camping Gear

Aren’t you planning to venture away from home to explore different camping destinations? Well, most of the people are clueless about how to fly with camping gear. You don’t need to worry about this anymore! Innovations happening in camping gear had made it simple and easy to fly along with it. 

Whether you plan to fly with your tent, stoves, and knife, you only need to know some rules and tips. This will ultimately provide you with a beautiful experience. I have mentioned everything in this article that you need to know before flying with your camping gear.

How To Fly With Camping Gear

Choose The Right Gear

Choosing the right gear is the key to traveling. This is the first important thing to consider when planning to fly along with your camping gear. Now, how will you choose the right gear? What is the best way to make the decision? Well, no need to worry! Here I have explained the essential factor that you need to keep in mind when choosing your camping gear.

Pack Smart And Light

Pack as much light as possible when you are planning to fly with the gear. As you have to carry and handle the bag, so invest in purchasing lightweight gear. There is a luggage checker in most cases, so you have to pack according to its limits. If you exceed that weight limit, you might have to pay hefty fees. You should prefer checking the weight limit before leaving.

The lightweight gear will pack down small, allowing you to carry it easily. You need to examine carefully what you need for the trip. Focus on basic necessities rather than taking everything along with you. As massive tents require more space and are bulky. You should prefer buying a tent that is compact and lightweight.

Try to condense your wardrobe. Don’t take a bulk of clothes along with you as it might be challenging to carry them. Keep them short and less in number. Similarly, if we talk about taking soap along with you is necessary. Try buying soap with multifunctional features that can be used on clothes, skin, and camp dishes without any harm. 

It’s reliable to take a micro-fiber towel along with you as it is highly absorbent. When it comes to bringing food, there are specific ways that help you in keeping the bulk minimum. Try taking a cooking gear with multi-purpose features it will help you in preparing different meals. Although it depends on the type of place you are going, so don’t stress out over food. You can also pack freeze meals as they are easy to prepare.

You will have to buy a checked bag when flying with your gear as some of the outdoor gear is not allowed on the flight. The cheap flights somehow will enable you to pay for a carrying bag, which is enough to hold all items. You need to check all the details before leaving for the flight.

How Can You Protect Your Gear When Flying

Most of the people think it is a challenge to fly with their camping gear. People need to protect their gear when flying as the straps can break up during transport. You need to be careful about this feature before you start your journey. Some tips for protection include: 

  • You should tighten the straps small enough and hook them together. This is done so that the handler doesn’t carry luggage with one strap only.
  • You need to buckle the hip belt all around the gear.
  • You can also tape both straps downwards.
  • You can also use a duffel bag as it meets most airlines’ checked luggage capacity. It will also protect your camping gear and is incredibly affordable and compact.
  • You can also opt for getting a large trash bag that is very reliable. Some airlines also have such kind of bags.
  • Buy a cling wrap box to store all your camping gear when going on a flight.

Camping Gear With Which You Can’t Fly

It is not allowed to take every gear along with you when flying for a camping trip. Many outdoor gears are not reliable for taking along to the campsite, not even in checked bags.

  1. Stove fuel is not allowed on the plane. Even no other kind is permitted when you are flying along with your camping gear.
  2. Bear spray is also not recommended for taking along. You have to purchase it after reaching your destination. Also, you should leave it at the place where camping before returning back on the flight.

These gears are not recommended as they are highly flammable. This is why they are not allowed on the plane. You need to be very careful when packing your camping gear so that you don’t have anything that can ruin your trip. 

Make a list of items as you cannot take everything on the plane. You need to bring a compact and ultra-lightweight version of all the camping essentials. For example, you can’t gas fuel for your stove on the plane. Similarly, things like bikes and snowboards are not reliable to travel along when flying. You will find it more cost-effective to rent these entire camping essentials at your destination.

Camping Gear You Can Fly With

Most of the camping gear is allowed to carry along when flying at the campsite. You should know that it must have passed the checked luggage. Like anything that is a weapon or can be used as a weapon is not allowed, and it would not pass the checked luggage. So you need to be careful about it. In this way, you won’t lose your favorite and expensive gear.

Pack A Tent

You can easily pack a camping tent and carry it along on the plane. But due to the tent stakes, it needs to be passed from the checked luggage. You should be careful when purchasing a tent, and it should be lightweight and compact. When you are trying to carry it on the plane, the stakes need to be confiscated at the gate.

Pack A Knife And A Backpacking Stove 

You can also pack a knife, but it is compulsory to put it in the checked bag. Anything that can be used as an offensive weapon is not allowed on the plane. The knife should be appropriately wrapped so that it won’t injure any luggage handler.

You can carry a backpacking stove in your bag, but the stove should be clean for taking to the campsite. It should not contain any fuel vapors as they cause explosive reactions. So after eliminating these residues, it is allowed to carry along.

Flashlights And Safety Matches

You can carry only 1 book of matches and you on the plane, but they must not be present in your checked luggage. This is a significantly reliable advantage. You can also take flashlights along with you, whether in checked luggage or carry it in your bag.

Taking Trekking Poles On The Flight

People can take their trekking poles on the flight, and they should be packed and placed in your check luggage. It is not recommended to walk with them on the plane. You will be stopped and checked. You should not also carry it in the bag as it may cost more. 

 So try not to do such things and place them in the checked luggage. People are worried about the poles as they can break up when placed in the luggage. You can easily slide them in any piece of PVC pipe and tape them from ends. After this, put them in the backpack or any trash bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) How can you clean your camping stove for flying?

You have to clean the camping stove before taking it on the plane. You should use soap and a brush to clean it with a large amount of hot water. This will remove the excessive smell of fuel. Wash it carefully and dry it from inside and outside before packing it. Make sure there is no smell of fuel left in the stove.

Q) Can I put my chargers in the carry bag?

Basically, you can put all your chargers and batteries in your carry bag. As it is the safest place for them. However, you won’t charge any device or battery on the plane, but it is not compulsory to place them in the checked luggage. This will help you in identifying the chargers at the safest place in the carry bag. 


It is not really hard to prepare your camping gear for the flight as it looks like. so when thinking about how to fly with your camping gear, keep the above tips and information in mind.

But it might be frustrating as you cannot take everything along with you. It will also save your checked luggage fee and will make your flight much hassle-free. Keeping this every factor in mind, you need to prepare a camping gear with ultra-lightweight gear to make your adventure worthwhile.

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