What is Fishing Magnet?

You have seen people tossing magnets into the river. You found it strange and do not understand the reason behind throwing magnets in the water. This method has fascinated you, and you wonder what kind of fishing people do with the magnet. Do you want to know if there is anything like magnet fishing in the world?

What is a fishing magnet? Fishing magnets are the magnets that anglers use to do magnet fishing. They tie the magnet to the fishing line and drop it in the water. The magnet scraps across the riverbed and attracts different objects towards it with its magnetic pull. That’s how people catch valuable items hidden underwater.

How can you fish with magnets? Do people actually go for magnet fishing? I will answer all these queries and more in this article. By the end of it, you will know all about magnet fishing. So, read on to find out if it is something you would want to do!

Detailed Information About Fishing Magnet

Fishing magnets are high-powered magnets that can lift more than 750 pounds of ferrous material. Nowadays, fishing magnets are used in magnet fishing. These magnets have the strength to carry heavy material out of the water. They can take out a large amount of debris from the water, such as bicycles, coins, safes, bombs, or guns. Anglers tie these magnets at the end of the fishing line and drop them in the water for magnet fishing.

Now, you must be thinking what exactly magnet fishing is?

What Is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing works on the same phenomenon as catching fishes in the water. People use a strong magnet to grab all the magnetic material that is present underwater. You can throw a fishing magnet into it to search the bottom of the rivers, lakes, sea, or ponds.

People who engage in magnet fishing want to discover any valuable objects in the water. Another reason to do magnet fishing is to clean the junk from the water and make the river a safe swimming place.

Magnet Fishing Equipment

If you feel like trying magnet fishing, you must know about the gear you need for magnet fishing. You would need the following equipment:


This one is obvious; you need to have a magnet to go for magnet fishing. But, the strength and type of magnet are significant for magnet fishing. You can find magnets within the range of 200 to 1,000 pounds and more of pulling force. The magnet fishers recommend taking at least 500 pounds of pulling force magnet for magnet fishing. You never know what you can come across while fishing for the treasure.

Moreover, a neodymium fishing magnet is recommendable for magnet fishing. You have the choice to choose between one-sided or two-sided fishing magnets. The one-sided magnet has more pulling power, while the two-side magnet can catch more water items.


The rope is another thing that you would need to throw a magnet into the water. You can also use a fishing line; but, whatever you choose from the two should be robust and strong enough to lift heavy material. Moreover, the length of the rope should be long enough to reach the bottom. A good quality rope does not get heavy after getting wet, such as dry-treated nylon ropes.


For magnet fishing, you have to handle many things with your hands. So, it is necessary to use gloves to keep the skin safe from rust and injuries. You do not need any high-tech gloves; regular gloves would do the job. But, choose gloves that are not too thick so that you can feel the rope and its movements.

Storage Box

You need a storage box to keep the magnet safe. If you do not carry the magnet with care, transportation and constant use can damage the magnetic power. So, take a polystyrene box with you to keep the magnet in it.

Grappling Hook

Grappling hooks are an extra tool; it is not necessary to buy them. They help in grabbing stuff when you pull the rope to the surface. You can haul the items caught by the magnet with it. But, it will not work with concrete materials.

What Can You Catch With Fishing Magnet?

The things you can catch with fishing magnets are endless. Anything that magnet attracts can stick on it and reach you. These items can include keys, coins, tools, bicycles, safes, or nuts and bolts. Also, many people came across guns and weapons in the rivers or canals.

How Do You Fish With A Magnet?

Fishing with a magnet mirrors the same procedure as catching fishes with the hook, line, and bait. It involves attaching the fishing magnet at the end of the fishing line instead of the hook and the lure. Then, anglers toss this magnet into the water and drag it across the bottom.

Any metallic items present at the bottom attract towards the magnet and attach to it. Once a heavy object adheres to the magnet, the angler feels it through the rope and pulls it out of the water. When you get the line back to you, you can remove everything attached to it.

Is Magnet Fishing Dangerous?

While magnet fishing is not dangerous, it does pose some risks to the magnet fishers. You do not know what you will come across while fishing for different stuff. If you find something sharp and rusty, you can get a cut, resulting in tetanus. So, gloves and tetanus shot become imperative when you decide to magnet fish.

Moreover, lifting heavy materials out of the water can take a toll on your muscles. It would help if you were cautious while pulling and dragging objects. Lastly, it might not happen often, but there is a chance of finding weapons, explosives, or grenades underwater. If you come across one, call the authorities and do not try to touch it.

Where Is It Best To Magnet Fish?

You can magnet anywhere in any type of water body. But, some places have a high possibility of yielding more treasure than the others. These are generally those spots where many people come and go or the sites where boats, kayaks, or ships dock. So, the chances of somebody losing or dropping their items in the water are high.

You can research on your own to find such places. I am listing a few spots to help you kick-start your magnet fishing:

  • Jetties or piers in harbors
  • Rivers or canals flowing along with the city
  • Historical sites or landmarks
  • Underneath the bridges
  • Docks and boating areas

Is Fishing With A Magnet Illegal?

No absolute rules and regulations are present to call magnet fishing illegal. Laws about magnet fishing depend upon the local authorities and states. Many countries or states have specific laws about magnet fishing. For instance, magnet fishing is prohibited in the UK, and it is illegal to remove material from canals and rivers.

In the USA, you can magnet fish anywhere you want except in South Carolina. You should confirm with your local authorities before engaging in magnet fishing. There could be some specific rules against magnet fishing in your area.

Many states have declared it illegal because of its potential risks. Dragging magnets at the bottom of the sea can damage aquatic life. Moreover, people can catch some dangerous objects, which might harm them unknowingly. Some states also consider the valuables found underwater their property. That is why they have prohibited magnet fishing.


People engage in magnet fishing to catch the unknown treasure hidden beneath the water surface. It works on the same rules that apply to fishing; that is why it is called magnet fishing. You can also check with your local authorities to magnet fish the objects in the water. It is a great pastime and brings the excitement of finding lost treasure.

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