How to Manage Body Odor While Camping?

how to manage body odor while camping
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Camping on the campground or backcountry camping is always a great idea. It will let you enjoy nature and have quality time with your loved ones. Camping disconnects you from the regular busy routine and allows you to sit at peace around the campfire. But people are curious about how to manage body odor while camping? Well, it may look daunting to stay without a shower for multiple days.

This article will share important tips on how to manage body odor while camping.

How to Manage Body Odor While Camping?

You have to maintain your personal hygiene to prevent body odor. It’s like everyone will stink on day 3 or 4, and you will start feeling grimy. To prevent all this, you have to know some essential things for maintaining your body odor for everyone’s sake. In this article, I have mentioned everything you need to know when going on a camping trip for multiple days.

What Causes Bad Odor?

Once you are sitting around the camp stove, you always think sweat will make you stink. But sweat doesn’t make you stink because the lousy odor results from bacteria present in your armpits. These bacteria multiply and break down, which causes the stink. The bacteria will grow as long as you wash them, therefore, causing a bad odor.

However, according to science, your body will reach a state of terrible odor after 3 weeks. When going on a more extended trip, you have to maintain your personal hygiene for yourself and everyone’s sake. This will not only provide you with a comfortable camping trip but will keep you healthy and enthusiastic about the trip. 

6 Ways For Maintaining Your Personal Hygiene 

1. Wash Your Hands

The most crucial thing to maintain your personal hygiene is washing your hands. Wash your hands off and on at the campsite. It will prevent the spread of various diseases and will eliminate bad odor. It’s reliable to take a biodegradable soap that is multifunctional along with you on a camping trip.

2. Take A Bath

Campsites often have a stream or lake near to them. You can take a bath there as it will remove all the excess dirt and oil from your body. If it’s not available, you can bring some extra water and scrub or soap with you. You can take a bath using them and focus on cleaning your underarms and groins.

3. Alternative For Bathing

If you have no water access at the campsite and the weather is cold enough to take a bath with water and soap, you can bring wipes along with you. You can clean yourself by using wipes as they will prevent any bad odor. After taking a bath, you can dry yourself using a microfiber towel. You should bring a microfiber towel along with you for quick drying up, especially in a cold environment.

4. Hand Sanitizer 

Suppose you don’t have access to water and can’t wash your hands more often, then you have to take a hand sanitizer with you. You have to use sanitizer after every activity and especially before preparing and eating food. This will allow you to keep yourself clean and away from bad odor even if the water is not available. 

5. Brush Your Teeth 

You have to regularly brush your teeth as if it is necessary to maintain personal hygiene. Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste along with you when going on a camping trip. Keep in mind that you will brush your teeth away from the campsite and water source. You are not allowed to contaminate water because it is nature’s home.

6. Clothes

Don’t bring a lot of outfits along with you. Try to pack two outfits so that you can wash one if you have access to water. Even if you can’t wash it, you can hang it up at night in the air. You have to bring extra water for washing your undergarments if there is no water source near your campsite. This is compulsory for maintaining your personal hygiene. Try not to bring cotton clothes because they can soak sweat and bacteria develops is these conditions.

After following all these tips, you can have a perfect camping experience. You won’t be worried about managing your body odor and can enjoy your trip in a more accessible way. Use dry powder shampoo for making yourself much more comfortable.

How To Get Your Gear Cleaned

Keeping your gear clean is as important as keeping yourself clean. You can bath and keep yourself cool, but if your gear is dirty, it’s of no importance. You have to keep your gear clean for a better camping trip. There are various ways and factors you need to keep in mind when cleaning your gear.

Dry Your Boots

Wet feet are always smelly. You should dry your boots every evening. This is highly important on a camping trip to keep your boots dry. It helps prevent bad odor that comes from your feet, and it is essential for everyone’s sake. You should pull the insoles out and place them vertically into the boots. So they can quickly dry at night.  

Try Making A Camp Boot Freshener 

If you are going on a trip for multiple days, try making a boot freshener. You can use two pieces of pantyhose for creating layers. After creating two layers, you need to tie a knot on one end and put baking soda in it. Similarly, tie the knot on the other end too for keeping the soda inside. This will keep your boots odorless and maintain good hygiene.

Smelly Gear

Sometimes your gear smells too. You should use a biodegradable cleaner for keeping your gear away from bacteria and fungi. It is recommended for any type of gear except your bags. You need to protect the sleeping bag with a liner as it is easy to wash. Try airing out the bag every morning. Place it somewhere on the tent for drying up. Don’t wash your sleeping bag without a washing machine. It is recommended to use a front-loading washing machine.


When we talk about socks, they are the most aromatic in our gear. Washing socks is compulsory to maintain your personal hygiene. It is essential for everyone’s sake at the campsite. You can take multiple pairs of socks along with you when going on a camping trip. You can wash your socks and hang them up in the air at night for using them multiple times.

Some Important Tips

Natural deodorants are always worth to use at the campsite. Once you are done with your bath, you can keep odors away for some time. There are many ways in which you can keep the odors away from you. Some main tips include

  • You can use talcum powder on sweaty spots. It will help you in staying dry for a more extended time. 
  • A small amount of lemon juice is very reliable to keep body odors away. It works as a scent that will allow you to stay dry.
  • Using baking soda under your arms can also act as a deodorizer that will keep the underarms free from smell.
  • It is recommended to use oil scents to reduce the worst body odor.  
  • You can opt for buying travel size deodorants, but keep in mind you purchase unscented ones.
  • Applying fresh ginger liquid at particular areas is a reliable option for keeping yourself away from bad odors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) Which food causes smelly armpits at the campsite?

Cruciferous vegetables actually cause the bad odor of your armpits. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage can cause smelly armpits. Garlic, cumin, and onion can also have the same effect. Using alcohol also results in smelly armpits. So avoid using things that cause a terrible body odor, especially at the campsite when you don’t have access to water for taking a bath often.

Q) Why armpits still stink even after using deodorant?

Deodorants will stop the sweat from smelling, but they sweat themselves. Most of the deodorants are alcohol-based that can turn your skin acidic. This will result in the formation of bacteria, and they multiply, causing stink and bad odor. It is not preferable to take deodorants along with you when going on a camping trip.

Q) What is the possible way of not developing a bad odor while camping?

You must have a hand sanitizer in your pocket all the time. Use it frequently, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing and eating food. The other possible way to prevent bad odor is to put isopropyl alcohol on cotton and rub down each night. Make sure you must clean your feet, underarms, and groin areas.


One of the most asked questions when we talk about camping, is how to manage body odor while camping. Well, it is relatively easy to manage your body odor at the campsite. You don’t need different perfumes and deodorants for maintaining your body odor. What you have to do is to keep in mind all the essential things that you will need to remain clean. In this article, I have mentioned everything that you should take along for managing body odor before leaving for your trip. Once you follow all these instructions, you will have a perfect camping trip. 

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