What is Fishing Hemp? [Beginner’s Guide]

What is Fishing Hemp?
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If you haven’t been fishing using a powerful fishing bait, i.e., Hemp seed, then you are probably missing out on a lot of prey. Hemp Seed is one of the most potent fishing baits that you can get. If you feel like you are catching much less than what you should, maybe it is the right time to try fishing using Hemp Seed as your bait next time. 

Hemp Seeds or Fishing Hemp is a deadly fish catcher being an excellent hook bait. Hemp is a fibrous plant that is reasonably easy to grow in a variety of environments. Hemp seed is a small black seed that requires a bit of treatment before it is used for fishing. Some people prefer soaking it while others prefer cooking it. 

What’s more to learn about fishing hemp? Is it acceptable to add them to ground bait? What type of fish will be attracted more towards hemp seed bait? This article contains the answers to these and a lot of other questions regarding the hemp seeds. So, keep reading till the end. 

Is Hemp Seed Suitable for Fishing?

Hemp Seed is indeed perfect for fishing. It is a fantastic particle bait that does not costs a lot. Fishes find it very attractive whether it is being utilized as ground bait or hook bait. However, some people use the Hemp plant as bait too. But it is generally recommended that hemp seeds should only be used. They are easy to prepare and attract fish quickly. 

How to Prepare Hemp Seeds?

Most people do not know this fact that you can enhance the fish attraction capability of hemp seeds by preparing them in different ways. These tricks are not difficult to adapt and give you a massive boost during your fishing trip. Here are some widely used methods explained. 

Method 1: Take a saucepan and fill it with water. Put the seeds inside the water and place the saucepan on the burner. Let the water boil. Add some bicarbonate soda to the solution as well. During this process, keep an eye out on the physical conditions of the seeds. Once you see the seeds splitting in half, your bait is prepared. Take them out of the water and let them dry in the air. After they are dried, store them in an air-tight container for the use. They can also be frozen if you plan on using them sometime later.  

Method 2: Take the container and before you add water, add dried chilli flakes in it. One teaspoon full of chilli flakes is enough for one kg of hemp seeds. After that, add water to it, and then throw in the hemp seeds we well. Let the solution remain there for 12 to 24 hours. This is enough time for the seeds to get soaked and enriched with the flavour you are trying to induce. After 12 to 24 hours, now it is time to cook them. Let them boil until you can see them physically splitting in half. Your seeds are ready to be used as a lucrative bait. However, do keep in mind that these cooked seeds will work well only if they are cooked maximum a day before you use them. If more than one day has passed, they won’t be as much use otherwise. 

Method 3: Just as you did in the first method, boil the hemp seeds. Keep boiling until they split in half and you can see the white inside. It takes around 15 minutes to an hour for that to happen. Once done, drain out all the water inside. Take the seeds out of the saucepan and put them in a large container. Add 24 drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil and 12 drops of N-Butyric Acid. Cover the top of the container and shake it well. Everything should mix adequately. Let them cool out after the mixing process. You can use them instantly or save them for later use. 

Method 4: Take a container and fill it with water. Put the seeds inside and let them soak for 24 hours. After the soaking period is done, take the seeds out and again put them in a big container with fresh water. Put this container on the burner with the flame set high. Boil for about 20 minutes to initiate the splitting process. Once it starts, turn down the flame and let the rest of operation complete at a steady rate. When splitting of all the seeds has been achieved, drain out all the water. Cooked seeds should be now rinsed with cold water to let them cool out quickly. Now is the time to add the secret ingredient that is Hemp Oil. Please put it on all the seeds. This will enhance the power of hemp seeds as a bait. 

Method 5: For catching Roach, especially in clean and still waters, liquidized hemp can be an effective bait. First of all, you need to cook your hemp seeds till they split. After that, half fill a liquidizer with those cooked hemp seeds. Plug it in and let it smash all the hemp seeds. When done, take it out as it is now a wet and sticky weird-looking mixture. In this condition, it will just sink to the bottom, and that is useless. Mix it with water till it improves enough to remain suspended in the water. Mixing up this hemp seeds with a small amount of bread can also be a perfect combination. 

How Do you Prepare Hemp for Fishing?

You are done with the cooking of hemp seeds. Now is the time to understand how you can turn these hemp seeds into an effective ground bait. One method is to just mix the prepared seeds with breadcrumbs and a little liquid, and you are good to go. However, there is another brilliant recipe to enhance the fish catching ability further. Here is how to prepare that:

Recipe: The ingredients you will need are Hemp seed water during preparation, some pop-up mix, Hemp pop-ups, whole egg powder, hemp protein powder, bait preservative, crushed hemp seed, hemp oil and egg albumin. 

The preparation procedure is just simple. All you need to do is make two separate groups of ingredients. One group consists of dry, and the other one consists of wet ingredients. First of all, mix them separately. After that, mix both the mixtures together using a mixer. Do it until you are satisfied with the mixing yourself. The result will be a soggy dough that is cohesive enough to form a large ball. Make small balls out of that dough. Boil these small balls of dough for half a minute in the water. Take them out and let them dry thoroughly for a week at least. You are ready to go fishing with a killer bait. 

How Do you Hook Hemp to Fish?

If you have the prepared or cooked hemp seeds, you can directly use them as bait on your hook. The procedure for that is relatively simple. As you know, from the above process that prepared seeds are already split in half. Push the split portion right through the pin and into the hook. You can also go the other way around by punching a hole in the back of the seed. The next step would be pushing it through that hole into the hook. In either of the ways, the rigid portion of the seed should not be covering the bent portion of the hook. 

Should Hemp Seeds be Soaked?

Although, in their raw form, hemp seeds make an exceptionally attractive bait for the fish. But it is generally recommended that you can make the most out of them if they are split in half by the preparation process. For this, you need to soak them in water. All the preparation methods are explained above. 

General Tips Regarding the Preparation and Use of Hemp Seeds

Juice of the hemp seeds is something you should never throw out. This can be used for making the ground bait. Also, it can be used to give life to dried out seeds as well. 

The effect of Hemp Oil is not disturbed by the temperature of the water. Hot or cold water does not affect its performance. 

Apart from being used as a hook bait, hemp seeds can be thrown directly into the water. This will help gather a lot of fish in the area before you even start casting. 

Lightweight rigs and lines are recommended when fishing in shallow waters using hemp seeds. It results in a slow and steady fall of hemp bait, attracting more and more prey. 

Small-sized hooks and lines are the best to use with hemp seeds as bait as it looks more natural.

Hemp seeds are not very useful if they are too deep in the water. It is best to keep them just off the bottom and steady inside as well. 

Monofilament line is regarded as the best line to use with hemp seeds by many experienced anglers.  

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