How to Make a Flag Pole for Camping?

how to make a flag pole for camping

Do you want to give your travelling or camping destination a true mark of peculiarity? Then there would be nothing good than hanging an excellent looking flag pole of a prominent custom flag at your tailgating camp. This will enable your friends or peers to reach or file in there with great ease. If you are curious about how to make a flag pole for camping, then this article will guide you on how to make one.

 Here we will talk about custom-made or DIY a tremendous looking flag pole for camping without any hefty expertise that can easily be transported alongside.

How to Make a Flag Pole for Camping?

Materials That You Will Need To Make An Flag Pole

  • A plain flag 

The plain piece of cloth that is used to make the flag by proper dimensions that you will later hang on the pole made using the PVC or aluminium pipe.

  • Spray paint/ paper/ scissors

A printing paper and scissors are used to create and cut the logo that you will place on the flag.

Spray paint is used to create the design or the logo on the piece of paper.

  • A screw gauge

 Screw gauge is used to tighten the screws or the hanging hooks on the pole.

  • Screw eyes or the hanging hooks

 Screw eyes are mainly used to hang the flag by inserting them into incisions that you have made in the flag 

  • 4 elbow connectors and 3 T shaped connectors

These connectors are used to connect the PVC pipes to create the base and the flag pole’s tube. 

  • 1 TO 2 feet long piece of PVC
  • 2 10 feet long pieces of PVC pipe

 Using this rigid PVC pipe pieces, you can make a significant and durable flag pole for your camping or tailgating area. 

Significance Of Placing A Flag In The Camping Area

Placing a flag at the camping site can be of great importance as it adds up in the ease of locating your camp after some hiking in the nearby areas. Moreover, if you are travelling or hiking in groups, your friends can identify you by noticing the flag from large distances with remarkable ease.

Also, placing a flag on your tailgating camp can give you a significant mark of distinction from the others.

Step By Step Guide About How To Make A Flag Pole For Camping 

1. Making the Flag

First of all, we have to make the flag design with the appropriate and reasonable looking symbol using the properly cut paper design. By placing that design on the flag, make sure to correctly print that slogan or logo by using the spray paints.

2. Make the Flag Pole Base

For making the base of the pole, you will have to assemble the four elbow joints with the small PVC pieces with great accuracy. This will provide extra support to the flag even when there is a windy environment. You may use the PVC cement to get the more accurate and rigid flag pole base.

A powerfully built base is better than digging the pole deep into the ground as it will be easier to carry it alongside when you change your camping site while travelling. Rather than digging the pole back before every single camping session.

This is the complete description of the flag pole base provided that you have to follow.

3. Making The Proper Hanging Place For Your Flag

Now for making the flag pole, first of all, you have to measure the flag and mark the position that you think is suitable for attachment of the flag. Now drill two straight holes at both ends of the accurate measurement. These holes are for the attachment of the hanging hooks or the screw hooks.

4. Hang The Flag With The Screw Hooks

Make small incisions on both ends of the flag to hang the flag with the PVC pipe.

Join all of the PVC pipes by adjusting them with one another. You have to adjust the lowers parts using the PVC cement while the upper parts using the adjustment screws. You can remove and convert it into a smaller portable flag easily.

Some Important Tips

Adding up a flag to your tailgating cam site can be of great use, especially if you are travelling in groups with your friends. Here are some essential tips that you can follow to have a remarkable experience with a camping flag. 

  • The flag should be made using a vibrant colour cloth that is visible from the great distance with great ease.
  • Measure the dimensions with accuracy; this can boost up the pole’s strength and durability and while hanging the flag and making incisions, make sure that you have taken the dimensions.
  • Keep the pole of the flag taller so that it can be visible from considerable distances.
  • If you are making the foundation of the pole, then try to make it rigid and durable. Otherwise, make sure that you are digging the pole in the ground accurately so that it can bear the wind pressure without falling.
  • Keep in the notice that you are using the screws of the proper size that fits easily in the holes you have made using the drill machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What colour should a flagpole and flag be?

The flag should be of bright visible colour, and one can easily see it from a remarkable distance. This can only be done it the flag is made using a vibrant colour cloth-like red or orange.

And if we talk about the flag pole colour, it depends on the nature of the material you choose to construct the pole of your flag. It may be of silver, white or dark black and bronze colour.   

Q) How do you make a flag stand out of PVC pipe?

Make sure that you are taking the PVC pipe pieces of the suitable length, and all of the screws, hooks, and PVC cement are available in the adequate amount. Hang the flag by making small incisions in it by attaching hooks. And make sure that you are attaching the upper parts of the PVC pipe with screws and lower parts with the PVC cement to maintain the portability.

Q) Which is better aluminium or fibreglass flag pole?

Fibreglass can handle or bear much wind load or pressure as compared to a lighter aluminium pole. Especially if you are at the ocean side where there are more windy evenings, fibreglass poles are recommended. Aluminium poles are mostly used in commercial applications.


If you are on the adventurous camping or tailgating trip in between the woods, and your friends have to approach you, then that can be quite challenging in such a confusing place. 

Making a flag pole can help you flag your location to your friends and even to yourself if you camp in a dense place.

This article has covered all important aspects of how to make a flag pole for camping. An appropriate and evenly placed flag can be of great use to inform your friends about your location through a distance.

But for this, you need to know about all the crucial things that I have added above. So, to avoid getting into any mess or discomfort, make sure that you have all of the information about the flag making as defensive wisdom.

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