What is Jigger Fishing?

What is jigger fishing

Are you interested in using a method that people are not anymore practising? Well, the jigger fishing method is the one you should go for. It is an extremely useful method when applied with the right conditions. Now, you have a question, what exactly is this method? Stop digging around and glue yourself to this article for a good understanding of what is jigger fishing.

Jigger fishing has been around for a long time. This technique is used for catching fish along the riverbank or pond, where the right spots are challenging to reach by the other fishing methods. Anglers tie their jig to a 6 to 8 inches long line that continues from the rod tip to the handle of the rod. It is essential to specify that jigger fishing is more of a team effort rather than a single man’s work.

Do you want to learn about the jigger fishing method? Here is a comprehensive guide on what jigger fishing is? How can you rig a jig? Why is it an effective technique? What areas are most suitable for jigger fishing? For answers to your confusion, keep reading as you do not want to miss interesting information about this particular technique.

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Detailed Information about Jigger Fishing

Jigger poles are the simplest and most fun way to catch fishes. Jigger pole takes its name from the equipment used: a fishhook tipped with artificial bait. The hooks are known as a jig.

Are you bored with other fishing methods? Try jigger pole fishing, which is also an easy access type of fishing.

Generally, the jig is dropped below the fishing spot until it reaches the desired depth for fishing; once the jig is in the appropriate place, it is bounced up and down by using the rod to cause movement to lure. As the name suggests, jigger pole fishing requires a little dance on the lure’s behalf. This dance is achieved by holding the rod in both hands and lifting the rod before slowly dropping the tip back into the water. The angler has to repeat this movement until a fish bites, or he wants to change his lure.

Moreover, if a fish bites the lure, anglers make sure they set the hook. Setting the hook basically enables you to keep it in the fish mouth for a long time when you are reeling in. Anglers set the hook with a sudden uplift of the rod.

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What is it?

Jigger pole fishing is generally fishing with a lure called a jig; it is possibly the most ancient method of fishing with artificial lures. This classic method requires an 18 to 20 feet long telescoping cane pole. To tie a worm or any lure, a trailer hook is attached to another hook.

Moreover, we cannot say it is a single man game. You really need a team of people to help you with jigger pole fishing. One person paddles the boat while the others catch the fish.

Where to jig?

When you decide the location to fish, that is what helps determine how to fish if it will be jigging. Jigging gets easier if anglers choose docks, boats, and piers. Anglers can quickly sink the lure to the desired depth with accuracy and allow the angler to jig in a particular area and have a good hold over the lure.

Also, you can fish from the shore or riverbank. It is advised to cast out lure into water and jig back quickly. The jigging motion is just like the dance described above. Angler reels in the slack fishing line after every upward pull before another jigging motion. This indeed enables the le angler to keep the lure from getting struck anywhere underwater.

What is unique about it?

What makes it unique is how it takes hold of fishes quickly. This method can attract many species for its shaky and vertical motion instead of the other casting methods in which the lure moves horizontally or without moving. Moreover, the jig utilized for this purpose is adaptable and can be used for both fresh and salty water.

When is it(or not) effective?

Jigger fishing could be beneficial only if the right conditions are applied. It is a low energy procedure that does not require a lure.

This technique is not effective if you do not have a lot of time because it is time-consuming and requires intensive labor. Additionally, an angler must have some technical knowledge of an area before he goes for jigger fishing. If you like fishing just for fun, then this is not for you.

What tools do you need for Jigger Fishing?

The tools you require for jigger fishing are relatively simple. Here is a beneficial list of what you need for jig:

1)Valid fishing license:

A valid license is necessary for jigger fishing. However, the angler can go for local or commercial level.

2)Fishing rod:

The most common rods have a ring or spiral shape with sizes between 1.5 and 2.5 meters with actions between 80 and 250.

3) Fishing reel:

The most suitable reel is the spinning spool reel with a low ratio of 4:1 or 5:1  for an adequate movement of the reel.

4) Braided line:

Braided line gives power to the diameter and are flexible to use.

5) Artificial lure:

The size of the lure affects the falling speed of the lure. For this very reason, it is instructed to choose a lure weighing between 60 to 400 grams.

What is a Jigger float?

This is a tool for fishing equipment. It is mainly designed to allow the angles to lift and drop the bait to discover where the fish are feeding. It makes it possible for the angler to catch fishes from areas that are inaccessible by carrying the lure attached hook in the prevailing current

What fishes can you catch with a jig?

This method claims to produce more bass than another fishing method. Moreover, it had been seen used for catching giant shell crackers, salmon, trout, colossal bass, smallmouth bass leeches, nightcrawlers, along with weeds in areas like Florida where it is not appropriate to go for conventional lure casting.


If you ever get a chance to try jigger fishing, do not hesitate. It is such a fun fishing method; whenever you feel like you have time, go for jigger fishing.

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