What Does Primitive Camping Mean

what does primitive camping mean
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Modern camping has become vast as people tend to have different ways to spend their time outside. Most of the camping ways are enhanced by the comforts of home. But primitive camping enables you to enjoy nature without creating all that fuss. If you are curious about what does primitive camping mean, it is actually a backcountry camping. It is basically around the remote areas where luxuries of home are not available. It is opposite to a standard campground trip and is the most simplified way of camping. In this article, I have mentioned everything you need to know about primitive camping. This information will surely make your trip worthwhile.

What Does Primitive Camping Means and What are Good Things About it?

It always looks like primitive camping takes more effort, but it has some significant advantages. You can enjoy in the great outdoors away from others. One major benefit is that you can choose your camping destination. It will be away from distractions while letting you enjoy nature. As on a typical campground, you will not deal with limited space, disturbing neighbours, and overbooked sites, so primitive camping gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors as per your choice.

Another benefit that primitive camping has over other camping ways is that it is much budget-friendly. You can explore more places and areas rather than just being in a single place. It is also a less headache for people who are going along. You won’t be stuck near any public restrooms. 

Disadvantages of Primitive Camping

Primitive camping does not provide you with the luxuries and comfort of home. This means that you won’t get a cozy bed for sleeping, and there will be no toilet for comfort. There might be no service for your phone and no place to take a shower. It will take you away from your regular life. You should be good at starting a fire, dealing with wildlife, and pitching your tent. There won’t be a clean supply of water and no food refrigeration.  

Before Going On Primitive Camping 

There are a few essential things you need to know before planning for primitive camping. Most of the people enjoy camping away from other campers and typical campsites. They enjoy the loneliness with themselves. But not everyone enjoys this so you need to know whether you would enjoy alone with yourself or not.

Camping independently is a big responsibility. You should never leave any trace of yours and always leave the environment in the way you found it. Primitive camping needs to be done naturally. You need to be respectful to the environment and to the people who might come after. Never leave any litter or dirt at the campsite. It is your responsibility to leave the campsite clean.

Several Ways Of Primitive Camping 

If you are curious about what primitive camping means, well, primitive camping comes in different ways and options. You have two different options when planning for a primitive camping trip. One is the backpacking, and the other is the organized primitive camping trip.  

Backpacking primitive camping is reliable for experienced campers. You will only camp with what fits in your backpack. This constitutes hiking for days and often set up camp on the way. It requires planning and knowledge, which means it is not reliable for inexperienced hikers or campers. It is best if done successfully.

When it comes to organized primitive camping, it is a less wild choice. This type of camping is done in areas of forests and some state parks away from typical campsites. You need to leave your vehicle at someplace and hike to the spot where you want to camp. It is best for people who want a casual primitive camping experience.

What You Will Need On A Primitive Camping Trip

When you plan a primitive camping trip, you should organize to bring all essentials that you will need in the outdoors. Overpacking is not recommended, but you should not forget anything important. Take a look at this packing list when you are organizing your essentials so that you won’t forget anything.  

A Camping Tent

A standard tent is perfect and will work when you plan a primitive camping trip. You should keep an eye on a tent’s weight when camping towards a remote area as you won’t be having any vehicle to travel there. So you must opt for a tent that is compact and lightweight, ensuring you a comfortable experience. If you plan to a place where wildlife is a top concern or a national park, then a rooftop tent is the best option for you.

Food Supply

The second most crucial thing is the food supply when heading for a primitive camping trip. You should have water for the whole trip and food for meals. If you are planning for hunting or fishing, you still need to have a backup plan. Sometimes you won’t be able to catch as you have planned. The other important thing is to know how to start a fire and cook food, and you will need some cookware. You need to keep things simple and easy if you have planned a backpacking primitive camping trip.  

First Aid

When planning for a primitive camping trip, it’s common to have mild injuries. Sprains, cuts, and bites are very common, and they can happen at any moment. To handle such conditions, you should always have a first aid kit along with you. You need to know the necessary skills for treating common injuries.

Backcountry Permit

Although you won’t need any reservations when going on a primitive camping trip? But some of the parks may require a permit. You should be having a backcountry permit along with you so that there won’t be any hurdle to deal with. You need to check the parks, whether they need a permit or not. 

Other Important Things

Having a map of the area is highly necessary. It will save you time and will help to reach your destination easily. A sleeping bag, toilet paper, sunscreen, and a pocket knife works well when it comes to primitive camping. To deal with harsh weather, you must have rain gear, flashlight, and waterproof matches.

Choosing Your Campsite 

Choosing the campsite is the most crucial part of primitive camping. It is not like the typical campsites that have already been prepared; it allows you to find your own campsite. You need to be very careful when choosing the campsite. When someone camps in an area, it affects its flora and fauna and the campground’s soil. Using an existing campsite is more reliable than finding a new one. You have to find water sources and wildlife proximity before heading into the campground.  

Campfire Safety

Primitive camping is related to enjoying around the campfire. There are a lot of wildfires in the forest due to lost control of the camper. Fire safety is paramount when camping in the forest. You need to prevent wildfires. You should know whether the campfire is allowed in a particular area or not and you should learn about all the fire restrictions at the campsite. You need to build campfire when conditions allow so that it won’t be dangerous for you and the campsite.  


You need to find or locate an adequate quality water supply before going on the trip. One way is to take water along with you. But it is not possible to take a large among of water along with your backpack. Water purification tablets provide a more accessible and reliable way to clean water for use. But you need to plan your camping near a water source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is there any park fees except for the camping fees? 

Generally, there is no extra park fee than the camping fee. But if you want a campfire around your camping area, the park will cost fees for firewood. Taking firewood along with you is prohibited in the parks, so you can’t take your own firewood along with you. This is done to protect the park from invasive species.

Q) How much water should be brought when going on a primitive camping trip?

When you are planning a primitive camping trip having water along with you is essential. At least bring 2 gallons of water along with you. You will need water for cleaning, cooking, and many other purposes. However, try to find a campsite near the water source to get a comfortable experience. You should have water purification tablets along with you.

The Final Verdict

Primitive camping is always a challenging way to enjoy the great outdoors. Still, it is the most rewarding one, too, if done successfully. As it is an entirely independent trip, you have to overcome all the problems by yourself. You need to build a feeling of adventure in you to enjoy a primitive camping trip. 

You should be experienced in dealing with harsh conditions. Having all the essentials along with you is necessary to get a mesmerizing experience. This article contains all the information you will need before planning a primitive camping trip. After following all the rules and tips, you can have a convenient experience. 

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