How to Make a Homemade Tent for Camping?

How to Make a Homemade Tent for Camping
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Everyone wants to go on a camping trip with their loved ones for enjoying the great outdoors. Whenever you think of about going on a camping trip, the first thing is getting a tent. If you want to know about how to make a homemade tent for camping, well, you can make a tent for yourself. If you forget to buy a tent or even you left the tent at home you can make a tent for yourself at the campsite. In this article, I have mentioned complete steps and ways for making a homemade tent for your next camping trip.

Ways For Building A Tent

There is a lot of difference in which you can build your tent depending on the material you have available in the environment. It is a money-saving option, and it can be fun making your own tent. You can build a tent that perfectly meets your needs by putting time and effort. In this part of the article, I have mentioned different methods to make your own homemade tent.

How To Make A Camping Tent From Scratch

If you have limited material for making a camping tent you can make your camping tent from scratch. These are very reliable tents for backpacking and are compact. You can make a quick shelter by using some natural materials. You will only need rope and tarps for making your own tent.

Finding A Location For Building The Tent

You need to consider few important things before choosing a location for building your tent. You should find a flat and even ground. Find some sticks and rocks before making the tent as you need something to threaten when sleeping. 

Build your tent near the trees for protection from different elements. However, you should avoid building near dead trees as they can fall on you during intense storms.

If you have a tarpaulin, you can use it as a groundsheet. This will enable you to prevent dust from approaching inside your tent. 

You need to locate the tent at the bottom of mountains and hills. This is reliable because it won’t pour down water inside your campsite. You can also build your tent near a lake or river if you prefer fishing while camping.

Method 1 For Making A Tent With Scratch

This method is reliable for making a tent with scratch with limited materials. You will be able to make a cross-sectioned tent. You won’t be provided with much protection from insects, but you will get a spacious shelter. This method is reliable if you are camping in a wooded area. For making this type of tent, you will need a tarpaulin, sticks that can be used as stakes and a rope and cord.

You have to find a particular spot between trees that need to be 10 feet away from each other. The rope should be enough to tie between both trees and tie the rope between them at a medium height. It will depend on the size of tarpaulin how much distance of string will be above the ground. Make sure that the knots are secured, and the rope is parallel to the floor.

Make it as tight as you can so that the tent doesn’t fall down at night. Now you need to put the tarp over the rope and make sure it is equal on both sides. The tarp must reach the ground. You can secure the tarp using sticks and rocks on the edges. If you have extra tarpaulin, then you can also use it as a groundsheet. On the floor, you should use the one that is highly durable and thick.

Method 2

In this method, you will make a multipurpose tent that will provide you with shelter anywhere. You can make use of hiking poles for making this kind of tent. You can have multiple benefits from one while camping and you will need a tarpaulin sheet, sticks and rope for easy making. You will layout the tarp in the ground by measuring the length of bars. 

Cut holes that are smaller than the diameter at each corner. After that, cut the rope in equal lengths. After finding the location, place the most massive stick at the centre and dig holes for making it secure. Now put the tarp over it and then pull corners of the tarp in a position that it creates a pyramid shape. Then you can tie the corners of the tent with stakes. You can also use some socks at the edges for better security.

Making A Tent For Backpacking 

For backpackers, weight is the most important thing they consider. The backpacking tents are made extremely lightweight and take a small space in your bag. Thus building your own camping tent will save your money and also provide you with a reliable camping trip. You can make your own tent by putting a little effort.

Things You Will Need

  • A waterproof tarp that is lightweight with at least 3*3 dimensions. 
  • Use a thick and durable ground tarp. 
  • A thin rope or a cord
  • Stakes at least 5
  • At least a hiking pole.

The first thing is to consider a fabric that you are using. The backpacking tent is breathable and durable for a convenient camping trip. When you are going on a trail, you should try to get a mesh layer inside the tent that will protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. If you have sewed up the fabric, then you should seam seal all sides for providing extra protection. Tarpaulin is the best for using as a groundsheet and make sure you purchase the durable one.  

Build The Tent 

  • Firstly you have to find an ideal location for building the tent. Place the tent on a levelled surface and remove any dirt or debris from that area. Make sure there are no sticks or rocks in the area.
  • Now put the tarpaulin as smoothly as you can. A durable tarpaulin is necessary to layout as a groundsheet for a better experience.
  • Use the stakes to tie the corners of the tent at the back. The back should be staked very tightly as that is the place where the worst weather can be directed.
  • You need to bring the front two corners together and fold them in the centre. The corners should be pegged together, creating a pyramid shape opening. 
  • Now extend the hiking pole by placing it under the centre, and it will create a triangular shape. You need to push it into the ground.
  • Wrap the bungee cord around for covering the tent. This will prevent the hiking pole from sliding.
  • Tie the rope on the front and then attach it inside to your peg. This will act as a shield against mosquitoes and rain.
  • At last, put a tarp inside that will protect from dampness. Use all the left rope for providing extra support so that the tent does not fall in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Using a tarp under the tent is necessary or not?

It isn’t necessary to use a tarp under your tent. But it is recommended to use a tarp under the tent. It protects the tent from different punctures and reduces water and dirt from entering inside. You should use a medium-sized tarp as a groundsheet under your tent. People often use a large tarp that creates more problems for them.

Q) Which material is preferable to be used in making a homemade tent?

The tent fabric is made of different materials such as cotton, polyester and nylon. Cotton tents absorb water, making them bulky when wet, but it also prevents any holes from forming. This makes damp cotton more reliable than a dry one. Nylon and polyester fabric tent are also suitable when you opt for making a homemade tent.

Q) Can I pitch a tent in the rain?

Generally, it’s suitable to look for a place that is away from lakes and rivers as they can overflow. Find a levelled ground for setting up your tent. These areas near to river can be flooded easily when it rains. Finding a place where the entrance looks down towards the slops is preferable. In this way, the tent won’t be inundated with water.


Learning about how to make a homemade tent for camping can be a valuable skill and can help you save some money. After knowing how to make a homemade tent for camping, hopefully, it will be easy for you to make a homemade tent by using limited materials. 

You have to make the tent according to the number of people going along with you on the camping trip. Setting up a tent is a fun activity as you can teach you kids these valuable skills too. Finding the best location is the most important thing you have to do before putting up a tent. Making a homemade tent will save your money and will ensure you a suitable camping trip.

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