What Does Dry Camping Mean?

There are different types of camping. If you are a beginner and trying to figure out what is dry camping, then this article will introduce you to dry camping and will share important details to have a safe and comfortable dry camping trip.

What does Dry Camping Mean? 

Dry camping is the type of camping where you spend time in an RV or motorhome while not having all of the necessary facilities. This means that you will not have unlimited access to basic necessities like water and electricity while you are on your camping journey.

There are no bathhouses, electrical hookups, and piped-in water or campground stores around you. Dry campers prefer to find an isolated place surrounded by nature, as it lets them fall in love with the liberty and comfort of hassle-free life.

Dry camping is not a piece of cake. This journey is full of risks and challenges, as you have no amenities around you. It is a severe challenge that everyone must be prepared for. You should prepare yourself physically and mentally, both before going to dry camping.

Reasons to go to Dry Camping

  • Allows you to enjoy the peacefulness and real beauty of nature
  • Appreciate the panoramic views
  • No distractions around
  • Leave the stress of everyday life
  • An inexpensive way to camp and see the country
  • No crowds of campers around you.
  • No check-in and check-out times

Advantages of Dry Camping

1. You can save money

Dry camping is an inexpensive type of camping. There are several spots available where you are allowed to park free of charge. It means that you will have a safe place to stop without having to spend any money.

2. Social Opportunities

Most people stick to the traditional camping where all facilities are available. Still, dry camping provides many opportunities to socialize with others. Not only can you socialize with others when parked in locations across the country, but there are programs held each year where you can meet up with other campers and have a great time.

3. Character Building

Dry camping helps you to strengthen your character building. Not everyone in this world can unhook themselves from all the luxuries and necessary facilities they hold dear and prefer spending time without having necessities. Remember, science states that camping is a great way to enhance the skill of confidence in children.

Challenges of dry camping

1. Preparation needed

For dry camping, a lot of preparation is required. If you are a beginner and planning to go to dry camping, you would be very careful to bring all the necessary items needed for dry camping. If you forget to bring some, you will be in great trouble, as there are no camp stores present while dry camping.

2. Safety Concern

During dry camping, one main thing to worry about is safety, as it is likely you will be camping in such an area you are not familiar with. There is always a danger present of wild animals roaming around your campsite.

Supplies you required for dry camping.

These are the necessary supplies you must take with yourself to spend your dry camping in a relaxed and comfortable way.

1. A Generator

There are no electric hookups available on dry camping, and without them, it is tough to spend your time camping. A good generator can solve this problem for you. This is one of the essential gears of camping. Camping at a remote location may not be lavish, but if you have got a camping generator with you, it can surely make your camping experience a much better, more comfortable, and lavish one

 A camping generator provides heat, air-conditioning, and runs cooking appliances to cook. If you want the comforts like home without hiccups, a generator and enough fuel are a must-have thing for dry camping.

Before buying a generator for your next dry camping journey, you should consider the following things:

  • Type of gas it uses
  • Power you required
  • Noise level
  • Cost
  • Warranty period provided by the manufacturer

2. Food and Water

As there are no camp stores available around the campsite during dry camping, make sure you have enough food and water supplies to spend your days at dry camping. Food and water is the basic necessity, and without it, you cannot survive.

3. Power Bank

A power bank is also an essential gear for dry camping. It helps you keep your mobile battery alive for a prolonged period, so you connect with your friends and family. A good power bank is the one that offers high-capacity storage, multiple USB ports to charge different devices at the same time, lightweight, compact in design, and offers fast charging technology.

4. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a good companion of yours during dry camping. There are no such facilities available at the campsite. An excellent first aid kit should include things which are listed below: 

  • Band-Aids
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Alcohol
  • Inflatable splints
  • Tape
  • Elastic wrap for sprains
  • Cold packs
  • Butterfly stitches
  • A good first aid manual 

5. Flashlight

A flashlight is an essential gear for dry camping. It will help you roam around your campsite in the dark and allows you to see any wild animal wandering around your camp. A good camping flashlight comes with features such as long runtime, water-resistant, offers different modes (low, medium, or high beam), high brightness, durable, lightweight, and intelligent design.

6. Multitool

A multitool is a mixture of tools that allows you to solve your problems with a single device, combining different tools. This gear is a must having a thing for your dry camping adventure.

7. Camping Cookware

Camping cookware contains a cutlery set, plate, mug, a non-stick skillet, small and large pot with a fitting lid, and handle.

9. Battery Monitoring System

This system will tell you how much battery power you are using and how much you have left. This way, you’ll know whether you can keep running the air conditioner or need to close it off. You should install this device before you go on a dry camping trip. 

A battery monitoring system can also tell you how much electricity an RV solar power kit is generating. This is essential to ensure that you have enough electricity for your entire dry camping trip.


Hopefully, by now, you know what does dry camping means and how to prepare for it. Ensure that you have all the essential supplies required for dry camping to enjoy a hassle-free dry camping adventure.

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