How to Make a Generator Quiet for Camping

how to make a generator quiet for camping

You cannot spend time camping with a power outage. You need a camping generator for a steady supply of current to charge your electronic devices. It helps in supplying power to your cellphones, laptops, microwave, refrigerator, and other equipment. However, the downside is that generators emit loud noise. The constant rambling and buzzing of the generators disturb your calm. That is why I have explained several ways for how to make a generator quiet for camping. So, you can spend your time peacefully while camping.

What Makes Your Generator Loud?

Before thinking about making your generator quiet, find out the factors that make it louder. By knowing these significant reasons, you can find the best solution to make your generator less noisy.

Location Of The Generator

Mostly, one thing that plays a role in making generators loud is their placement. Obviously, if the generator is near to you, you will hear the noise louder. So, one thing that you can do is place it somewhere far away to avoid the sound.

However, there is more to the placement of generators. The surface where the generator is present also contributes to making it noisy. If you set the generator on a metallic bench, the sound can become louder. Hence, you should try not to place it on the surfaces that work as amplifiers.

Moreover, surfaces that are unstable, shaky, or hard will increase the vibrations. So, if the generator is on an uneven surface, the sound will become louder due to enhanced vibrations. Thus, put the generator in a stable and soft place, especially on flat ground. The land will absorb most of the beats, which will decrease the sound.

Soundproofing Of The Generator

When it comes to the loud noise of a machine, the soundproofing of that machine matters the most. If the soundproofing is apt, then the noise will reduce. Similarly, you need to check the soundproofing features of the generator to gauge its noise.

The soundproofing also depends on the model and design of the generators. Some generators are quiet and entirely soundproofed, while some have minimum features. However, you can use some means to make the generator soundproof, which I will discuss later.

Power Output Of The Generator

Another component that determines the loudness of the generator is its power output or energy level. The larger or stronger a machine is, the more power output it will have. Also, more potent devices bear a higher load, and that is why they produce more noise. Hence, the generators that are robust and produce more energy will be louder.

In contrast, small and compact machines have a lower power output. Consequently, they are quiet and noiseless. So, you need to prioritize your needs when it comes to generators. If you want a robust and more power-producing generator, then you will have to tolerate loud noise.

Manufacturing Technology Of The Generator

The technology used to create a generator is also responsible for its feature. A generator made with advanced technology will be able to reduce noise more than the traditional generators. Most of the modern generators are compact, efficient, and durable.

Inverter generators come with the latest technology that gives off a steady supply of power. That is why they are also quiet and efficient. Moreover, they have extra features, like mufflers and sound deflectors, that help in reducing the sound.

Therefore, if you choose a modern generator with advanced technology, it will be quieter. In comparison, a traditional generator will be noisier but robust and powerful.

7 Ways: How To Make A Generator Quiet For Camping

So, you are taking a noisy generator for your camping trip. But, you do not know how to make a generator quiet for camping. So, I have found the seven best solutions for you.

Use Of Sound Deflectors

One way to reduce the noise created by generators is the use of sound deflectors. Basically, sound deflectors work to carry the noise away from you. They do not make the generator silent; instead, they deflect the sound coming at you.

If you do not want to hear the noise of a generator, buy some sound deflectors. Then, place those sound deflectors in a way that creates a sound barrier between you and the generator.  You can easily get them from the market. Also, they work perfectly as a temporary solution.

Moreover, you can also take some plywood or drywall sheets on camping. You can put them at the generator in such a way that it muffles the noise. Again, the generator will not become silent, but the sound will reduce.

However, to use these methods, you will have to bring extra gear to camping. Also, these are short-term solutions. For a more effective solution, you can combine it with some other options.

Position Of The Exhaust Pipe

The position of your generator and its venting pipe makes a difference in the noise. If the exhaust pipe is horizontal and points in your direction, then the sound will be louder. But, if it is away from you and in the vertical or upward position, you will hear less noise.

That happens because sound waves move in the direction of their producer. If the exhaust pipe is towards you, then noise will come to you directly. Also, if it is away from you but horizontal, even then, the boom will be louder. But, when the venting pipe positions vertically, the sound goes in an upward direction, hence the area around you will become quieter.

Thus, try to position the exhaust pipe away or in a vertical direction. That way, you will remain safe from the loud sound. However, this method also does not quieten down the generator. It just carries the sound produced by the generator away.

Try The Water Bucket Trick

This water bucket trick helps in silencing the noise produced by the generator. It is a simple technique; you just need a bucket full of water and a hosepipe. Attach one end of the hosepipe to the exhaust pipe of the generator. Then, seal this connection to prevent any gaps. After that, put the other end of the hosepipe in the bucket full of water, and that is it. The loud noise of the generator will lessen.

The sound would travel inside the water and would not disturb you. However, if the generator vibrates, then this method would not be successful. You will hear the buzzing of the generator anyhow.

Moreover, if you think that the water can go to the generator, then I have solutions for this too. One solution is that place the generator at a higher ground. That way, the water level will go down, rather than coming up to the generator.

Secondly, you can make a small hole near the high point of the hosepipe. That way, water will spill out of the spot rather than climbing to the generator.

Change The Location Of Your Generator

Since the placement of your generator affects the noise level, you can put it far away from your camp. If it is a great distance, then lesser noise will reach you. However, sometimes putting it far away is not feasible. So, you can use sound deflectors for more effective results.

Place The Generator On Rubber Feet

Much of the noise of the generator produces due to the vibrations. The vibrations hit on the hard surface and make a boom. So, to combat this issue, you can place your generator on a rubber mat. It will stop the vibrations and reduce the noise produced by the generator.

Moreover, you can also set your generator on a soundproof or sound-absorbing mat. It will help in lowering the vibrations and quieten down the generator.

Try Another Muffler

The engine of the generator produces noise that comes out of the exhaust pipe. Many manufacturers design and place a muffler over the exhaust pipe to muffle the sound. However, this muffler can wear off or become faulty. So, if your generator starts making noises, then think about replacing its muffler. Also, a bigger and better muffler will be more efficient in reducing the noise.

Buy A Quieter Generator

Lastly, the best way for how to make a generator quiet for camping is to buy one that is not noisy. You can find a generator that does not produce loud noise and take it with you on camping. A quiet generator can be a bit expensive, but it will do the job for you by default.


Now, you have many solutions for how to make a generator quiet for camping. You can select any one of them and ensure that the noise has lessened. However, you should know that these methods help in reducing the sound; they do not silence a generator entirely. But, you can save your ears by using these methods.

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