How To Inflate Aero Bed While Camping

How To Inflate Aero Bed While Camping

Air mattress is an excellent choice for camping. They give a comfortable base, ease, relief compared to a sleeping bag, or can also be used for guests. They are compact or easy to pack when deflated, although you have to inflate it whenever you want to use them. Many options inflate a mattress, such as an electric pump, a manual pump, or any air pump that can pump it. Keep reading this article to learn how to inflate aero bed while camping with or without an air pump.

How To Inflate Aero Bed While Camping with Pump

There are so many options to fill air mattresses such as a plug-in electric pump (worthwhile and fastest), a 12v plug made for car batteries (useful for van camping), battery-powered pump (work great without any power source), generators (you have to carry them with yourselves) and manual pump (stressful and ineffective).

How To Inflate Aerobed While Camping with A 12v Electric Pump

It is specially designed to be used with your car’s cigarette lighter. A 12v electric pump is the most acceptable option for van camping. You have to plug the electric pump into the car while inflating aero bed. It is easy to use, although it is difficult to control with big mattresses. With most of the pump, you can leave your car without turning on. However, this may be stressful on a car’s system, so it is better to turn on your vehicle while inflating. This is the most versatile option that works best in many situations, efficiently.

Using a Dc Power Inverter with an Ac Electric Air Pump

An alternative option you can use is a DC (direct current) power inverter such as Bestek on Amazon that is made to connect with a car’s 12V socket and supply AC power. (This is a two-prong outlet we have at home). If you have a plug-in air mattress pump that connects to AC power, then use an inverter as it allows you to plug-in home devices while turning on your car. However, start a car before using it.

How to Fill Air Mattress with a 12v Electric Pump and Your Car

Keep in mind that a queen or king-size aero bed does not fit through small or average-sized tent doors. However, if your mattress will check inside the tent after inflated, read the following instruction to set it all up.

● Park your car near the campsite. You need to take back the tent to the campsite, so it is better if you are closer

● Settle your tent without tied it down and unroll the mattress inside

● Inflate the aero bed with pump

● Take your tent and inflated mattress back to your campsite and then stake it down

Inflating aero bed With Battery-Operated Pump

The battery-Operated pump is great because it does not need any power source and outlet. You will not have to carry your air mattress to your tent or move the tent to a power source. Most of the pumps are rechargeable by USB, some are portable and charged by batteries. Some batteries need to drain. These pumps are not usually ideal because you have to charge the batteries or bring multiple batteries. However, with the right battery, you don’t need to worry much about it.

How to Fill Mattress with a Battery-Operated Pump While Camping

This is the best and easiest way to fill the aero bed because you don’t need to carry an air mattress or tent. So, set up your tent and inflate the air mattress.

● Spread mattress inside the tent

● Make sure that your pump is charged and fill your mattress

● Ensure that you are not stepping on the bed during inflating

● Check out the firmness then plug it closed

Inflating an Air Mattress with Manual Pumps

This is the other best option after electric pumps. There are many options to fill an air mattress with a manual pump. The most common is the bike pump like BV bicycle ergonomics. However, you have to struggle to create a good seal between the pump and the plug. The hand pump can also be used, and they work as a bike pump. You will still struggle to create a good seal. However, it inflates faster with a larger pump. You can also use a ball pump if you have patience because it takes some time to inflate a whole mattress.

How to Fill an Air Mattress with a Manual Pump

● Spread your mattress and open plug

● Connect the pump to the plug

● after the tight connection, ensure that it won’t leak and start filling it

● Continue pumping until the mattress is firm enough

How To Inflate Aerobed While Camping without a Pump

If you have forgotten all air pumps, there is still a way to inflate an air mattress. If you have electricity, you can use a hairdryer and Vacuum cleaner. However, if you don’t have electricity, there is still a way to fill the air mattress that will be explained at the end.

How to Fill an Air Mattress with a Hairdryer

When you use a hairdryer, you don’t need a pump. However, you have to create a good seal around the mattress plug and hairdryer.

● It is relatively similar to the electric pump

● Layout the mattress and plug in the hairdryer

● Create a sound and tight seal between the plug and end of the hairdryer

● Inflate it until it becomes firm

How to Fill an Air Mattress with a Vacuum Cleaner

People commonly don’t bring their vacuum while camping. However, if you keep a handheld vacuum, it will help clean the tent and inflate the air mattress. The vacuum can easily be used with reverse mode. This will blow air out rather than sucking it, ensure that vacuum has a reverse way because many vacuums do not have this feature.

● clean all the waste out of it, do this by flipping reverse mode and blow anything out

● Spread mattress and open the plug

● Create a good seal between vacuum and plug

● Fill the mattress appropriately 

A hairdryer will fill your air mattress bit by bit. However, look carefully at the hairdryer and vacuum while filling mattresses because hairdryers and vacuum are not designed for inflating aero bed. So, do not run them for very long, make sure they won’t overheat.

How To Inflate Aerobed While Camping without a Pump and Electricity

Don’t worry if you have forgotten electric pumps, vacuum, and hairdryer. Just take a big plastic bag and inflate your aero bed by following the given instruction.

● Wobble the bag so it will catch as much air as can

● Hold the top shut, so you have a bag full of air

● Place the top side of the bag into a mattress plug and enfold it around the plug by creating a good seal

● Push the air into the mattress

● Repeat the process until you get the results


There are many ways to inflate the aero bed while camping. You can use the given options according to your situation. However, select the best and easiest way to inflate the air mattress. Always keep in mind that you should have a backup plan while going on any trip, whether it is camping or hiking.

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