Is Fishing With Lights Illegal? Learn All About It

Is fishing with lights illegal
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Fishers try different methods to make the fishing exciting and increase their catch. As an angler, you are looking for ways to catch fishes at nighttime to feel the exhilaration. You want to see what it takes to capture fishes in the dark. Would you be able to use any lights to catch the fishes? Is fishing with lights illegal? This is an important question that many fishermen want to figure out the answer for.

Is fishing with lights illegal? Fishing at night is not an unlawful act in itself. But, some states have specific fishing laws and regulations. Many local fishing authorities restrict nighttime fishing or fishing with lights. So, you need to check local laws to proceed further with the fishery.

Do you want to know more about fishing with lights and what entails it? If you wish to learn more about light fishing, read this article and find out!

Is Fishing With Lights Illegal? Some Details

Fishermen do not leave any opportunity to go out in the waters and catch their favourite fishes. Many fish species can be easy to capture at night than in the day. Anglers try to catch those fishes at nighttime. But, it can be challenging for them to manoeuvre through the water in the dark. That is when they need lights to attract fishes and illuminate the water surface.

Why Fishing is Done With Lights?

Anglers have been using lights to catch fishes since old times. They seem to think that light attracts marine life, and they were not wrong. Fishing with lights involves the process of attracting bait fishes. Due to this, the larger fishes come after them.

When you place the light underwater, it starts reflecting off all the tiny particles. That makes natural food sources visible for the bait fishes. These fishes come towards the light for feeding and lure the target fishes along with them. You can use this method in both fresh and saltwater.


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How Can You Use Lights For Fishing?

Fishing with lights includes lights, which you can attach with support. Then, you can suspend these lights above the water surface or submerge them within the water. It is crucial for light fishing to select an area that does have fishes. If that particular place does not hold fishes, then nothing can help you capture them.

Hence, it is significant to choose the fish you want to catch and the type of water, suitable for it. If you suspend lights at the wrong spot, nothing can attract the marine species.

Moreover, you can use fishing lights from the boat or a dock. The choice is yours; but, you need to choose an area wisely. Water temperature, oxygen level, or food source are some of the features you need to consider. Otherwise, the number of fishes would get limited.

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Does Light Attract Fishes?

Yes, light can indeed attract fishes towards it. But, the color of the lights can make a difference. Whenever choosing a light for fishing, you must check the color and brightness of the light.

Types Of Fishing Lights

Mostly, you will find three types of fishing lights:

Floating lights: These lights stay above the water surface and illuminates it. But, they also tend to attract insects more.

Submersible lights: These lights can go down the water and stay under it. They help in illuminating the depths and control the insects.

Black lights: These lights are ultraviolet and help you see the monofilament line in the dark. So, you can watch out for any movements and check it underwater.

Each of these lights has specific functions and colors. You need to choose the one that befits your needs.

Advantages Of Fishing With Lights

Anglers started preferring light fishing for the benefits it brings to them. Although many states have declared light fishing as illegal, that does take away its effectiveness. Some of the advantages that it can give are:

  • Planktons get attracted to light and gather around it. Once the prey or bait fishes are there, the predator and target fish will follow.
  • You do not have to move much or roam around in the water. Light fishing requires you to find a suitable spot and stay there patiently. So, you can wait until the food chain gets activated and lead it to a place of your choice.

Are There Any Negative Consequences Of Light Fishing?

Fishing with light is an effective and old technique to catch fishes. But, many authorities and states consider it illegal. They have put a ban on it due to its non-eco-friendly consequences. Some of the reasons are:

  • Increase in bycatch
  • Discarding
  • Overfishing
  • Catching of immature fishes
  • Green gas emission

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Is Fishing With Lights Illegal or Legal?

Laws and regulations for fishing with lights vary from state to state. You can fish at night with the help of fishing lights in the states where they permit it. Wherever you plan to fish, check the laws applicable in that area.

Moreover, many states allow fishing at night only for particular species or in specific locations. Thus, you need to be sure of what, where, and how you will fish. That way, you can find out the rules of that place to avoid any complications.

What Color Of Light Attracts Fish?

You can use any color of light to attract the fishes, but the most common colors are green, blue, and white. These colors are bright and shine at a greater distance to attract fishes. Green is the most popular color light due to its short wavelength. It can penetrate the water surface and makes it clear. Also, it can easily illuminate areas with low visibility while reflecting off particles.

What Is The Best Light To Use For The Night Fishing?

If you are looking forward to using light for night fishing, try LED Submersible Fishing Light. This fishing light comes with 12V 120, green-colored LEDs, which provide intense illumination of 1000 lumens. The arrangement of lights gives a full 360° of brightness. You can use this submersible light to catch various species of fishes. Moreover, its brightness lures targeted fishes even into the fishing nets.

Since the company has manufactured this fishing light for underwater use, it is waterproof. It has special waterproof sealants on its outer side that protect it from water. Further, you do not have to add in any extra weight as it comes with built-in weight. The company offers an 18-month warranty so that you can buy this submersible fishing light for long-term use.


Fishing with lights is an exciting sport for many anglers. Fishers take time to go out in the waters at night and set up lights to catch fishes. But, some of the countries and states have banned fishing with lights and declared it illegal. So, if you wish to try out light fishing, you can check with the local authorities and take the initiative.

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