What Are Fishing Beads For

What Are Fishing Beads for

Fishing is an activity I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. One of my first fishing trips was with my grandpa when I was about eight years old. He was a fisherman who went fishing every day and knew everything there was to know about fishing.  Many people do fishing; all they do is throw a rod with a yarn ball and wait, which is very old fashioned.

Now a day’s people are using Fishing beads from which people are getting splendid results.

Now I will tell you what are fishing beads for. I must say that whoever thought about this thing would be a genius.


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The Need for Fishing Beads

It all started when people used to use artificial fishing baits, with a color on it. They were also quite heavy; they used to sink in a sea and doesn’t make that natural effect that attracts a fish.

 Now comes the fishing beads, which are available in so many colors like pink, red, orange, and even glow in the dark. One of the best things about fishing beads is they neither sink nor float on the surface. They keep themselves in the middle of the water, acting like an Egg of a fish, which is very alluring for fish.

The beads also protect your nodes, positioned between the sink and the weight.  Beads serve as a buffer between the sinker and the weight, preventing the knot from being rubbed and protecting it from deterioration.

Fishing beads also help keep the terminal in place. Tackle will move around while it’s under the water. Adding a fishing bead to the line will help hold it in place. There are like 1,000 different uses for beads in all colors and sizes, both fresh and saltwater.

What Are Fishing Beads For and Their Applications

Fishing beads have a variety of applications. 

Fishing beads are most used as a noise generator in certain forms of fishing. 

They’re used as a visual attractor. 

And, as others suggest, they cater to the fishermen to boost sales.

The sound amplifies under the water. It will cause a fish to turn in the direction of your bait once the sound spreads, particularly if it isn’t looking straight at your appeal.

It adds a little color to your rig. Some beads (old days) used to be hard, red, and made of glass or plastic. Red is the color in which predatory fish can strike. Like the color of the wounded baitfish, the gill of the other fish, or the eye. Predator fish tend to target these areas.

Soft beads are because they don’t make any noise. They’re still protecting the knot. They can be in other colors, such as shimmer, etc., to attract predatory fish in rusty or polluted waters. Soft beads are often used to insert a hook to avoid the live bait from “foul-hooking” itself.

These soft beads come in handy, commonly when a light wire hook is used for live-baiting. 

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How to use Fishing Beads 

Well’ definitely by now you all be wondering “Ok! So how should we use this thing?”

Beads are used for a variety of functions. They are available in several different materials, such as plastic, brass, and even glass. Pearls are also available in various sizes and shapes; circular, oval, or even spherical. They even come in a wide variety of colors.

There are most commonly used three sizes of Beads 6mm, 8mm, and 10 mm.

Quite obviously, 6mm is the smallest, and 10 mm is the biggest one, but we don’t use them by our own choice and desires. We have to see the conditions and chose the best one.

Whenever there is low clear water, we use 6mm beads.

 As the other ones will seem quite unusual in there.

 Furthermore, when there is higher water, we usually use 8 mm or 10 mm, because it’s easy for them to see high tidewater.

As far as colors matter, Fishing beads have so many colors and types, like some which are oval, some are round sphere shapes, and some are like tiny pearl-shaped beads.

But here again, we can’t use colors completely on our desires, we have to see the conditions and season still.

Early in the Season

’ Fishes usually lays eggs in the early seasons, so we give them deception by making our beads look like fresh eggs.

We use Bright red, fireball orange, orange, or any other bright colors like this.

Also, there are small red dots on these beads that seem like an embryo, which again makes them alluring.

Middle of the Season

As the season progresses, eggs began to lose their color, so we depict them by light colors like tangerine, skin, biscuit, or cream color.

End of the Season (winter)

At the end of the season, we use shining and bright colors on the beads like pink, blue, or lime color, yes Eggs are not in this color, but somehow it works.

Let’s see how knots and beads stuff works.

6 Types of Fishing Beads

1. Rig Beads

Rig beads may be as small as 3 mm in diameter and maybe round, oval or spherical. While there is a wide range of these beads on the market, they are not a complicated terminal item and can be purchased relatively cheaply. 

They come in a variety of colors with some anglers using different colors to distinguish between various rigs.

 Some anglers prefer to use beads with luminous platforms as they are seen to attract fish to the apparatus.

2. 5 – 10 mm beads

As I discussed above, these are best for fishing’ as their name indicates, those beads are either 5mm or 8mm in diameter.

These sizes have, over time, turn out to be a trendy measurement of sea fishing beads.

5mm beads are perfect to use in pulley rigs to defend the knots from the sliding pulley bead.

The bigger 8mm are best used as attractors on hook lengths for flatfish species along with place. 

Many anglers experiment with quite several 5mm and 8mm beads.

3. Attractor Beads

There is a wide variety of attractor beads available on the market.

While many anglers use such products as these and have success compared to other 5mm or 8mm beads.

4. Sequins

Sequins do have a vital function as a bait stop and attractor in sea fishing rigs.

Sequins are threaded directly to the hooking period, and then a stop knot is tied with neoprene (even though power gum or monofilament can also be used) to maintain the sequin in the vicinity.

This prevents the bait from being driven up and far from the hook on effect with the water.

Green, red, and silver are the most common colorations for sea fishing sequins, with holographic designs being increasingly popular due to their highly reflective design.

5. Attractor Blades

Attractor blades are brought to hook lengths to attract fish towards the rigs and the baited hook. Fish are interested in the color of the edge and the light, mediated by the blade.

 But, many reflector blades also are designed to spin and rotate on the line and gently kick up sand and sediment. 

Many species – especially flatfish – will come and inspect this activity, possibly because they see it as a small fish or marine worm trying to bury itself away inside the sand.


6. Spoons

Sea fishing spoons are designed to draw fish.

There are many ranges of spoons available designed for hook lengths to transport and flutter within the tide, like the attractor blades.

Any flatfish (a type of fish) inside the region might be attracted via the motion of the spoon, where sand and sediment are kicking’ ultimately seeing the baited hook.


To make excellent bait, you need some great beads, and Fishing beads are exactly the solution for this. In this article, I have highlighted what are fishing beads for their various types and their colors.

Surprisingly colors and size matter in fishing beads; you have to choose them according to the season.

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