What are Fishing Weights Made of – 8 Top Materials You Need to Know

What are fishing weights made of
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You will find a wide variety of fish species around the world. There are so many species that we are yet to find them all. Different species live at different depths in the water. So, if you are going to fish a certain fish, then you’ll need to get your fishing bait or lure to the depth where the fish lives. Fish weights help your bait or lure to reach your desired depth in water.


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Fish weights are also known as fish sinkers. You will find fish weights of many sizes, shapes, and weights. I will discuss here what are fishing weights made of and what materials are used in manufacturing them.

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What are Fishing Weights Made of

It is good to know what fishing weights are made of. They are made of one metal type or the other. You cannot use fishing weights made of certain metals in some states in America. This restriction on certain metals is due to environmental issues.

Fishing weights are made of metal because they are easy to make in different shapes and sizes. Fish weights are manufactured by pouring hot, liquid metal into a mold. The metal cools after some time and takes the form of the mold’s design.

Let’s take a look at the metals fish weights are made of.

1. Lead

Lead is the most commonly used metal type for making fish weights. You will find, for the longest fishing weights were made of lead. Even today, majority fishing weights are being made of lead. Lead fishing weights are very versatile and suitable for many applications. They are the best choice for weed fishing.

However, due to environmental reasons, lead is being replaced. Lead is a toxic material and is harmful to aquatic life and water. Because of this reason, other materials are replacing lead fishing weights

In some fishing areas, fishermen are banned from using lead fishing weights. They must use the fishing weights of non-toxic metals. Before fishing, anglers must check state regulations on lead weight use. California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York allow banned lead fishing weights. Especially for small fishing weights that are small enough for fish to eat.

So, before going on your next fishing trip, make sure whether lead fishing weights are legal or not.

2. Brass

Since you cannot use lead everywhere, another good option is brass fishing weights. Brass fishing weight has a special sound characteristic. Brass is the only fishing weight material suitable for making fishing weights with rattles or other features. When the brass fishing weight hits the bottom, it will create a heavy sound. Brass fishing weights are the best choice for fishing in dirty water conditions. Their sound that helps fish find your bait.

So, if you are fishing in muddy waters, be sure to take brass fishing weights.

3. Tungsten

Another good and reliable material for fishing weights is Tungsten. It is one of the hardest materials used for making fishing weights. One of its amazing qualities is the feel it transmits back to the fishermen. This makes tungsten fishing weights a perfect choice for fishing in and around rocks. You can easily feel the slightest tugs and movement on tungsten fishing weights. Another good quality of tungsten material is its small profile. Its hardness and density allow for the small profile fishing weights. You can catch fishes at deeper depths with a small-sized tungsten fishing weight.

If you are fishing in rocky parts of water and need small fishing weight, then get a tungsten fishing weight.

4. Steel

Steel is also very good for making fishing weights. Fishing weights made of steel relay good feel allowing you to react better while fishing. You can also put fishing scent on steel fishing weights to help you in attracting fishes to your lure or bait.

If you don’t like crimping fishing weights, then steel fishing weights are a good option for you. Steel fishing weights have pre-fabricated holes or a dropper weight for the attaching line.

One of its downsides is that steel fishing weights are usually large. You will find steel fishing weights to be bigger than lead fishing weights.

5. Tin

Tin fishing weights are lighter and softer than steel. Thanks to its softness, tin fishing weights make for good split shot material. Tin also makes for a decent jig head for the hook. Due to its light density, tin fishing weights are bigger as compared to lead ones.

A disadvantage of tin fishing heads is that they are very shiny as compared to lead and steel. Some anglers consider its shine to be a drawback because it may scare away fish.

6. Bismuth

Bismuth is also a good non-toxic alternative for fishing weight material. Bismuth fishing weights are usually put in a parachute chord to make a slinky. You then attach the slinky to the fishing line with a steel clasp and swivel. 

This slinky gradually drifts to the bottom and is famous among fly anglers. You will not find bismuth fishing easily as they are quite expensive and rare.

7. Rubber Core

Some fishing weights are made of both metal and rubber. In these fishing weights, the inner core is made of rubber while surrounded by metal tabs. These fishing weights are very easy to use and don’t need any pliers. You just pull out the rubber core, wind the fishing line around it, put it back in the metal casing, and you are good to go. 

After fishing, you don’t need to cut and waste some of your fishing lines to remove the rubber core fishing weight. These fishing weights keep your reel intact and are safe for the environment.

8. Clay

Clay is eco-friendly material for making fishing weights. These weights are mostly big and do not drift deeper easily. Clay fishing weights also need to have something to tie off to, as you cannot crimp them. Clay fishing weights are not very successful because of the drawback I mentioned. I will not recommend you to get fishing weights made of clay.


It is very important to know what fishing weights are made of. You can protect the environment by using fishing weights made of eco-friendly material. However, lead fishing weights remain the most used and popular fishing weights. They will remain so in the foreseeable future as well. 

Some states in America and countries worldwide have banned lead fishing weights. There are many alternatives to lead, as discussed earlier. These alternatives, non-toxic materials also come with their special features and qualities.

In the end, I’d say get a fishing weight made of non-toxic material that suits your needs. We should take care of aquatic life and water so that our future generations get to enjoy life.

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