How to Keep a Dog Warm While Camping?

how to keep a dog warm while camping

Camping is an adventurous journey, and it becomes more enjoyable if your best friend, your dog, is with you. When you are camping with your dog, it is essential to keep them warm and take care of them very much. 

Learning how to keep a dog warm while camping will help you make them feel comfortable, and can minimize flare-ups of health issues like canine arthritis, which may occur more commonly when your dog gets cold.

How to Keep a Dog Warm While Camping?

How to keep a dog warm while camping? This question arises in the mind of many pet lovers who are planning to go camping. There are a lot of ways to keep your dog warm while camping. In this article, I will explain to you easy and essential ways of how to keep a dog warm while camping. Let’s start. 

Dog Sleeping bags

Investing in a dog sleeping bag is one way to keep your dog warm while camping. Many dogs would prefer to sleep in their place, so buying a sleeping bag for your dog is a good option. When it’s too cold, the sleeping bag will work well for your best friend.

Dog sleeping bags will be a great addition to your dog camping essentials. A good dog sleeping bag is made of very durable fabric, easy to clean, water-resistant, easy to pack, lightweight, and quick-drying. Some sleeping bags allow you to roll them up and pack them in bags easily.

Feed your Dog More

Feeding your dog more is also another way to make your dog warm while camping. When you are camping, and your campsite is cold outside, you should consider feeding your dog more food as the extra calories will help keep them warm in the colder weather.

As per the Pet MD, your dog may require as much as two to three times the number of calories when it is cold, and they are active compared to warmer weather. You will want to make sure that the food you are using is healthy for your pet, so it is less likely to cause a stomach upset, by feeding those more.

Feeding more food also helps keep their energy up, as you are often moving more and expending more energy when you are out for camping. Increase the amount of regular dog food your dog is getting, or give healthy foods, such as cooked chicken and rice.

Cuddle up with Your Dog

Cuddling up with your dog is an easy way to keep your dog warm while you are out, especially at night. Most dogs love to cuddle and will sleep next to you. Sharing body heat can also help keep you warm, too, if you have a large, fluffy dog.

You can share your sleeping bag with your dog to also conserve heat. If your dog doesn’t like to sleep right next to you, you might want a larger sleeping bag, such as a double sleeping bag, to give your dog plenty of room.

Dog Coat

A dog coat is a simple solution and an efficient way to keep your dog’s body warm while camping in cold weather. A coat for your dog is an easy way to keep them warm by providing extra layers. Dog coat will help your dog remain warm and play actively around with the coat. 

One suggested way of handling the coat is to teach your dog to enjoy wearing it, associating it with their favourite treat or toy. You can develop a system where your dog lets you know that they desire to wear the coat by encouraging them to go to it. A good dog coat must be easy to use, water-proof, and adjustable. Adjustable back length, belt, and collar allow freedom of movement and be a perfect fit for your dog.

When you have it on them, you can try taking it off as well. If your dog resists you taking it off, dogs are likely comfortable wearing it, make sure they don’t get overheated while wearing it. You will also want to make sure that the coat stays dry and remove it if it gets wet, as that can cause your dog to get chilled.

Hot Water Bottles

A hot water bottle can be an easy way to keep your dog warm while camping. You will need to be able to heat the water during your camping trip. This is something you should plan before going on a camping trip.

Get your hot water as hot as you can, and then with great care, pour it into the hot water bottle. You will need to be careful as your dog can get too warm with the water bottle and burn. Separating it from directly touching the dog’s skin is a great way to keep this from happening.

 Place the water bottle under a blanket or wrap it in a shirt to keep it from making direct contact with your dog’s skin. You should test the hot water bottle against yourself before giving it to your dog to make sure they are not going to burn themselves. 

Insulate Your Tent

Insulating your tent will surely help you to keep your dog warm while camping. If you don’t insulate your tent properly, you and your dog will not be warm.

Blanket for Your Dog

Blankets can be an excellent option for keeping your dog warm. When selecting a blanket for your dog, select the one that is not too thick because that is a bit heavy for you to carry and can be hard to dry if it gets wet. Instead, pick a lightweight blanket that will dry quickly.

If you are going to select a lightweight blanket for your dog, then go for two blankets. One to keep them warm initially and another to swap out and use if the first gets damp from your dog’s paws. This procedure allows you always to have a blanket to use for your dog.

Signs That Show Your Dog Too Cold

These are some of the signs that will indicate that your dog is feeling too cold, and you need to be more careful about the safe health of your dog.

  • Cold to the touch
  • Curling up and shivering
  • Whimpering
  • Restless or pacing
  • Sleeping or lethargy


Hopefully, now you know how to keep a dog warm while camping. So keep in mind all these points when planning for your next camping trip with your pup.

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