How to Pack Eggs for Camping? [3 Important Tips]

how to pack eggs for camping


Camping trips with delicious breakfast are always worthwhile. Bringing eggs along with you on camping can change regular breakfast into a tastier one. This is a motivation that you will need energy for trekking all day. You might be curious about how to pack eggs for camping. Well, there are tons of ways in which eggs can be stored for camping. This article has mentioned everything and method you need to know on how to pack eggs for camping. This article will guide you for storing eggs in different ways when going on your next camping trip.

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How to Pack Eggs for Camping – Important Tips

You need to be aware of some tips and rules when packing eggs along with you for the next camping trip. It would help you enjoy a more comfortable trip rather than worry about how you will store the eggs. Some careful tips include

  • You should try to get unwashed eggs. They last for a more extended time than the ones bought directly from the store. You can use unwashed eggs for several days.
  • You can use paraffin type material to coat the eggs. This will increase their lifespan. As paraffin is a waxy material, it will keep all the bacteria away from entering the eggshells.
  • You should reconstitute the eggshells brought from the store with purified water.
  • The scrambled eggs are remained frozen to extend their lifespan.

How to Pack Eggs for Camping

3 Ways In Which Eggs Can Be Packed

Finding the best way to pack eggs for camping is an easy task. But you need to be aware of how eggs can be packed and transported to the campground. You can take the eggs along with you in three different ways. They can be taken whole, dried, and cracked form. Each of the methods is explained below in detail.

1. Whole Eggs

The most reliable option is the whole eggs, and it has advantages and disadvantages. Whole eggs have a more extended life span than cracked eggs. You have plenty of different ways to carry whole eggs. But there can break easily. You have to use any storage device or a bottle, and this will take more space. You also have to remove the eggshells before packing than for your camping trip.

2. Cracked Eggs

The second best way to carry eggs along with you is in their cracked form. They are incredibly easy to carry at the campsite. They won’t take much of the space in your backpack, and many eggs can fit in a single small place. Cracked eggs’ taste is the same as the whole eggs, so there is no need to worry about it. The lightweight of cracked eggs makes it easy for the camper to take them while traveling. But the risk of their spillage is higher than whole eggs. They spoil more quickly, and this can create a mess for you.

3. Dried Eggs

The third option that you need to know when packing eggs is the dried way. Dried eggs do not require any prep time, and this makes them easy to use. They also have better use of space than the other two options. But they taste worst than the others. You also have to pay extra costs for packing them, and they are not worth considering.

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Egg Science

For a more extended period, a whole egg is more reliable than the cracked eggs. Whole eggs can naturally work against different bacteria that spoils them faster. Whereas cracked eggs have a disturbance in their PH levels as egg white is more acidic. You should leave the egg for a few hours when you scrambled it. Whole eggs can last for longer than a week before they go bad.

How to Pack Eggs for Camping

Type Of Camping And Options for Packing Eggs

There are different types of camping, and every type has various options to pack eggs.

1. How to Pack Eggs for a Canoe Trip

When you are going on a canoe type of camping trip, you have many different egg packing options. You can bring either whole eggs or cracked eggs on these trips because you won’t eat frequently. You also have a chance to get dried eggs, but it is not the most accessible one. For a canoe type camping trip, you have to pack most comfortably, so whole eggs or cracked eggs are reliable options. You can feel free to enjoy your time at the campsite. 

2. How to Pack Eggs for a Backpacking Trip

You have to be careful when planning for a backpacking or hiking trip, especially if you are using cracked eggs. Once you have cracked the eggs and don’t use a whole or dried form, it won’t let you remain comfortable throughout the trip. You should try to freeze the eggs and insulate them as much as you can. The main reason is that the smell would be unpleasant for you, potentially attracting wild animals. So you have to make sure that the eggs are double packed only then it can provide you with a comfortable trip.

3. How to Pack Eggs for a Car Camping 

If you plan for car camping, then whole eggs are the most convenient option for you if close to the car. They are incredibly easy to handle than the other two options. You have easy access to your vehicle, so you can have an easy setup there. You can also use a cooler to bring this, and there won’t be any problem. Cracked eggs and dried eggs are also the ways, but they are not reliable for long trips. So you have to make sure you bring it in the way that is most suitable for you.

These different options are for various types of camping trips for packing eggs. I have made it clear and easy for you to make the best decision for your next trip. If you are going for a trip that won’t last for a more extended time than cracked eggs are reliable and easy to carry. But if you are going for a weeklong journey, whole eggs are the best option. People are going for a trip longer than a week should consider using dried eggs.

Best Ways To Bring Eggs When Going For Camping 

The best ways to bring eggs while camping can be using a water bottle to store them, or you could use an egg holder. An Insulated Water bottle is a preferred option as you can keep the eggs colder for a more extended period. You can fill the water bottle for the desired number of eggs with cold water. The best temperature to keep the eggs is below or at 45 Fahrenheit. You have to keep in mind the type of eggs you bring along. You can freeze the eggs with appropriate insulation, and you can keep eggs well for almost 8 hours. But as time extends, it will attract bacteria towards it.

Leave No Trace

You should not leave any trace at the campsite. People bring meat or eggshells that had the potential to attract wild animals. So you have to pack out all the stuff than you have packed in. It is not only responsible for you, but it will also benefit people who will come after you. It is your responsibility to keep the campsite clean for others too.

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How to Pack Eggs for Camping

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can you transport eggs while camping?

The most accessible way to transport eggs is to crack them and then pour them in a water bottle or a zip lock bag. This will enable you to transport it easily. To store them for a longer time, you can freeze it in a cooler and provide proper insulation for a comfortable trip.

2. How long can you keep scrambled eggs before cooking them?

Generally, most of the scrambled eggs can remain in the cooler or refrigerator for almost three or four days. After that, you can throw it out. You need to be careful before keeping the eggs. You have to set the refrigerator’s temperature at or below 40 degrees. This is the most suitable way to store scrambled eggs.

Cleaning Everything 

Bringing meat on camping could attract wild animals, and the same is with eggshells. They should be packed well so they won’t give any aroma. However, the scent of eggshells is not biodegradable. It is highly unpleasant. If you want to stay away from bugs and insects, you can’t keep eggshells lying around. It won’t be pleasant for people who will use the campsite after you.


People have questions about how to pack eggs for camping. Well, it is not a challenging task. There are different ways in which you can bring eggs for your next camping trip. You should choose the method that will comfort the wilderness and is the most comfortable for you. In this article, I have told everything you need to know for packing eggs for camping trips. It is actually a simple and straightforward way to keep the eggs fresh while camping. There isn’t any egg science; you only need to prepare for getting the best experience.

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