What is kite fishing?

What is Kite Fishing?

You worked hard to prepare and set all the equipment that you might need when you go out fishing. You planned to have a small fish party with your friends too. However, when you tried to snag your target, you couldn’t. Now you want to know what was the reason behind you not being able to catch the fishes. What kind of tool or method can you use to avoid such situations?

A fishing kite is a tool that anglers have been operating to catch fishes. It allows the angler to place a live bait or lure in the water. The line with the leader and the hook is tied to a release clip that is linked to the line that is used to fly a kite. When the targeted fish eats the bait and starts to swim away with it, the release clip opens, and the fishing line is discharged. The angler requires to reel in the slack and tighten up shortly. This way, you snag the target easily.

What is a fishing kite? What equipment do you need for this method? What are some best reels and rod anglers prefer? How are fishing kites designed, do they benefit the anglers in any way? Ahead, we will clarify all your confusion with useful tips. Keep reading; you might like a quick knowledge about this method.

How do you fish a kite?

It is a technique that involves a kite, rod, reel, release clips, and line to fly a kite. A kite is used by anglers to keep the bait above the water to excite the fishes. The kites fly in the air and lift the bait, making it look natural and preventing it from going downwards.  The result is live bait, basically half out of the water swimming on the surface. This is how to kite fishing works.

Once you understand the fundamentals of kite fishing, you can improve your game.


People every year come out with new kite designs. Despite these new designs, the most commonly preferred designs are the square and the delta kites.

Square kites:

Square kites are inexpensive with a lot of advantages. This high-performance kite has four parallel struts and four diagonal struts for box rigidity. The ribbons are wrapped around the ends of the box, leaving the end and middle area open. The dihedral of the ribbon helps resilience.

These kits are easy to get into the air and fly. You might find an issue with its twisting. However, it can be resolved by attaching a tail.

Delta kite:

Delta kites are more stable than square kites but have never actually caught on. Their formation makes them fly in a wide range of winds. You might like to add a tail for a good fly in the breezy wind. These synthetic kites are preferred to be used from the beach.

Why hot or less hot shirts matter?

As fishing takes quiet your time, and it is not a half-hour activity, anglers should protect themselves with appropriate clothing in extreme cold or heat. Unlike other sports, fishing can take place in any weather condition, and anglers must know which shirts they would be comfortable in. In hot weather, anglers prefer breathable shirts to protect themselves from the heat as anglers sweat a lot during this activity.

To protect yourself from cold and to avoid getting wet, fishers use fleece fabric base layers.

Inadequate clothing material would surely affect your fishing experience. So, hot and less hot shirts do matter.


Square kites are made of carbon-graphite spare and rip-stop nylon fabric with sticks and some string made from wood like balsa. However, the delta fishing kites are synthetically made of plastic and bamboo mostly.

What equipment do you require for a fishing kite?

With the right equipment, kite fishing is easier than it looks. We are penning down some essentials for fishing kite:


The kite rod performs the function of holding the kite line. Rods are short and heavy with one ring guide at the tip. However, your other rods hold your baits.


Reels should be strong enough with a considerable capacity to support the load of the kite.

Fishing line:

This is a strong elastic cord that connects the rod and reel to lure or baits. Once you have caught the fish, this line is crucial for reeling a fish in.

How to keep your kite in the air for an extended time?

Helium balloons are the best solution to keep your kite in the air for a prolonged time and fish on the line. These balloons are added to the kite on endless days to keep the kite up so that the bait remains near the surface of the water. Moreover, these balloons cover a considerable amount of water quickly.  This happens while allowing the anglers to spread out more lines simultaneously.

Why do tuna fishermen use kites?

While targeting large pelagic species, no method would work better than kite fishing.

Offshore kite fishing is the technique that anglers have been using to keep live baits on the water to attract fishes like tuna. Tuna is a smart fish that recognizes motorboats. So, anglers prefer kite fishing as it allows anglers to troll the ultimate distance behind their boat. This perfect distance will not let tuna comprehend the voice of boats and motors. If you fish at a 90-degree angle to the wind,  the success rate increases for catching tuna.How do you kite fish for sailfish?

An exclusive method for targeting sailfish is kite fishing with live bait. Firstly, to get the best results for sail fishing, you should have a variety of live baits. More like goggle-eyes blue runners, threadfin herring, and mullet. Goggle- eye baits are loved by sail fishes.

Now the kite disperses live baits out over a greater area of water and holds them at the surface. Keep adjusting the line as the kite rises and settles with the wind.  Reel the bait to the surface, so the leader is out of the water to minimize the chances of the bill of sailfish getting wrapped in the leader. It is instructed to keep multiple lines in the water as sail fishes often move alone. This is how easily you can catch sailfish through kite fishing.

How hard is it to catch a sailfish?

Sailfishing is one of the toughest fishes to catch. This is due to its weight, lightning speed, and spirited fight. Their large bills are hard to hook sometimes if you have not made the correct preparations. Fortunately, if an angler has sailfish hooked, it puts up a challenging fight. We can’t say it is impossible to snag sailfish. However, you must know what works and when to do it.

Where is the best place to catch sailfish?

The initial step is going where you can easily find sailfishes. One of the top destinations in the world is Mexico for sail fishing. Particularly Cancun and Isla Mujeres.Costa Rica and Florida are well known for sailfish bite. Furthermore, You can catch more sailfishes in the daytime in Guatemala than almost any other place around the globe.

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