The 5 Best Portable Fence for Dogs for Camping: Keep Your Dog Close and Safe

Portable Fence for Dogs when Camping
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Camping is a fun and adventurous trip, and going with your dog makes it more enjoyable. Going camping with your dog is a bonding experience, and you would never leave your best friend home while going on the camping journey. If you want to take your dog along with you when you are camping, you should buy the best quality, sturdy, and portable fence for dogs. 

A portable fence keeps them protected and safe on the campsite. It is a great way to keep your dog secured in a new area to roam off. A portable fence is foldable and easy to carry. You can even customize the size as per your requirements and can set it up wherever you like. A portable camping dog fence is best when you require to cook or start a fire or BBQ. It keeps your dog safely away from the flames and allows you to focus and enjoy cooking some camp meals. 


Below is a list of our favourite gear that you check quickly if in hurry. Scroll down to read the rest of the article.

Important Consideration for Selecting a Portable Fence for Dogs When Camping

Before buying the best portable fence for dogs when camping, you should take into account some factors. The following are listed below:

Dog Size

The factor you should consider the most is your dog size. Selecting the right size fence is critical for your pet. You don’t want your pet jumping over the fence. To avoid this, consider the size of your dog and then look for a fence that is best for it. You would like to have enough space for your dog to move around as well. So, ensure that your portable fence provides enough room for your dog to move around easily.

How Often Will You Travel?

Consider buying a portable fence for your dog that is easy to assemble, and it can fold easily, if you plan to travel a lot. Some portable fences feature a flat or collapsing folding mechanism that allows them to become compact and folded easily. Look out for the weight of the fence as well. 


Weight is an important factor to be taken into account before buying the portable fence for your dog. It should be lightweight and sturdy in construction. It should be easy to carry in and out of your campsite and is easy to set up. But invest wisely on a good quality fence.


Many dog fences offer customization. Combined with other units, or configured in different ways. If this is your requirement, be sure you get a customizable pen. This is also a critical factor to be considered.

I have reviewed hundreds of portable fences for dogs when camping to give you the best choice. Let’s start.


Review of the Best Portable Fence for Dogs when Camping

1. MYPET North States Petyard Passage

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This MYPET North States Petyard Passage is one of the best available portable fences for dogs when camping. It is constructed with sturdy and best quality material. It is one of the top choices of campers for containing dogs while enjoying the outdoor time.

MYPET North Stated Petyard portable dog fence for camping comes with a lockable door to help prevent your dog’s escape attempts and roaming around. If you need to make your pet’s play area smaller, you can remove two of the panels. The design of the fence makes it easier to relocate it with ease and convenience. The fence is floor-safe and also offers scratch-resistant pads. 


  • Easy to customize as per the size you require
  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Floor-safe
  • Scratch-resistant pads
  • Easy and fast assembly


  • The door is too small for some dogs
  • Dogs can damage fence by chewing it

2. YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Fence

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Fence is constructed of Premium powder-coated iron panels and stakes for enhanced longevity and durability. It is rustproof and weather resistant. It is very easy to carry a fence, despite its sturdy and best quality construction.

The 16-panel design makes it easier and simpler to set up the fence in various ways to suit your dog’s requirements, including round, rectangular, and octagonal options. You will not found any difficulty adjusting the fence to fit your campsite, especially if it has an unusual shape.

Iron construction provides protection against destructive chewing. The fence’s rounded edges help keep everything safer for the dog and make the fence easier to anchor. The design also allows it convenient to fold the fence when it needs to be moved. It also offers a carrying strap to provide you with ease and comfort.

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet comes with a hinged door that allows for easier entry and exit and helps keep other animals out of your dog’s space. For the setup of this fence, no tools are required for setup.


  • Offers two heights for large or small dogs
  • Consist of two gates
  • It can be set up into two smaller pens.


  • Gate latches are of inferior quality than the rest of the fence. 

3. Petsfit Pop-Up Dog Playpen

Petsfit Pop-Up Dog Playpen is one of the best portable fences for dogs when camping on our list. The fence is easy to carry and made of durable material. Its bottom is attached to a layer that will help prevent droppings to the floor. 

Petsfit Pop-Up Dog Playpen comes with a removable and zip-off bottom, which prevents pets from escaping. The two doors and the zip-off top panel provides easy access. It comes with an eight mesh side design that offers adequate ventilation. 

Petsfit Pop-Up Dog is easy to set up without tools. It is foldable and comes with a carry bag, which makes it easier to travel. Side-pockets allow you to store small goods, which is an extra advantage. If any quality problem occurs within 30 days, the manufacturer will take full responsibility. Any damages that happen during the shipping will be borne by the manufacturer.  


  • Right size for small dogs
  • Great ventilation provided
  • Includes side-pockets


  • Doesn’t provided with stakes
  • Mesh windows reduce visibility.

4. 16 Panels Heavy Duty

16 Panels Heavy Duty Fence is one of the best portable fences for dogs when camping, which offers high-quality construction. It provides a rust-resistant feature for indoor and outdoor use. Its sturdy heavy-duty metal construction with ½” Tube Frame is the most significant advantage. 

16 Panels Heavy Duty Fence comes with the metal stakes to secure panels in place. Durable construction with a powder coating designed provides enhanced protection, which results in extended life performance. The 16 panels help you to design the fence as per your dog’s needs and requirements. 

16 Panels Heavy Duty Fence comes with the two hinged doors that provide easier access to the play area. Both doors latch closed so you can ensure that your dog is safe inside.


  • Good for large dogs
  • Constructed from high-quality materials
  • Easy to set up
  • Gates latch shut for greater security.


  • Gate openings are narrow for some dogs.

5. Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen

Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen is made from sturdy rust-resistant coated metal for increased longevity and durability. It offers more secure and last longer than plastic or mesh pens, more durable than doggie tents.

The ½ inch heavy-duty tube frame with an 8-panel design allows for many shape configurations to make your pet happy. It is best for indoor and outdoor use. Its connecting rods can be used as anchoring stakes to secure the structure in place when being used outdoors.

Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen comes with the folding metal fence, which is super simple. You can unfold it and connect the fence together by using the included equipment. The fence can be easily and quickly breaks into pieces for convenient storage. Its heavy-duty design is a plus point.  


  • Rounded edges ensure dog safety. 
  • Comes with panel linking rods
  • Built-in door for convenient access
  • Features an 8-panel design for pets
  • Rust-resistant metal coating for maximum durability


  • Complaints were received from customers regarding the sturdiness of the playpen.
  • Some complaints of inconvenient packaging and delivery


Going camping with your best friend, your dog, is an enjoyable trip. Every pet lover wants his pet to be safe when going to the campsite. Portable dog fences offer you to create a measurable safety perimeter around your dog while leaving it with enough space to play with.

Through this article, we’ve covered all the features you need to look out for when buying a portable fence for dogs when camping and a few options for you to choose from. Good luck.



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