How to Make a Box Oven for Camping?

how to make a box oven for camping

Cooking at the campsite is not an easy task, but some adventure enthusiasts love to try it. When going on a camping trip, there are lots of options for bringing food along with you. But you may need an oven for cooking at the campsite. People want to know about how to make a box oven for camping. Well, box ovens are easy to make.

They won’t cost you much and provide you with a more comfortable camping trip. In this article, I have mentioned everything that you need to know about making a box oven before going on your next adventure.

How To Make A Box Oven For Camping 

Making a box oven for a camping trip is incredibly easy. You only need to know that steps in which you can make it. Gather all the essential materials and then implement it to make a box oven. You will get most of the materials from household items. I have explained below every step in detail that will enable you to make the best box oven for your next camping adventure.

1. Find A Box

The first and most crucial step is to find a box. When you get the box, you will have to cut the box neatly away from the bottom. If you don’t cut it properly, it will look ugly, so you have to cut it carefully. After this, you have to cut the side of the box into a rectangular shape. When you heat the coal, there must be an appropriate supply of oxygen. For this, you can create holes on the upper surface of your box. Make sure you cut the box properly.

2. Wrap an Aluminum Foil Around It

Now the next thing that might come to your mind is whether the box will catch fire when burning coal is added or not. For saving the box oven from getting flames, you need to wrap the whole box with aluminium foil. Wrap the foil with tape or pins so that it won’t come out from any point. This is highly important as you can’t resist fire at the campsite.

Wrap the inside and outside of the box properly and apply vegetable oil or any other oil on the inner parts of the box. This step carries significant importance in making the box oven.

3. Fill Cans With Stones

The third step in making the box oven is filling cans with stones. Find some empty cans and fill all of them with materials like small stones. It is compulsory to use weighty material for filling the cans. The filled can hold the grill inside the box oven in a more accessible way. Use of filled cans is essential to make a balanced box oven.

4. Putting the Cans

The filled cans are put at all the corners of the oven. You will get a suitable place to put the grill. You can now put the grill in the oven and then allow it to balance on the cans. Use four cans at four corners of the box to get the best results. They will hold the grill and will allow you to cook more effectively.

5. Light the Coal

The last step is making a box oven is to light up the coal. You have to put heat in your box oven. Coal is used to create fire, and then you have to spread coal inside the whole box oven. After this, you have to light up the coal to grill food. Ovens heat is enough to cook food on it. You have a rectangular shape cut on the side of the box that will work as a door. Now you have to make sure that this door is closed tightly when you are cooking food in the oven.

By following all these steps, you can make a perfect box oven for your next camping trip. You can enjoy bbq on the grill at the campsite. It will make your camping trip worthwhile. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly to get the desired results. 

How to Use a Cardboard Box Oven

The crucial thing after making a box oven is to know how to use it. You need to be careful when using the box oven at the campsite. Firstly you have to find an appropriate place to put the box oven on it. It is compulsory to find a level surface with non-inflammable stuff. Inflammable stuff such as dry grass should not be present there. You have to make the surface ready before putting the box oven on it and spread aluminium foil on the surface.

Now you have to place the filled cans for holding the grill on. Make sure you arrange the cans properly at the corners. If you don’t prefer excessive heat, then take some of the coal out from the oven. Choose the amount of coal according to the heat you prefer. Once you have chosen, it put all other items in position. You also have the option to tilt one side of the oven by placing a stone. This is done for providing proper ventilation.

Some Extra Tips

You can add a small window so that you can see through how the cooking is going. You can cut a small hole in the box for making window. Wrapping aluminium foil around it is necessary otherwise it can catch fire. You also have to close the front of the hole by using a bag and keep it in place by using some pins or tape. 

The other thing is that if you want to monitor temperature accurately, you can craft an oven thermometer inside it. It should be installed in a way that sharp end is placed inside the oven and monitor is outside the box to get an accurate reading. Properly use two parts of the oven by tucking the lower box inwards for getting a more robust and resistant oven.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Box Oven

Q) Can olive oil catch fire in box oven?

Olive oil can catch fire around a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Olive will create smoke at around 400 degrees, and regular ovens can operate in a temperature range between 200 to 500 degrees. Moreover, the water you have used in any food that you are cooking will keep the olive oil below an ignition temperature. You have to be careful of the temperature inside the box oven.

Q) How to make a cardboard reflector in a box oven?

Reflector oven is simple as the cardboard oven box with aluminium lined on the inside. You only have to run wire throughout the box for creating a rack of the oven. When you place the box on its side, the rack must be horizontal. You have to put a box next to lighting coals, and the opening must be facing the heat. It should not be much near that it can catch fire. 


Learning how to make a box oven for camping not that much difficult as it looks like. You can conveniently make a box oven for yourself on your next camping adventure. Box ovens are a perfect alternative for Dutch ovens, and they are much cost-effective. You only need to be careful when making the box as it should be adequately covered with aluminium foil.

The other important thing is to place it on the surface that does not contain any inflammable stuff. This will allow you to enjoy cooking food in your oven without catching heat.

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