How to Go Camping by Yourself?

how to go camping by yourself

Camping is always a great way to escape from the busyness of life and reconnect with nature. You can go anywhere while wandering in the woods to staying in the mountains. It is stressful to camp with a lot of people, and you won’t be able to enjoy nature as you want. You have to coordinate with schedules of people, and everyone is going to bring their gear; it’s not more than a headache. 

This article will guide you on how to go camping by yourself and enjoy it fully.

How to Go Camping by Yourself?

You can enjoy alone with all benefits of camping rather than coordinating with multiple people. If you are curious about how to go camping by yourself, it looks like a challenging task, but it is relatively easy to go on solo camping. Here in this article, I have mentioned everything you need to know before going on a camping trip by yourself.

Benefits of Solo Camping 

Solo camping is not about camping with multiple people, and there would be no one to tell stories while sitting around the campfire. There will be no high-fives and no group photos after reaching the top. However, you will spend this time taking to yourself and exploring your self while sitting at the campsite.

You will Go with your Own Pace

When you are camping in a group, there are people at different speeds. This can be the speed of hiking and the hours that you will keep. It’s not reliable for everyone in the group to have the same rate. When you are on a solo camping trip, you don’t have to coordinate a time with multiple people. You also don’t have to pick your pace and then slow it down for accommodating with others. You can develop the speed as you want to and enjoy your trip.

Learn More about Camping

When camping with multiple people, it means there is someone perfect at setting up a tent, and another one might be best at starting a fire, and someone will act as a human compass. Solo camping is something that you have to do all these things on your own. You will do these things at the same time, and it will be challenging for you. In this way, it will increase your knowledge and experience of camping.

You Will Be Connected To Nature

Group camping means there will be late-night chats, group meals and entertaining hikes you will spend most of your time connecting to people instead of nature. When camping alone, there won’t be anyone to distract you, and you will be able to develop a deep connection with nature. You will get a mesmerising experience with no distractions. You will feel that wildlife is more majestic and sunrises are more stunning and beautiful.  

Confidence Gaining

Group camping is something that you have multiple people on whom you can rely on even if anything goes wrong. Suppose if you are the one who forgot something someone else must have remembered it. But when you are camping alone, you won’t be able to rely on others. Thinking that you are going on this adventure alone will ultimately boost your confidence level. You will be able to find a side of yourself you never knew about.

Free of Stress

Camping with other people is sometimes a headache as you keep on making sure that everyone is happy and satisfied. There will be stress in different disagreements and gathering everyone for various activities. But when solo camping there won’t be any stress on you. You can leave all your stress and life behind and enjoy nature at its peak.

How To Keep Yourself Entertained When Camping Alone

Try Getting Familiar With Life Around The Campsite 

This is one of the best ways to enjoy when you are camping alone. You must pay attention to the life around you both flora and fauna. Walk around the campsite and see different types of animals and plants. You can also research about life at the camp before going on a solo camping trip.

Cook Tasty Food For Your Self

Solo camping has many advantages like you will do everything your way rather than depending on other people. You won’t compromise on anything like where you should set the camp, when you have to wake up, how you will spend the day and what you have to eat. You will be free to cook your favourite food around the campfire. You will experience new flavours in the food, and your eating will be enhanced on a solo camping adventure. 

Best Solo Camping Tips

Now I have mentioned the benefits and joys of solo camping so you must be aware of some essential tips that you will need when going on a solo camping trip. You must follow all these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping trip. You are almost ready to enjoy all rewards of camping alone.

Build Yourself To Going Solo

If it’s your first time, then solo camping is the worst idea for you. Camping alone will bring many challenges, even to experienced campers. So never head into going on a solo camping trip for the first time. Make sure you have experienced camping with others to learn some basic rules of camping and then going on a solo camping trip.

Make Yourself Confident About Your Skills

It is crucial to know about the basics of camping alone, and you must feel like your skills are more than a beginner. There are many basics things that you must know. Still, I have mentioned below some necessary points you must know before going on a solo camping trip.

  • Pitching a tent.
  • Starting a fire.
  • Supply of water.
  • Setting up the camp.
  • Handling wildlife.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Basic first aid.

Don’t Go For A Day or Two. 

Sleeping alone at the campsite is going to be uncomfortable for you. When you are planning for a solo camping trip, don’t just go for a night or two rather than design a more extended trip with multiple nights. You won’t be able to reach that level of enjoyment in just two days. You need a couple of nights to get yourself comfortable at the campsite.

Lighten Load

You need to be mindful of what you are packing as you are alone for packing things in and out. Pick items that are enough for yourself rather than taking a lot of gear along with you. If you are purchasing a tent, try to find a tent that is for one person only and is compact and lightweight. Don’t take a lot of clothes along just take two necessary outfits along with you when going on a solo camping trip.  

Pick A Nearby Place 

When you are going on a solo camping trip for the first time, try to find a place you are familiar with. A faraway place will make something to go wrong so pick a spot that is nearby your home. However, going on a trip for multiple days trying to head out that area for a bike ride to know how it feels. When you know about the camping area, it will provide you with immense help in getting comfortable there.

Take An Emergency Device

When you are going alone in the wilderness, it’s better to be always safe. You must bring along an emergency device or a satellite phone in case anything goes wrong there. It is beneficial to take a satellite phone along to check-in your family once a while and let them know that you are safe too.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is it safe to go on a camping trip by yourself?

Solo camping is safe, and you can spend valuable time with yourself. Camping alone will give you time to gather your thoughts and recharge yourself. You will learn how to be yourself and how to enjoy the peace that nature provides. Everyone should try solo camping once in their lives to know the advantages of solo camping.

Q) How can one get over the fear of solo camping?

You should get over the fear of solo camping to enjoy its benefits. You need to find the roots of fear and then mitigate them. If you are scared of creepy voices, you can bring your iPod along with you. If you get afraid of bears, then try to pack the food in a bear canister and then hike it away from camp before going to bed. In these ways, you will be able to kill your fear of solo camping. 


Camping alone can be the best way to spend your weekend. It gives a positive impact on your state of mind. But people often ask how to go camping by yourself? Well, it is highly beneficial and easy to camp alone away from the usual routine of your life. You will enjoy nature to its peak and don’t have to worry about other people’s coordinations. However, it might be difficult for you if you have never camped alone, but it’s worthwhile. I have mentioned in this article many ways to keep you entertained when camping alone. You need to get the best of it when you are planning a solo camping trip.

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