What is a Fishing Line Conditioner?

What is fishing line conditioner

Imagine yourself on a fishing trip with your family and your buddies around you. You are the most experienced angler there. And now it is the time to show off your fantastic fishing skills that you have always been bragging about. So, you take out all of your gear and set it up. How embarrassing it will be to see your line tangled. Even though you recover from this accident, the next moment you are unable to cast out properly where you want to. Why is all this happening out of no-where? Did you forget how to cast accurately? No, this is happening all because you didn’t take enough care of your line while it was stored. Now it is acting up and embarrassing you in front of others. What a shame!

Fishing Line Conditioner can save you facing such moment ever in your life. It is one of the most ignored things when it comes to fishing for the newcomers and even the experienced people. Not anymore as using a fishing line conditioner has several advantages. First of all, it protects from any line entanglement issues. Secondly, it improves your casting range and accuracy. Thirdly, it adds to the durability of your fishing line. A line conditioner makes it more resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Is it necessary to take good care of your fishing line? After how much time do I have to apply fishing line conditioner? Is it better to buy a fishing line conditioner and use and old-line or to buy a brand new line altogether? All these and more questions are going to be answered in this article to stay tuned till the end.

Detailed Information about Fishing Line Conditioner

What does line conditioner do?

A fishing line conditioner is used for a variety of purposes. Other than being able to save the line from harsh weather and adverse conditions, it is recommended that line conditioner should be applied on a new line as well. This is done in order to make the line soft and easy to use in the beginning.

It helps the line to straighten up and lose all of its memory of being tightly wrapped in the packing. Applying the line conditioner will also remove chalk from the surface of the line. This is applied as a part of the manufacturing process in the factory.

Another advantage of applying the line conditioner is that it will drastically improve your casting distance and its accuracy. Casting over long distances will become easy for you and a more accurate cast will result in more fish getting caught.

If your line is appropriately treated, this will help in controlling backlashes. Fishing Lines such as braided lines loop over themselves even if are not backlashing. Applying fishing line conditioner over your line can help you avoid such situation. This usually occurs when your line is hard to cast and stiff. However, it will not happen if you are treating it well using a line conditioner.


Fishing Line Conditioner also reduces line twists and makes the silky surface smooth. This helps in eliminating any kind of line entanglement issues during your fishing trip.

If you are someone who likes fishing when the temperature is in the negatives, then fishing line conditioner is a must-have thing with you all the time. It will protect your line from getting frozen on the spool.

How does a fishing line conditioner work?

Working of a fishing line conditioner is pretty simple. It is sprayed over the fishing line which keeps it lubricated till it remains on the surface. It is generally recommended to spray it over the line 2 times for maximum effect. After spraying, leave the line for 5 mins in normal conditions. After 5 mins, it is ready to be used.

What is a fishing line conditioner made up of?

Branded fishing line conditioners such as KVD Line Conditioner are made up of polymers and other chemicals such as Silicon. A unique property of such polymers is that they adhere to the surface. Thus making it super smooth and straight. Also, these chemicals are hydrophobic. It means they do not like water around them, so it will also protect your line from getting wet.

There are some other home-made fishing line conditioners that you can use. One of them is a Silicon spray that is available at any hardware store. It is made up of 100% pure silicon, so it acts like a good fishing line conditioner.

Hair conditioners also have a high amount of silicon content. Therefore, they can also be used as reliable fishing line conditioners. You just have to apply them sometime before going fishing. Preferably 12-14 hours before for maximum effect. Do not allow an extra amount of it to remain on the surface. Remove it with a piece of cloth.

How do you condition a fluorocarbon fishing line?

Fluorocarbon fishing lines can be pretty hard to handle for the beginners. They are often deemed as less friendly as compared to other lines. The reason is that they are considerably stiff. Although this stiffness is helpful feeling bites of fish on the baits when in water, it can be a problem when you are spooling.

Due to these characteristics, it becomes necessary to condition a fluorocarbon fishing line. It should be done using a good line conditioner to make the most out of it. Take a fluorocarbon fishing line and spray the conditioner over the whole line two times. Make sure that spray is reaching every part of the line. After spraying, let it dry for 5-10 minutes. After that, it is ready to be used.


Another way to condition a fluorocarbon fishing line is by using a cloth. Take a piece of cloth and spray line conditioner over it a few times till it becomes wet. After that, hold the line straight and move that piece of cloth on the line gently and thoroughly at least thrice. Ensure that your line has been appropriately conditioned. 5-10 minutes after this, your fluorocarbon is ready to be used.


Line conditioner on a fluorocarbon line will make it easier to cast it over a long distance. It will make it more resistant to abrasion and more sensitive to bites as well.

Can you use a line conditioner on a braided fishing line?

Yes, you can use a conditioner on a braided fishing line. It will drastically improve its casting and help retain its colour for a longer duration. However, care has to be taken in this regard. All the fishing line conditioners available in the market are not suitable for braided fishing line. Something with more silicon content can be applied on it for maximum effect. Other than that, it is not really required to condition a braided fishing line.

Most of the braided fishing lines do not require the use of a line conditioner. It becomes very soft after the application. It is recommended that if you are using a braided fishing line, applying the line conditioner on the line guides and the reel spool will give you a better casting experience.

Why should you use a line conditioner?


Various advantages of using a line conditioner are described above. However, if you still feel like you are not entirely convinced, here are a few more to make up your mind.

If you are facing problems in line management, there is no better solution to using a fishing line conditioner. It is easy to use and apply, just spray it over the top or use a cloth to rub it on your line.

Use of a line conditioner saves a lot of money as it increases the durability of your fishing line. Fishing lines tend to get stiff after some use, and the only solution people think of is to buy a new one. But, with regular use of a fishing line conditioner, you would be able to use the same line for a longer duration. The best thing is that the fishing line conditioner itself is very economical. So a win-win situation for you.

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