What is Equestrian Camping?

what is equestrian camping

Camping is a wide term. It varies from place to place and depends upon one’s preferences as well. However, you might have noticed some campers with horses.

What is Equestrian Camping?

This camping with horses is known as Equestrian Camping. It is not a widely known term. Even most seasoned campers are unaware of this opportunity. There is not much difference between normal camping and equestrian camping except that horses are used for transport and other things in the latter one.

There are multiple spots designated for Equestrian Camping as you have to take care of horses alongside the other things. There needs to be parking space for horse trailers, corrals, shelter, and food arrangements for them. Keeping away the common opinion that regards Equestrian camping as outdated or boring, it is one cool idea to enjoy your trip. Camping horse can save you a lot of hassle in travelling and carrying your baggage all along. All your queries regarding the Equestrian Camping are going to be answered below.  

How to do Equestrian Camping

Now that you know about what equestrian camping is, moving forward is getting to explore more about it. The very next question that comes to the mind is how to do equestrian camping?

How it is different from traditional camping

Equestrian camping is and is not much different from a traditional camping setup. The major difference here is being aware that you have to take care of someone other than yourself all time long. The sense of responsibility is of the prime importance here.

You might have to choose the location by doing some research, whether it is suitable for you and your horse or not? Always be prepared to face the worse and rack up your supplies to deal with it both for you and your horse. 

Taking Care of the Horse

The important thing is to look after your companion. The more you get to know better your horse beforehand, the better prepared you will be, face anything that comes later on. For example, is your horse strong enough to carry you and your luggage to the place you are aiming to go to? The physical constraints need to be kept in check before making a decision.

What kind of things excites or scares your animal? Is it the change of atmosphere or any kind of interaction with some other wild animal on the way? You should know that and be prepared to handle it as well. As being away from the usual habitat, handling it might prove to be a challenge for you. 

Similarly, alongside your personal first aid kit, a veterinary first aid kit must be present in your luggage. You should have undergone some basic training on when and how to use it when the time comes for you won’t have any kind of help during your camping trip if some problem arises. 

Just like before going on a climb, climbers acclimatize themselves to be ready for the upcoming change. You need to do the same with your horse as well. Start preparing it for the change to comes so that any kind of abrupt change in the atmosphere might not make it difficult to handle.

Decide on your mode of travel

Is it going to be a long solo wild trip, or you would be going through the main country just camping at the designated places? Knowing about the performance of your horse and its ability will help you decide between both.

A blend of both might prove to be more suitable to have a more exciting experience overall. Also, you need to figure out how much time you would spend while mounting the horse? Because it is necessary to give your horse a bit of rest if the terrain is hard.  

Choice of Area 

One of the most important things to keep in check before doing Equestrian Camping is the choice of area. If you are going to a completely new place, it is better advised to get in touch with locals and get to know about it. If you can find someone who has made a similar trip in the selected area, that person can give you a whole lot of important information as experience is always much valuable than anything else. Some points you need to know are the availability of food, water, climate, terrain, and the availability of services, to say the least.

Availability of Services

It might come as a surprise. Who looks for services when you are camping in the wild? But if you are going on an Equestrian Camping trip, some services come in handy if available. There are designated Equestrian Camping Spots scattered all across the country. They provide you with a proper system of food and shelter for you and a stable for your horse to get some rest time off the tough trip.

Similarly, some spots offer you to transport your baggage to the next such spot to reduce the load on your horse. It gives you the liberty to enjoy the trip without putting much stress on your mount. You will have your luggage waiting for you when you reach the next place. 

Manage the Cost Factor

While preparing for your Equestrian Camping trip, all the arrangement has to be done keeping in mind the cost factor. You do not need to break your bank just for a camping trip. With an additional mount alongside you, the cost is bound to go up as compared to a traditional camping trip. Do your research and carry the best budget items with you to keep the cost in an affordable range. For your stay during the camping, try to choose a public place.

If you have to pay nevertheless, opt for an inexpensive option such as staying in an open field or something like that where you can take care of your horse yourself. Carry the necessary things with you always. If you are in an emergency and need something, chances are that you would find it at a much higher cost later on. 

Other Important Things

You can also go on an Equestrian Camping trip even if you do not own a horse. The same is the case if you think that your horse is not strong enough to support you for such kind of activity. There are specialized places available that offer tours under the supervision of their experts. However, if you feel that you know horses well and want to go on a solo trip, they might even lease you out the mount of your choice to go on your own. 

You can choose from the multiple options available for you for the night stay during the trip. A traditional camping tent remains the first and foremost option, but there are other choices. For instance, you can take a caravan with you. Or there is an electrically powered horsebox available that can solve the problem of accommodation for you as well as your mount in the same package. Do keep in mind that these options are going to add a lot to your budget, so think before investing in such things. 

Passing through the woods, the chance of encountering wild animals or some insects, to say the least, is always there. Most of the horses become very tough to control in such a condition and might even runoff. You need to do your research on your chosen area, and if there is any danger of such a thing, you must be prepared to deal with it beforehand. 

Follow the Rules

Just like many other practices, there are some general rules to follow for anyone doing Equestrian Camping.

  • Keep in mind the riding speed limits of the specified area. 
  • Do not let your horse out of your control.
  • Collect your waste and deposit it somewhere appropriate. 
  • Some places might prohibit you from going off-trail on your horse. Be sure to check before aiming for such an adventure. 
  • Keep the environment safe and clean always. 


If you were reading this article with the question of what is equestrian camping in your mind, I am sure all of your queries have been answered above. Equestrian camping proves to be a worthy experience for someone looking for a change of atmosphere for himself and his mount. 

With everything, benefits and difficulties are attached. In the end, it comes down to you to effectively deal with them and enjoy your trip. All the necessary tips and tricks are explained above to make your trip a memorable one. 

Equestrian camping gives you a unique experience to set foot in the wild with your mount to help you with your travelling and transportation of your luggage. To enjoy the unexplored sites in their full beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Going on an Equestrian Camping is a worthy experience to have, and I would highly recommend you going on one such trip just for the sake of fun.

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